How to increase my IQ

Gosh Ron, I am not trying to make you mad, that is just a result of me hitting a nerve as they say. Go in peace.

…ron speaks…Just now, upon hearing the national news of the quakes in Turkey, the French issues with Islamic actions, and domestically, all the hurricane and storms that have ravaged the Gulf area and up through the storm’s paths, as well as other tumultuous events, like the pandemic, that have been churning for quite some time, I received the following tweet via direct cognition.
“There are unsettling storms of consciousness that are destined to erupt as physical storms of of weather and geological and biological upheaval, all designed as humankind’s dire mass statement that a “clean-up” is in effect as the species “new broom sweeps clean.” Consciousness, en masse, always eventually “trumps” the oppressive regimes of government and religion.” – ron

Hi Inavalan,
You are right of course and there is no point in argument and this discussion went there as ron and I both were just reiterating our position with no change in our viewpoint. It was more than a few exchanges over what was necessary. And yes, boredom and probably general grumpiness in this pandemic and election era is the overriding energy behind such exchanges.

I think in the end I just realized that it really doesn’t matter, not in a nihilistic sort of way, but more of a buddhist sort of way, all is illusion and what does it really matter what one persons perspective is vs anothers. And the bottom line, you don’t have to read anyone’s comments let alone respond to them.

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“Matter is continually created, but no particular physical object is in itself continuous.”
—TES2 Session 60 June 8, 1964

With apologies to @Aditya_M for participating in the further development of an off-topic discussion.