How to increase my IQ

Hello everyone!

I am so glad to have found this website to discuss Seth material. I’ve been reading the Nature of Personal Reality, and how Seth says we create our reality through our beliefs.

I’ve read some incredible stories of how some people have attracted their life partner, material objects and wealth.

I am wondering if it’s possible to increase my intelligence. I desire to be an intelligent person. How do I manifest intelligence?

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Ron, Does a set of Ginsu knives come with this offer?

Aditya_m, there are some regular ways, like learning a new language and playing puzzles, things that stimulate new synapses to generate. But why wouldn’t it be any different to attract a higher I.Q. than to attract anything else? Maybe just have to wrap your mind around a thought that it is as easy as anything else?

The Story of Ron and Linda’s abundance creation using Seth’s proven principals.

…for the record, Linda and I met in 1974, in Miami, Florida, and soon after, a friend of hers in another state sent her a paperback copy of Seth Speaks. Well, we were both into Metaphysics and the occult, so we read Seth Speaks, and we were moved so much by the profound information Seth gave on attracting abundance as well as creating one’s own reality, that we soon married, and launched a most wonderful reality creation together. We wished to break out of the “ho-hum-drum” mode and do something challenging and exciting.

We quit our cushy, good-paying Miami civil service jobs, moved from Florida to Virginia, where, as photographers, we quickly discovered a niche market that was not being adequately filled at that time, and that was the sore need for beautiful scenic Virginia souvenir post cards.

So we became self-employed, capitalist entrepreneurs, and started Cards Unlimited, Inc., Virginia’s only state-wide post card distributor. The existing post cards sold throughout the state were “garbage” cards, and we almost instantly took over the entire State’s post card sales market, and we then expanded into a live of photo-related souvenirs based on our creative approach to super photography. We soon had 1,000 accounts statewide, and sold 2 to 3 million cards a year.

From year, 1975 to 2000, for 25 jamb-packed years, we worked our butts off expanding our presence and coverage throughout the state’s of Virginia and West Virginia. And it paid off with sales of MEGA millions of post cards and items, and in 2000, one of our customers approached us to buy us out because of the tremendous success we were having, so, we sold out for a huge cash payment and retired relatively young, me at age 55.

The Seth material helped us make million$$$, but we did it our way and figured things out for ourselves using Seth’s principals as guidance for attracting and creating financial and spiritual abundance…we developed our talents and challenged our creative abilities and our customers rewarded us with sales.

And now I am delighted and grateful to say that beginning in spring of 2013, when Laurel Davies-Butts and I came to a mutually beneficial reality creation agreement on my obtaining Jane Robert’s rocking chair that she channeled Seth from, along with the coffee table Rob rested his feet on, and in 2014, obtaining Rob’s iconic,1968 Seth portrait, and in the next year’s all the top-tier Rob and Jane artworks and many transcripts, ESP class sessions and a wealth of Seth “goodies,” and then a few years ago, the famous Ouija board that Seth initially came through on, I now possess The Seth Museum Collection, everything uniquely “Seth.”

I am proud to say that I am the loving and respectful curator, caretaker and custodian of these wonderful Sethian objects of art, and my intent is to share them with like-minded Sethians at future Seth events, like what was just held last summer at the Seth House, 458 W. Water Street, Elmira, NY, celebrating Rob’s 100th birthday hosted by Kate and Oshara, where I personally displayed The Seth Museum Collection, and visitors from all over were treated to beholding the collection, sitting in Jane’s rocker, viewing Seth-based art, experiencing the Ouija board and much more while mingling with other Sethians. I must say that there is something unique about holding and viewing the REAL thing.

The Seth Museum Collection did not just “fly” into my possession by way of some cosmic accident, as none of the items were ever for sale on the open market, never. This was meant to be as there are no accidents and no accidental meetings - you can quote Seth on that. Seth and Jane and Rob were smiling and delighted as they were fully aware of the connections here on the earth plane from their psychic psychological vantage point. I love the possibility of The Seth Museum Collection being some day, hopefully soon, reunited with The Seth House, apartment #5, when it is owned and administered by the team of Kate and Oshara and other Sethians. The Magical Approach approaches. – Ronald H. Card on Facebook and SETH FORCE - The Adventure in Consciousness Continues, on Facebook.

I find commendable to want to manifest intelligence in yourself.

My advice: get in touch with your inner source of guidance and ask for advice.

You can do it by self-hypnosis, prayer, meditation, daydreaming, … The more you practice it, the better connection you’ll get.

Be careful to approach this from a neutral perspective, putting aside all your preconceived expectations and beliefs, because they distort the guidance you receive.

You already receive inner guidance all the time. It is just that you aren’t conscious of it, so probably you ignore a lot of it.

You might also want to ask for intuition, which is the next level of evolvement after intelligence.

The way these things work, is that serendipitously you’ll cross paths with opportunities to achieve what you’re pursuing: books, people, events, … You’ll still have to make choices, but you’ll find out that you start more often making right choices.

Congratulations on your decision to pursue manifesting more intelligence in you, and good luck!

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Would you please cut an paste a short description of why we, humans are here, what are we supposed to do / accomplish, and maybe a description of how each personality creates reality (theoretically, on the lines of primary and secondary constructions)?


We are here to realize, to acknowledge, to appreciate, that we have unlimited energy and unlimited abilities available to us, the energy and abilities of self. We come with everything we need to fulfill our reality creation, everything is already built-in to our psyche…ron

Thank you for your reply.

Seths legacy is not objects that he or Jane or robert touched, nor is it portraits Jane painted. Seths legacy is his teachings, which are found in his books, the books that Jane transcribed for him. There is nothing of import or prize other than the teachings.

To try to make a shrine out of silly objects, is to make a mockery out of everything that Seth taught.

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Here’s Seth to Jane and Rob, after the Ouija board was initially necessary to open the connection and begin the sessions.

From: The Early Sessions, Book 1, Session 27, February 19, 1964.

Seth: “The board was a necessity for you both in the beginning, however, and DO NOT let it go – that is, do not return it. It has sentimental value, and for me.”

So, the “silly object” as you characterize, according to Seth has sentimental value both in physical terms and has sentimental value for Seth himself.

Seth in Session 168, Seth To Rob…"The image that you painted of me is EXCELLENT.

…ron speaks…if what you negatively stated was true, then Seth would not have said what he said in the sessions, so I’ll take Seth’s words and opinion over yours, what do you know, anyway. If people thought like you we’d have NO museums for they would be full of silly objects…see how silly your beliefs are.

For your information,There are huge numbers of Sethians in the USA and worldwide who love my Seth Museum Collection regardless of your negative comments. There constantly let me know with LOVE feedbacks. Taiwan alone, has over 300,000 Sethians who love my Seth Museum Collection.

Regardless of what you think, I am the curator, custodian and conservator of these cherished iconic Sethian treasures which are thoughtfully and lovingly preserved and cared for by me.

These artifacts bear a direct, distinctive provenance to Seth and Jane and Rob and my intent is to share them with Seth enthusiasts who will have the unique opportunity to see and experience, first hand, these Sethian treasures, for there’s nothing like seeing the REAL thing. I exhibit at the Seth House, at 458 W. Water St. in Elmira for Rob and Jane birthday celebrations, besides posting mega photos of my collection on Facebook.

Seth and Jane and Rob are fully aware of my loving efforts to preserve the treasures and they tell me in the dream state, in Seth University, Dream Campus. ron.

Hi Ron,
The Sacred Objects you claim to have, would make Seths and Janes eyes roll in their head. You are trying to make a church full of relics out of a few possessions that once belonged to Jane and Rob. And claiming that they tell you in your dream state that they are happy you are doing this, only adds to your lack of credulity. Jane often spoke of how ludicrious the church was with its worshipping of relics and objects, rather than finding what was at the heart of any spiritual truth, which is concepts, not objects. So, shame on you. I get that you make money off of this stuff, but again, shame on you.


Spiritual ignorance is at the basis of your problem. You seem to want to influence and create other people’s reality for them the way your narrow-minded reality unfolds, instead of allowing love and individuality, uniqueness and fulfillness of purpose as everyone is different and equal no matter what they believe in and do. You don’t have a clue about reality creation, you’re much too busy giving dumb advice to others, but that’s your issue, not mine as I’m having more fun than a Sethian should be allowed to have, LOL! I don’t need permission to create my reality the way I see fit…Do you understand? I still like you, personally, I just go after dumb ideas and beliefs.

Gosh I would say the same about you. You are just a snake oil salesman trying to ride the coattails of Jane, and Rob and Seth.

There is a reason that Seth, through Jane said no one would be contacted by Seth after Janes passing, it was to avoid people trying to change their message, which you seem to just disregard.

Seth is about creating your own reality, you are just trying to shove your way into Janes. You have nothing new or unique to offer the Seth material, and again, it is shameful that you are trying to hock their personal belongings as special and museumlike.

The words they spoke, not the objects they touched are what has meaning. You would be better off throwing out all their old junk and realizing that they are just meaningless objects and nothing to be worshipped or tried to make into something special, and put some time into reading the actual books.

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Well, Let’s see, since I obtained Jane’s rocker in 2013, until my last purchase a year ago of original Rob artwork, I’ve given Laurel $500,000.00 cash for what I have. I greatly helped her out, and I have no need to make a penny off the Seth material and art and objects that I have. As I’ve revealed in my smashing Seth success story, I am a self-made mega-millionaire because I, and my wife, applied Seth’s principals in creatively attracting abundance which came to us due to creative efforts. I can easily afford to help out a Sethian in need, you see. You seem to invent FAKE news and run with it before finding out the real facts. Abundance comes in many forms, like the full moon twilight falling on my bedroom window pane, and our dogs who give us unconditional love, and the flowers outside our door and the joy of knowing that I create my own reality whatever it may be. Do you follow?

You read like a cheap advertisement. Glad you are so rich, but that still does not mean you understand the principles if you are trying to peddle “Seth Artifacts” as important or significant in any way, as they are not.

The only important thing is the material, the message and no one says it better than Seth and everything of importance is said in the published Seth books written by Jane.

And yes, I am sure there are people out there that would love to somehow insert themselves into the Seth conversation with claims of continued communication with Seth and Jane, something Seth and Jane already openly debunked that will never happen, in order to keep the conversation clean and honest and free of charlatans.

My dear, I see that you are trying your wits best to get me mad and a rise out of me, however, I’ve been teaching Seth philosophy since 1974, and I have no need nor benefit to get distracted by any negativity, you know. I create my own reality…

Unfortunately, I get sometimes sucked in such exchanges too. Then I remember that I should create my reality as I want, not to be reactive but creative, not to feed energy to the pendulums (Vadim Zeland).

We all have hot buttons, and these days we’re all more tired, more fed up, more disoriented than a year ago, and in a few days half of the nation will be even more unhappy than today.

We all see things differently, misunderstand others’ intentions, get misunderstood ourselves, have opposite likes, different values, little patience.

I doubt that any of you consciously chose to create your reality in which you designed to have this argument. But, it might be that your inner-selves, with their own guidance, try to learn a lesson (?).

Take care …

“The universe loves itself and ALL of its parts.” – Seth

“All consciousness is connected.” – Seth

“All energy contains consciousness.” – Seth

“We are here to have fun and enjoy life.” – ron

ron speaks, Jane’s Seth always encourages stimulating debate, and Seth even reveals minor disagreement, for example, between him and his colleagues when they discuss teaching strategies in the “teacher’s lounge,” – my characterization, as Seth tells the other essence teachers gathered around the conference table that he thinks that his method and approach and style in teaching the “endless” material, that is, Seth’s custom-designed Speaker curriculum, is best. Seth feels that some of the other teachers try to overload their students with too much information before they have had time to digest it.

Each Speaker designs their curriculum from accessing the material, which is the ever-expanding ever-cumulative database of ALL THAT IS.

As I am an invited guest student in the Speaker’s Lounge, this is explained to me by my no-name teachers in Seth University, Dream Campus – my characterization, as I fill a desk there in my nightly dream studies given by a psychological faculty of infinite vibration that calls themselves, We Are Seth, and We Are Seth is a Sumari educator pyramid gestalt of consciousnesses comprising a vast group of dedicated, volunteer entities, of which Jane’s Seth is but one teacher, along with Seth Two and others, however, a Seth three, four, etc., is beyond your threshold of comprehension, and, furthermore for that matter, Speakers, no matter what family they are from, bring us helpful information by reminding us of lost and forgotten knowledge and wisdom in hopes of enlightening those on school house earth who will listen with open hearts and minds and heed the helpful information and learn that they, all earthlings, are given the gifts of the gods; that they have the innate ability to create their own reality according to their beliefs, intents, expectations and attitudes, that they are fully responsible for their thoughts and actions, all done through physical manipulation of matter within the physical constraints of a self-chosen time continuum, you understand. The teaching gestalt family of Seth encourages me, as well as all students, to speak on their behalf, and whenever I am ready, open and receptive, the Seth family speaks to me in my dream state, and I am all ears. And I am subject to the possible interjection of distortion in the messages and lessons that I receive because I am still physical and I have my own beliefs, and this is called, human error, of which everyone shares a susceptibility to some degree or another. Once more, I do not need a permission slip to speak. I am my own creator and co-creators.