Human Emotions and Weather

On several occasions, Seth spoke about human emotions and that weather is a result of them. Now last winter was pretty rough for New England and other parts of the U.S., as well as Europe, and is forecast to be extra warm this summer. I can certainly see a possible connection with the extreme behavior in American politics for a while now. And if we look for metaphoric connections, I certainly see a cold heartedness sweeping the country. It seems to me a hot summer could be associated with anger, of which I see and have felt a great deal. Now that’s two very clear, strong emotions. I’m sure there are others, but these are the ones most obvious to me right now. Anyone else care to join the discussion?

I’d say that we’re pretty warmhearted here on the left coast - however - you are reminding me of something very interesting that I read recently about the Great Flood.

In some respects the over enthusiastic use of the sound was responsible for the flood mentioned in the Bible, and other literature. It was for this reason that many attempts were made to warn against the impending disaster. The use of sound was important at various times in irrigating dry areas, quite literally by pulling water from a distance.

Session 604

(The reason this caught my attention was because I’ve been thinking how they’re getting too much water in the east while we’re in a drought here in the west, and wouldn’t it be wonderful if we had some way - the technology - to get their excess water over here to where we want and need it.)