Hypnosis and all that jazz

Hypnotism is important merely as a tool to release the conscious personality from the camouflage inhibitions. It then allows knowledge to rise up. In ordinary circumstances the conscious self deals mainly with camouflage existence. This is after all primarily its purpose.

However, when it is enabled to let go its preoccupation with the camouflage universe, it can receive and be aware of data received by the inner senses. Such data does not have to be retained on a subconscious level. The conscious personality can be trained to receive, interpret and retain such knowledge. Otherwise such knowledge would be relatively without value in your camouflage universe.

Hypnotism then is one tool to enable the conscious personality to divest itself of its concentrated focus upon outer camouflage, and to enable it to focus instead upon the inner self. The main rule here is merely a change of focus. Knowledge c>f the basic universe can be achieved, interpreted and retained by your scientists in ways that I will at first outline, and then cover more completely.

Hypnotism is a safer method to begin with than drugs, but hypnotism itself is not necessary if there is an inner willingness to explore the inner universe. The main barrier is the egos fear of being subjugated, even as it fears subjugation imagined in death. If the ego can be made to understand that inner awareness, exploration and investigation will actually enlarge its scope of awareness there will be little difficulty.

Seth Early Sessions Book 2 session 45 P23 & P24


I would like to hear more on this…does Seth talk more about it?