I manifested what I can't afford!

I’ve been hunting for the perfect apartment and found it, right on the beach with a great view. The building had no vacancies though. No matter-- I visualized living there and started preparing to move anyways. Two days later, this was posted on the vacancy board:

“Available NOW! We had a sudden vacancy for an extraordinary south-view 1 Bedroom!”

Amazing. Unfortunately, the rent is 50% more than what I can afford. Is it possible I manifested what I can’t have?


Hi John, You ask "Is it possible " that you manifested what you can’t have? Of course it’s possible, I’d be wondering if that is the case in this instance, Why you would’ do’ that to yourself? Explaining why is interesting, but Understanding why you would’ do 'to yourself is where the answers get ‘real’… for me, it unearthed Beliefs…aha! about deservability, image,(expectations, do you expect you can have what you want easily )allowing yourself receive what you prefer .Thanks for posting, its always great to see what how thing work from another perspective. Keep visualizing you are half way there, don’t give up .looking forward to a postcard from your dream apartment.Enjoy the view.


I’ve always had this problem. I can bring about almost anything I like-- except for money. I call it “reckless manifesting”. In my youth, I once manifested a new car but couldn’t afford the insurance. Now I’ve manifested the exact apartment I was looking at but the price is too high. I’m also looking at an office building but I’m afraid of looking at the vacancies for fear it’s become available. Maybe I’m just moving too fast, before the support structures are in place. I’m starting a new business so money is unpredictable.
I’ll try the search function on the home page and see if I can find some insights.

This is just proof of you being a powerful manifestor. Keep your eyes open, another situation will no doubt present itself. I was looking for an older toyota truck, it had to be white. First one that came along was 9000 dollars, way too much, the one I bought was 3000, a much better deal. Places on the beach will keep popping up until you find one you like.

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One possibility: It could be that you have a belief called: I can’t afford the things I really want.


BIG issue. This idea of unrecognized base beliefs. For me, this has always been the most " difficult" obstacle in the work. I suspect it is for a large number of us. After all, how do you change a belief if you don’t even know it is there?

Also, it is an ongoing part of the work, infinite, if you like. In my opinion, it is the core of practice. Mind you, I speak only as one who is eternally working on this dilemma - not an expert at all!

I’ve been thinking of past occurrences of manifestation when there was no friction or obstacles. In each instance, I knew that it would happen. Not a pseudo affirmation-based belief but an actual “knowing”, like a memory of the future.

I don’t have that this time.

It doesn’t feel wrong, it just feels like I have ultimate free will. If I really want it, circumstances will transpire to make it happen. It almost feels like a test to show me that I really can have anything I want, but-- do I really want it? Or need it? Maybe there’s something else.

As Jim Carrey once said, “Sometimes compromise is the Universe showing you something better than what you desire”.

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