I want to create a course of main Seth Material and teachings can someone help me?

Hi guys
I want to create a simple beginners course of the main ideas and concepts of Seth Material can you give me any ideas how to organize it! Never done a real course before and I think I can get clear and organized if you could help me please :pray:t2::sparkles:

Nice idea! I’m always willing to review…
Would you include theory only, or also exercises etc.?

Have you looked into the Seth Institute`s Seth Intensive Course? You can search for comments in this forum. I’m starting it next week. They also offer other Seth courses. It may not be to late to sign up. Starts Oct 7th.

…ron speaks…last night’s dream content.

A call to free, unrestricted thought has come of age.

For those who are not satisfied with the status quo; those yearning for something better, deeper and more spiritually fulfilling; those who are not getting genuine answers to life’s biggest and most pressing questions; those who do not trust, or question or challenge what organized western religion preaches, that is, the same old, same old dull, stale dogma for 2,000 years; those who do not trust and who question what government and science and medicine have been pumping us for decades, generations and centuries, need to look elsewhere for real answers, for real answers are available and have always been available, as religion, government, science and medicine have imposed their will and agenda upon the populous for far too long, done so, if you really must know, done so out of a male ego oriented need for greed, gain, power and control over its audience, in many cases, a captive audience.

The individual is in control of their own destiny and that is the beginning of the new message that will free people to think for themselves and discover that their answers to life’s questions are within them and not from secondary, outside sources and influences, like religion, government, science and medicine.

The time has finally come. The advent of the digital – cyber age with its global-reaching platform of social media outlets, like Facebook, for example, has opened up and launched the next mass movement in the expansion and direction of consciousness since the medieval Renaissance that began in the 1300s. We can now openly, freely exchange ideas thus bypassing the strict level of control that religion, government, science and medicine has hereto fore exerted, over the population for no one controls and manipulates the flow in information any more. The public listens and the public decides and that decision rests with the people.

Cyberspace is ushering in what we will term, Renaissance II, the gradual shift in consciousness, the shift away from the exterior, outside sources to the interior sources of human through and understanding and perception; the gradual shift in control by the few to the free ability of anyone to find their own answers through self search methods.

Spiritual teachers are available and standing by to assist those looking for real answers. And these teachers are in both physical and non-physical form; some teach in cyberspace and in neighborhoods, and some teach in the dream state and some teach through earth psychic mediums through the phenomenon of channeling. Whatever the source, answers are now available for the asking. Ask for enlightenment next time you go to sleep. Dream answers are yours.

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While I don’t subscribe to all your statements, I agree with:

I recommend caution with any external source of knowledge and guidance.

Also, I feel a much more moderate enthusiasm about this stage of human development.