IMHO Seth's most profound statement

IMHO Seth’s most profound statement, and he is quoting us!!
Please take note of the words “quote” and "divine errors"
The implications of this may take a few reads to sink in :wink:
Unknown Reality Session 733 time index (10:01) plus 4 paragraphs

". . . your reality is one in which the greatest freedoms have been allowed.
This means you have given yourselves full range so that all probabilities could be explored, and none left out that were physically feasible.
This species gave itself no ‘preordained’ taboos
The infinite ranges possible to human capabilities would be explored – and those that chose that route said, quote: “We will trust that our creativity will find it’s own way, and if there are nightmares we will waken from them. We will even learn from them. We will dare to push aside the dimensions of being into those realms in which only the gods have gone before – and through our utter vulnerability to experience, discover the divinity that gives our humanity it’s meaning. And through the compassion that we have learned, we well be able to understand the divine errors that gave us the gift of our birth. . .”


Outstanding post, Mike! I agree this is the most profound one I’ve ever seen. I got goose bumps and powerful energetic shifts seeing that one pop up on my screen!!! It sums up the whole teaching, I think. Pretty good quote from us, isn’t it?! Amazing that Seth’s words somehow seem to surface from the cosmos when I need them most. Thank you for being the conduit for it this time :hearts:

What I noticed this time with it is that I love Seth’s words much better as “snippets” (powerful short quotes) such as here and the way Linda Madden Dahl presents them, rather than trying to extract the meat of it myself from the context of what to me seem overly long-winded narrative contexts in which they are set. Like zen koans or non-duality pointers, you only need a few of these to awaken you. Perhaps for some it works differently, and they enjoy all the extra bells and whistles, but for me, something like this is really all you need to unlock the mysteries.


My first thought on reading this was “Of course! The human experience! How beautiful and brave is this adventure!” Thanks so much for sharing this.

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