Intention VS Will

I was just watching a man, Robert Schwartz, author of Your Soul’s Plan, in an interview. He gives a fabulous metaphor for the differences between intention and will.
He says, basically… Say you have a bow and arrow and a target. Can you will the arrow to meet the target? No. Can you intend for the arrow to meet the target? Yes.
Now feel the difference there… because there is definitely a difference.
One feels grasping… the other feels detached, thats one way to describe it. One feel heavy, the other feels light yet focused. Mind, vs brawn, of course. Creative vs controlling.
This was a nice little golden key for me… an important nugget of wisdom to employ in those times I am getting frustrated.

Any Seth material that corroborates welcome and invited.


Love your example-the energy is indeed different. One feels forced, the other, ease!