Interesting things on the news

I think of the news as a barometer of what is going on with the planets mass consciousness. I don’t take into consideration the more extremist type of “news” but the more average consistent type. Although the extremist stuff is worth observing also.
Seems like many things are coming to a head.
I often wonder if we are witnessing some kind of global shift in the perception by the general population of what they are creating.
People do not like the chaos but on the other hand, they are creating it. Do you think it is perhaps indicative of the masses growing a sort of awareness of what they are doing?

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As I recall we have a different understanding both of Seth’s materials and of the reality, and while you seem to prefer commenting on Seth’s concepts, I prefer quoting him in order not to influence others’ own understanding.

Your post made me think about the difficulty in discerning which of our beliefs are false, and hence limiting to us. This is what a query for “false beliefs” yielded: link

Here is the full Session 615. I recommend it.

The question being posed is one of a spiritual or philosophical nature, it is about the relationship between observation and one’s own awareness as it matures throughout one’s lifetime. Not sure it can be answered with a quote. Yes, we grow and take in the Seth material, learn from it, expand our thinking and our natures, but at some point you have to take off the training wheels and figure out how to ride the bike without falling over. That is why I find conversation more interesting when it comes from a place of having internalized the seth material and expanded on it with ones own observations and experiences.

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For a meaningful and interesting discussion to occur, the thoughts, feelings, beliefs, insights and opinions of the participants are essential. We learn so much from hearing these things from other people. This kind of discussion not only broadens our understanding, but has the potential for encouraging new relationships between folks of like mind and deepening ongoing relationships.

Quotes from Seth’s books can be helpful to enhance a discussion, but simply responding to a question, a thought process or a situation posed by someone by quoting scripture, so to speak, without more, limits or prevents the potential of having a meaningful and thoughtful discussion.

Isn’t this ridiculous? I am the only one who posted something related to the subject of the thread.

The other two posters just posted to express their disagreement with me posting a reference to Seth’s words, while posting nothing related to the thread’s subject …

Like in the case of the opening post, the questions one asks are illustrative of the understanding of the Seth material. If you hadn’t smirked at the quotes I pointed to, you’d’ve realized (hopefully) that what you experience is only the result of your own beliefs. What can it be discussed(in the context of Seth’s material) further when somebody hopes for a

It isn’t that ‘people are creating the chaos they don’t like’. You create that chaos only yourself. If you don’t understand this basic tenet of Seth’s teaching, what else can be said, than sending you back to re-read Seth’s own words?

What can I comment about this that wouldn’t sound insulting?

RENAISSANCE TWO…what’s all that about, and what is in store for earth?

…ron speaks…Mass consciousness is restless, so to speak, and demands change and will eventually realize change scheduled to unfold in future generations, about two generations away and thus forming and growing in the mass psyche.

In the past, and in general terms, when regional and continental consciousness became restless, and felt helpless and powerless due to the outside controlling circumstances and powers that be, they threw in the psychic towel, so to speak, and inner storms erupted as outside physical storms that are all to familiar in earth history, physical storms in the form of geological, cataclysmic upheaval in all forms, wars, PANDEMICS and the like, all quite effective on their own regional scale.

Expressed in simple terms, for millennia, organized religion, science and government and philosophy are simply not cutting it and do not have adequate, workable and believable answers and solutions to the growing problems experienced in the world, like over-population…that WILL be curbed and reduced making way for future generations to enjoy the new movement and direction in consciousness that will be in place on, or before, year 2075.

Answers and solutions will not be found by currently following priests, presidents and gurus and cult leaders, those who rise up and claim to have all the answers and yell, “follow me,” that is, EGO MEN out of an insatiable need for greed, gain, power and control, have, for the most part, led earth in the wrong directions. However, rather, those real answers to positive and creative reality creation are to be found within each and every person.

Psychic Fingers are on the pulse of future probabilities and possibilities, very talented and skilled perceptive fingers, I might add. School House Earth has been watched and observed since day one.

All indicators are pointing in the same general direction of a global Renaissance Two, again, my characterization, that is, the skeletal bone framework has been formed, and begun to grow and gradually blossom in psychic interest just after the turn of year 1900, give or take a few years, and this framework is in place, however, the “meat,” the degree of change, has yet to be decided upon that will “flesh” out that framework with the degree of change.

Renaissance Two, in the timeless, has already occurred, however, the particular future events are still being worked out in terms of spontaneity.

There will be a “jumping-off point” in the future for billions of departed entity families of consciousnesses–identities–personalities that choose not to reincarnate, not to experience the global shift, but rather to explore other viable choices involving other realities, possibly earth realities having to do with past time periods, and forging new relationships with “partner” personalities for these new lifetimes.

And yet, many consciousnesses will “wipe their hands clean” so to speak, of any and all physical manifestations no longer having the need for physical expression as they had in past lifetimes upon the earth field, or plane. These explorers will go their own ways sailing through dimensions that have no basis nor explanation in language, you see.

Brave new worlds exist in the timeless. Your only limitations are the ones that you create.

…ron speaks…Please pay close attention here.

Jane Roberts: "The men are the destroyers. The women are the creators.

When Seth commented on the overpopulation problem in 1970, in session 550, some 50+ years ago, the then world population was 3,700,000,000. Today in 2021, the world population is 8,000,000,000+ and growing exponentially.

Additionally, Seth mentioned in the material that overpopulation is a “violation.” Seth also mentioned that killing was a violation.

Once more, briefly, I have it from my dream teachers in Seth University, Dream Campus – my characterization, the population of earth will be curtailed and reduced in future generations, and not by war, disease or geological upheaval, but rather without fanfare, when women, yes, the women, who dream/share in FrameWork Two, will unite their consciousnesses with the global solution, thus becoming sterile for one to two generations as necessary, and population attrition will quickly reduce the population from 9 billion down to 3 to 4 billion.

And upon the adequate reduction, women will, once again, become fertile, and will give birth to a revolutionary new generation of kids who will fully mature by age ten, and they will automatically make use of their innate ESP powers of communication, mental communication, thus obsoleting the need for exterior, physical methods of communication, for example, by devices, and religion, science and government will be in sharp decline as being no longer relevant and no longer in control, and the shift in consciousness, or Renaissance Two, the new world order, will be in full swing. All this will be in place by year, 2075, or sooner depending on the direction mass consciousness takes.

The old religions will be replaced by new directions of thought as given by Speakers who will, once more, appear and begin enlightening masses as to the infinite power of human creativity and potential and putting them in touch with their inner selves and inner senses, and their “gifts of the gods.” Equality and peace will reign. 2075.

Hi Klinglerm44,
I agree with you. Just like with the first Seth discussion group that met at Jane Roberts house, it was about people sharing their thoughts, feelings and beliefs as they explored new ideas.
There is something so powerful about people letting each other in, emotionally, spiritually, and sharing their own thoughts. It also takes a certain amount of courage as there is nothing, no one else’s words, to hide behind.
Do you have any thoughts to share on the topic of this thread?
For me it has been learning a certain level of patience and calm observation. It is interesting as I watch the shift in awareness of “rights” and “respect” for beings, both humans and animals, take place. The news to me seems very dramatic these days.

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I like Seth’s comment that we come here for the drama. It can mean healthy & constructive passion plays where we strengthen our best attributes. Remembering there is always someone above or below us depending on where we place ourselves and to be conscious of that values we are aiming to fulfil.

I feel some are flomoxed by negative drama at times “my universe is a safe universe” indeed seems accurate for me overall, at other challenging times well, I repeat the statement “everyday in every way I’m getting better and better”. It allows refreshment in my corner of the universe by it’s nature & refers some on where there may be depletion elsewhere.

Evolution of Love, the revolution. Love is everything. We are experiencing the revolution of love and it’s energy here as telepathic beings. That means more and more are becoming aware of this energy and expressing it through the physical element. We will flourish with it.

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Hi Sasha,
Given that throughout recorded history, not much seems to have changed (how we treat others, resources and the planet), I suppose it is fair to observe that we come for the drama.
Abraham-Hicks (similar to Seth-Jane), says it is all about contrast, that through the experience of what we do not want, we become clear and focused upon what we do want and then get to flex our creation muscles.
But I suspect we come here for lots of reasons, to play, to create, to experience the drama, to help out beings we are close to, maybe just for the chocolate and coffee, who knows?
But I do observe trends in the news and the world around me that suggest some much bigger picture, spiritual awarenesses are growing. I often wonder if it is the planet that will change and evolve or if is that we go elsewhere when we are no longer entertained by the antics of Earth.


I think the news not only reflects the mass consciousness, but also reinforces the mass consciousness’ decisions by keeping them in the forefront of the public’s mind, thereby strengthening the intent, imagination and expectation that those issues more quickly emerge in our F-1 reality.

For example, issues in the news such as inequality of women in the workplace, racial inequality, and police brutality (by a small number of police officers, I generally support law enforcement) and the like have been slow to be resolved, and unfortunately continue to face strong resistance. But apparently that is the collective course we have chosen. Keeping these issues alive through the news will hopefully speed their resolution.

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I’ve been a Sethite in this focus for 43 years.
Wow! When I first read Nature of Personal Reality: A Seth Book, it set me free. I’m still free.
I realised today that I still have work to do re limiting beliefs. I saw them clearly today. So things continue to evolve even after all this time. So I’ve been letting go of those outdated beliefs as another layer of balance, peace & positivity emerges. :slight_smile:

Hi Sasha and Klinglerman44,
That does seem like the ongoing work, the limiting beliefs we hold. I also found the Seth books when I was in my 20’s and it felt like my consciousness exploded. It was great, so many ideas and notions just evaporated, and so many new ones took their place.
And in reading your response I realize that we are not ever going to find peace outside of ourselves, which might be why we are here, to, amid the chaos of the world, find peace within ourselves. Not meaning to sound trite, but yeah, to find that sense of peace and love and kindness that has nothing to do with what is going on around us but has everything to do with who we are and our connection to Source, All That Is, whatever words we use to describe that all encompassing consciousness.

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Well, plenty of drama now and the possibility of humans finally working together.