Invisible beliefs, from CWS

Seth: “Whenever you think that you have a headache, simply because you have a headache; or you bump into a door simply because you bump into a door; or you have an accident simply because you happen to be in a particluar place at a particular time; whenever you feel yourself powerless, then you think that accidents happen and that you have no control over them. The only answer is to realize that you form physical events, individually and en masse. And as I have said, time and time again, you form the physical reality that you know.”

“You know,” Rudy recalls of Seth’s “accident” explanation "at first I wasn’t satisfied with Seth’s answer. I just couldn’t understand what he meant by saying that I got ‘goodies’ from walking through a window! I mean, there I was, bleeding like a stuck pig from cuts on my hand and knee, and a guy at a booth is telling me, “Don’t worry, kid, when you get to the hospital, they’ll just cut your leg off” - as it was, my knee needed nine stitches!

“I remember we’d just come from class and I was feeling really full of exuberance,” Rudy recalls. "Really happy, you know, bounding around. Then—WHAM! Like, what a stunning blow, literally. I sat there in the restaurant, sort of swimming in and out of it, thinking, "God, if this can happen to me if I create my own reality, what next? As though I were saying to myself, “See what happens when you let go and dare trust yourself? You get slapped down!” And the owner of the place was freaking out about her window…

“Then Seth hit me with the core of it all - that I was dealing with invisible beliefs! That this was what I’d set myself up to do; that I couldn’t trust my own energy; that I felt afraid of it and felt that my own energy could destroy me. And it’s true that right after it happened, I felt wierdly relieved and happy! As though I’d found out that I could survive; that I could trust my body not to get hurt in spite of such a terrible accident - and Seth came right down on that.”

Conversations with Seth, book one, chapter 6, pages 122-123

(25th Anniversary Edition) © Susan M. Watkins


I remember I found some interesting information in that book. I even recommended it on this board.

Regarding the Seth quote, and Rudy’s interpretation of what happened to him …

There is another interesting Seth quote:


I believe that we should interpret the experiences we have while awake (not sleeping) in the same way we (should) interpret our dreams. This interpretation can be done only by the experiencer, as the symbolism has relevance only to them, and only in that instance.

Generally we should try to uncover the deeper meaning, not stop at the obvious, as it seemed that Rudy did. Nothing wrong with getting only the benefit of wisdom we are able to; it’s still better than nothing.

Most of us think of themselves in terms of these-we-that-we-are-aware-of, and don’t have a model of the various aspects of our whole-beings: who/what creates, who/what directs, who/what produces the show of our reality, and who/what observes it; surely, and why all this.

I think that many people misinterpret the “en masse” part of Seth’s teachings. It isn’t about a consensus, a negotiation.

Each one of us (at whole-self level) creates the whole reality they experience, like in a dream (in dreams’ conventional interpretation). We create our dreams using elements from the awake-reality, but also elements that aren’t part of that, without being aware which is which, that in fact it doesn’t matter.

We should learn to do it lucidly. Now most of us do it unaware of what we’re doing. I mean we do it reactively, instead of creatively. At subconscious level we accept indiscriminately telepathic inputs as our reality, instead of filtering them as it would be convenient to us.

How to change this? By getting in touch with our inner source of guidance, with the other aspects of our personalities, by practicing exercises like psychological-time, dream and reality interpretation, …

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Out of curiosity, I asked my inner-guidance about interpreting Rudy’s accident: at this stage practice reality creation incrementally, baby steps. Don’t get carried away.

Hmmm. It’s all about awareness. If you believe you can fly like superman you best truly believe it.:slight_smile:

The way I understand the possibility of flying / levitation:

  • If I believe that I can do that, and none of my limiting beliefs supersedes it, then I’ll fly in my reality.
  • If you believe I can’t, you might not have me flying in your reality; it depends on the strength of your belief.


  • If I believe that I can’t do that, then I won’t fly in my reality.
  • If you believe I can, you might see me flying in your reality; it depends on the strength of your belief.

Hi Rachel,
I can think of many instances where it became clear that my emotions were setting up “an accident or what I would think of as one.” I think it was best outlined when I saw my son do it, it was so obvious.

He saw a kid in his class getting a lot of attention and people wanting to sign the cast on their arm and he said outloud to me, “I want one of those” He was 6 years old. I immediately said to him, “no you do not want one of those, they broke a bone and are stuck in that case for a couple of months, it is not fun, trust me, it hurts.” But he just looked wistfully at this little girl getting all this attention and treats and special favor from her teachers.

Not even 1 week past before he passed out on the highest level of a riser that was set up for his class to do a performance sing, for the school graduation program. The classmates and the teacher present said that he just feinted from locking his knees from standing too long.

It was a clean break and he broke his ulna and radius, clean through and was in a cast for the summer.

It was so weird to watch it play out. And the same for myself, looking back on a few accidents I had. I can clearly see the curious and strange emotions at play.


You also have to love the ironicalness of Rudy while dealing with invisible beliefs, walks through a window.

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Being levitated by non physical entities once unexpectedly was life changing. About a billion points of swirling lights of consciousness were directing pure love at me and literally swept me from my seat in front of 500 people rendering me unable to move my body for that love blasting through it. My only words were “Oh God, oh God.”

I have flown consciously numerous times, in the dream landscape.

OBE, Projection of consciousness into other realities, conscious dreaming, precognition, telepathy, even once a 5 minute UFO of lights display have all been part of my life. Most were after a few years of reading Jane
Rob & the Seth books. Amongst other authors of course, associating with others in the context of conscious living, and my own work. Though have yet to see or experienced flying in the physical as I believe we once did in Atlantean times.

I had also facilitated an authentic, full body channel for 10 years where and was shown a great deal about the process of mediumship and do a little myself.

Though I’ve yet to see the physical body actually in flight. Once upon a time we were here, but not limited.

Anyway I’m off to do my work as a spiritual guide and psychic.

Feel free anyone to fly.

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