Inviting those who were there for Q & A's

Maybe at some point, WHEN we get big enough we can start inviting people for question and answer sessions. I’m specifically thinking about Sue Watkins. She’s the last one who was there and had a super close connection to Jane and Rob and Seth. She even has experiences of her own. Invaluable experience for us.

Maybe @ron can get Laurel here too, though I know she has experience with this type of communication.


I’ve been find those reddit IAMA threads crazy cool. They get all types of celebs and experts. It feels like the old internet days. Super informative.

What do you mean by being there? There are some ESP class members still around.Who have a “super close connection to Jane and Rob and Seth”

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Inviting Sue Watkins is a great idea <3

@Lawrence, where you involved with Rick Stack in teaching Seth classes during the 70’s in NYC?

No Brian, by the time Rick started teaching his classes I was in California.