Is the struggle 'normal'?

At times I find myself going seemingly backwards, or at least not going forwards. I begin to feel so lost and it’s like I completely forget all of the Seth material I have learnt so far. It feels crazy going back and forth like this, happy and so confident with my creative abilities then the complete opposite a few days later. Is this a normal occurrence? Has anyone else experienced such events? It can be so upsetting and I find myself crying a lot. I’ve also been struggling a lot being a new mum to my 6 month old and I feel he is very challenging. I possibly need to start letting go and trusting in those inner parts of myself to work certain issues out? Otherwise I feel like I’ll never get anywhere. I also find myself feeling insane believing in the Seth material, how could I possibly create what I want? Is there a reason for my periods of struggle? I just don’t know!


Yes but it is not everlasting (unless you believe it to be :stuck_out_tongue: ). I believe this excerpt will help:

Now here is another example. Your conscious thoughts regulate your health. The persistent idea of illness will make you ill. While you believe that you become ill because of viruses, infections or accidents, then you must go to doctors who operate within that system of belief. And because you believe in their cures, hopefully you will be relieved of your difficulty.

Because you do not understand that your thoughts create illness you will continue to undergo it, however, and new symptoms will appear. You will again return to the doctor. When you are in the process of changing beliefs — when you are beginning to realize that your thoughts and feelings cause illness — then for a while you may not know what to do.

In the larger context you realize that the doctor can at best give you temporary relief, yet you may not be completely convinced as yet of your own ability to change your thoughts; or you may be so cowed by their effectiveness that you are frightened. So there is a period of stress in between beliefs, so to speak, while you dispense with one set and are learning to use another.

But here you become involved with one of the most meaningful aspects of the nature of personal reality, as you test your thoughts against what seems to be. There may be a time before you learn how to change your thoughts effectively, but you are engaged in a basic meaningful endeavor.

Roberts, Jane (2011-09-30). The Nature of Personal Reality: Specific, Practical Techniques for Solving Everyday Problems and Enriching the Life You Know (A Seth Book) (Kindle Locations 1300-1311). Amber-Allen Publishing. Kindle Edition.

You are not insane, this is indeed the nature of reality, as I’ve borne witness to for over 10 years now.


Once again, my life saver! I feel so refreshed and confident again thanks to your reply and if I ever get lost again I can always come back to this reply. How did I miss this excerpt in NoPR? Must not have meant much to me at the time I read it, well now it most certainly does! Thank you for letting me know that your experience with the Seth material has been a legitimate one, this is the biggest help because sometimes I feel I am the only one in the world studying this material. I realise how I also need to start really remembering to trust myself and mainly those inner portions of my being that deal with all the nitty gritty that I am not consciously aware of. I handed a seeming problem over to that part of myself yesterday and it really took a huge weight off my shoulders and so far so good. I trust all my challenges will be worked out, I should probably let go of trying to manipulate my whole life especially with only the use of my intellect. Thanks again Chris! Much love!


Hey, Chris already covered the giving amazing advice and incredibly relevant quotes bit really well (as he always does), but I just wanted to let you know I understand what you’re dealing with and I understand the point you’re at. I’m fairly new to the Seth material as well (I became aware of it about two years ago but I didn’t start getting serious about it until recently). I’m in that transition period where I still hold negative beliefs from “old” me in tandem with positive beliefs from “new” me. I know that if I continue working at it and apply what Seth taught I will be able to fully discard those old beliefs and be content and healthy the majority of the time. But I’m like you, I have to remember to trust myself.
I just wanted to let you know you’re not alone in making this journey and in growing and changing, and someday (soon!) we’ll both be at a much better point. :wink:


Thank you Lena! It is very intense at time isn’t it? It’s like a subtle purge of sorts throwing away old beliefs in light of new ones. I find myself almost giving up but know that if could never do that. It’s like something within in me keeps me pushing forward! Also when I’m not feeling blue it’s a lot of fun working at creating! I remember reading something Chris said (in regards to a Seth exercise) that he views it not as an exercise he has to do but that he is creating and I find when I view it like this it feels so exhilarating and it’s these moments that also keep me going. Day to day living does seem to get in the way, for example
I find myself really back to my old beliefs when I’m with other people. Thanks again Lena, I’m glad I’m not alone :smile:


SamQ91, I read this thread from your first post, and I, too, found Chris’s direct quote from the material helpful, especially in response to your question about if how you were feeling was “normal.” First, there is no normal - only points on an infinite spectrum of being. To fear that you are not normal implies that you must not be right or healthy. Certainly, that you are not like those “normal people” you see all around you. Seth’s wisdom about how illness can only exist if we believe in it is very powerful.

I read an article recently about how young people were finding it hard to cope with the expectation placed on them by society to excel at everything, to be a “together” person. The main concern in the piece was the elevated rate of suicide on campuses of top colleges nationwide.

A consortium of university professionals working to find better ways to deal with this unfortunate trend placed part of the blame on the artificial perfection we are exposed to on social media. Let’s face it, very few people post ugly pictures of themselves on Facebook; rather, their timelines are a series of their peak moments. It’s easy to see why so many of us feel that there must be something wrong with us. I am not saying that this is why you feel the way you do, of course, but maybe this particular angle of thought might give you a starting point to work from .

As to your admission that sometimes you feel completely connected to the material, and just a few days later, you feel like it makes no sense to you at all, this is a funny thing about time and space and “the real world” you refer to. Since reality is what we perceive it to be, our perceptions can change very quickly. While we may not be aware of the change within ourselves, and most often, I believe, we are not aware of this at all, it appears to us that something “out there” has changed.

You and the other commentator, (pardon me for not remembering your name), mention that you are relatively new to the material, and that probably, with time and practice, you will have passed this phase of on again, off again experience. I hope I don’t discourage you from always moving forward, but after 40 years of working the material, I can honestly say that there have been long periods in my life when I was in the Seth “zone”. On the other hand, there have been major lacunas, sometimes lasting years, when I became totally disconnected from this inate comprehension. I used to beat myself up about this, yet in time I came to realize that this was not only “normal” but actually an essential part of the process for me.

What I realized was that each time I snapped back into that zone, I was that much farther ahead than when I had dropped away. There is a reason they call the flowering of our full potential as creators of reality a process. We all process things differently, in our own time. Some of us need to dip back into unconsciousness from time to time in order to more fully appreciate the power within us.

I focused on your statement above because “something within (you) keeps (you) pushing forward” , and that something is precisely what will place you exactly where you need to be at all times. It will never desert you even when you think it has disappeared. I call it the pilot light in my gut. In the darkest moments of my life, that pilot light becomes very small and dim, but it makes its presence known just in time to keep me from giving up.

Remember that you already know this material inside yourself. Trust that it will become more “real” to you as you are ready to manifest it. There is no time limit, no schedule, no rush to get anywhere. Time is infinite - enjoy the ride.