Karl Mollison Claims Jane Recanted Seth Material

I cannot believe the nerve of this man Karl Mollison. He deems himself a channeler. His major schtick is to channel dead people and have them recant their life’s work. If url’s are allowed here, I will include a video he does where he claims to channel Jane Roberts, after her death. recanting her life’s work with Seth, claiming it is terribly wrong.

This man channels just about everyone famous you can imagine, as if after death they are all standing in line to chat with him.

Every single channeling sounds the same. There is no change in inflection or vocabulary. In other words, every channeling is Karl Mollison, often bashing the now deceased person’s spiritual work, putting such words into the mouth of the deceased.

I find this revolting, and wonder why no one has called him on it. I did try to talk with his eager assistant, but this dear man is so brainwashed that communication was impossible.

Jane Roberts Channeled by Karl Mollison 16Oct2019 - Video.Get-Wisdom.com

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He probably believes whatever he says. There are many-many such people. Many of them are honest.

Channeling is heavily distorted by the channel’s beliefs. The best way for each one of us is to turn inwards and access our individual source of knowledge and guidance.


Going within is just peachy but if you are saddled with many distorted and just plain wrong beliefs, then you will only accept information from within that resonates with those beliefs. Either a very significant internal or external intervention can even make an attempt to crack that solid wall of false belief, since such information will be filtered out before reaching the conscious mind. So advising everyone to go within seems to assume that everyone is relatively clear and objective. But in my 70 years, I have seldom found anyone like that. While such people do exist, they are not the norm. We are constantly having our already formed beliefs validated for us, even if this means that we subconsciously deny much of what happens to us each day. So in my opinion, something a lot more than “going within” is necessary for truth, since truth doesn’t necessarily stand a chance when it comes up against the wall of beliefs that each person has erected.

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So what do you suggest?

I think that if you are aware that you distort whatever you get from your inner guidance, then you can put aside your beliefs and expectations, and you get less distorted knowledge.

If you look for knowledge from another person, or dogma, you start from another’s already distorted knowledge.

Unless you are an extreme advanced adept, your ego will disguise itself as the real you and lead you from one red herring to another. This is why many spiritual disciplines require you to have a wiser teacher, director, guru or other advanced student to help you along. Just as you cannot really properly psychoanalyze yourself, but instead need someone else to take you through the process, OR just as you cannot go through certain spiritual practices, such as the Ignatian Disciplines, you can’t really get to the bottom of your reality just by looking within. Because the ego is waiting for you. If you want proof of this, just ask an ultra-conservative right winger in the USA to look within. Then ask a radical progressive to do so.

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:wave:t2: Hi
I went to the link. He’s quite shocking. He’s just parroting Marciniak and I feel he’s obsessed by some negative entity. I can’t even listen to it. What does he think he’s doing? Contrived egotism and to me quite paranoid. Anyone with an ounce of evolution will not be fooled.

Most experienced in the spiritual realms know the truth as regards skills in communication with the non-physical. And the skills we can develop.
Beliefs are everything in our human experience however, truth is also a feeling. I feel truth in much the same way I feel hot or cold.
Anyhow this guy & his interviewer are basically rubbish. Thank you☺️

I think it is a good thing to have our beliefs challenged. We then have to dig down deep to find out what we really believe, what has truth about it and what has none.
There is a Feeling Tone, as Seth refers to it, to the truth. It is a good thing to learn what that feels like.


Inner vibrational touch…ron.

Yes, the Feeling Tone is amazing and works for me. I also have a “tell” which is a tic in my left eye that affirms the truth too.