Kendall- The Road to Elmira / Interview with Richard Kendall


I bought the road to Elmira it on kindle last night and stayed up all night reading it. The last time I did that it was something by Dan brown. Its a suprising book written by Richard kendall. I did not learn much about Jane. Not that I needed too. I did learn about the type of questions that deove him, maybe still do and I felt a type of kinship dimensions away from simplistic notions of ‘you create your own reality’. He also spoke about the ‘burden of Consciousnes’ and th continued questing. Not for the faint hearted. I think I have bought everything of seths available on Amazon kindle. Glad Rick stack made it to the 21st century. Apart from anything else the search feature on Kindle is fantastic . What still suprises me is how rich the early sessions were. Book 8 & 9 are some of the most conceptually dense material I have read by seth.

Back to the road to Elmira- its worth the purchase. I don’t know what happened to Richard but I am pleased that he took the time to commit his experience to words. It was also a relief to read someone speak from his personal experience without copious reference to othe channlers or worse, science.


Richards Book appeals to me because - it was prose. I also sensed a certain feeling tone withn the words that I could align to. The thing which I find remarkable is that he writes with a certain lightness of touch and other writtings by those who were there, at times I find ‘heavy’ Speaking of jane roberts’ is one I could not get through, I did not find that was any space for me- not so with’ the road to elmira,’ i came away with new questions terms and concepts…being returned to myself. I think if you ever wrote a book of prose i would read it. lso Richard did not try to regurgitate seth teachings or begin explaining them to the reader and I can’t stand that vibe where a writer becomes the teacher elect of a teacher. I don’t need an intermediary or an emmisary.


I don’t feel I want to read about jane via a third party, besides she has her own books. Richard did not skim over the surface
of the personal questions wich mattered to him, which is often the case -Maybe Richard will write another vloume at some point, its so much easier to get a kindle book onto amazon.

The other thing I wonder at is the amount of material that is still unpublished- alittle or alot? and the reasons for unpublished material . Who is sitting on it and why? Again with Amazon kindle its not an undoable task to get it all out there. Rick has done a remarkable job so far. But I sense realms of material which is still not released. The copywrite laws I have zero patience with when it comes to the seth material. I do wonder what Rob felt about that before he died.I think Rick and laura ‘should’ simply get it all out there, including MP3 of the classes. No one has time for CDs or audio tapes anymore. :slight_smile:

Unpublished Seth material

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Here is the interview is Richard Kendall-

In this episode, Rich Kendall is interviews , one of the New York Boys in Psychic Jane Roberts’ ESP class in the early ‘70s. Seth, the "Energy Personality Essence’ channeled by Jane from 1963 through her death in 1984, talked a great deal about past lives, including the idea that they do not actually exist in our pasts.


Richard Bach who Richard Kendall references on Jonathan livingston seagull


October 2006: Dan visits the former home of Jane Roberts and Robert Butts. Jane was the channel for Seth of the “Seth Books,” and the subject matter of the books was metaphysics–ESP, dreams, reincarnation, astral projection, and the effect of thoughts and beliefs upon one’s life and the universe. I also visited Libb’s Supper Club, still in existence, when I was in Elmira, but Rob’s paintings appear to be gone.