Unpublished Seth material

Rich is on Facebook. Last was living in Pennsylvania. Might be back in NYC, I heard. I enjoyed his book. He plans to do more volumes eventually to complete the tale.

All that remains to be published of the Seth Material is the 2nd ESP class sessions (written about in Conversations With Seth). That likely will require several volumes. They show a different side to Seth. At times, he is almost poetic.

There is little money to be made and someone has to do all the work. It is complex, personally. This stuff doesn’t just materialize.

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anon38262219, What do you mean by the 2nd ESP class sessions? I have an original transcript of all the ESP class sessions, in many 3-ring binders that were typed by class members and Rob, from beginning to the last class that I obtained from Laurel Davies-Butts, so tell me what dates these classes are and I’ll check and see what I have…ron


Most of what you mention is available on ebook–why inform people of what can be stolen? People wishing to pirate material can find it themselves. You don’t need to delineate what material is available for theft, here, and I have a problem with your doing so.

There is enough Seth Material for anyone to fix any personal problem. More material is not the answer so the end does not, once again, of course, justify the means which is stealing when, regarding profitability, there is, literally, poor, Laurel, who would like to see some profit, rather than digital theft, to pay rent and food and other things in life that money goes to.

anon38262219, I hear you but can’t bring myself to respond in kind- too many beliefs of lack woven into your emotions and feelings and statements - I can hear you without agreeing as they are your own feelings, as is the problem you have since you see things as you must. To be frank its not the medium that is the issue, folks post huge chucks of seth text all over the place - whole websites devoted to it - where anyone can copy, some post whole pdfs of the books, so lets not get things twisted because this is audio media. Not everyone gets their info best via text and I for one am glad some souls have made the effort to read aloud .I can’t be responding to you any further on this or explain myself, but you knew that already.My actions are my own and you must cast them in accordance with your own beliefs.Laurel will create her financial reality in line with her beliefs and I am sure you will be as helpful as you can . I am not sure how your portrayal of her as 'poor laurel’a victim is helpful, to me there seems to be much deeper issues regarding poverty consciousness here and the effects of that.No one but those involved in the business side of publishing the seth material and who gets what split and how can speak to profitability / terms negotiated or lack thereof - I am staying out of it.

[Its not really the youtubers who are the issue, not really or digital theft or all that emotive language in my opinion, that might just be any easy way out … look at the copious amount of seth quoting and excerpts that get posted in the seth groups all day, everyday - but if you went to any of those groups and complained about copyright- you’d soon get told what time it is or ignored, folks are going to copy and share its been an ‘issue’ since the first printing press/xerox machine-audio is just the latest incarnation ]

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The 1st ESP class sessions are already published; the 2nd, not.

We might try a system of Seth crowd funding…

Rick Stack told me he has plans to publish them.


I have thought of crowd-funding with regard to helping the dissemination of the Seth Material in other ways–a friend of Laurel Butts told me she owns all the intellectual copyrights for the Seth Material.

I would like to see further translations into other languages of the Seth Material.

Currently, there are one to a few books translated into about 9 languages.

I would like to see “The Nature of Personal Reality” (I think it is the most accessible and practical)–some think, firstly, “Seth Speaks”) translated into every language.

Even just one Seth book in a new language would be very powerful, I think. I guess that a good translator would not be cheap…

I don’t know whether such a crowd-funding effort might, now, work, but I welcome exploring ideas around it. :smile:

Perhaps this thread has evolved to the issue of growing the Seth Material rather than the subject thread and, better, should be moved (if there is interest in further discussing it!)


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I found a site where excerpts from Seth from 1972 -where he goes into precise detail about Sumari instructing Sumerians and creating their culture. What I would like to know is there more material on Aliens and ancient civilizations and the history of how humans became humans. Its always a snip here or there.
Apparently all the Gods : egyptians Greeks Sumar were based on the superhuman Aliens who landed on Earth at different times.
This is the most interesting material - Is there any more out there being published?

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