Lessons from my environment

I wanted to share an experience I had a few years ago and hopefully get some feed back.

I had a clogged bathroom sink. This went on for months. we tried everything, from Draino to a snake. Nothing relieved the clog. One evening it struck me that it was not the sink. It was ME. The next morning the sink drained and never had a problem again.

Now, I took this new found realization to a problem I was having with a coworker. Realizing it was me with the problem and I had to change not her. After this she didn’t affect me any more and eventually left the company.

I know I somehow caused the sink to become plugged so I could learn this lesson. After re-reading “Seth Speaks” (after 40 some years) I see that I must truly have done this. I think it’s a great example of how we create our physical reality.

Anyone else have experiences similar? I would like to hear about them.
New member Kit


Hiya, Kit. Welcome. Cool stories.

Long ago, after a gig, I decided to carry my heavy, very expensive keyboard home since it was only a few blocks away from the venue and return to party with those who’d stayed. At my apartment door, I realized my keys were in my backpack at the club and I would have to schlepp back with the keyboard and return then go back to the club, really cutting into the remaining time to socialize that was left.

I thought, what the hell, I might as well try the door. It wasn’t locked!!! I remember locking it. I have never left my door unlocked in my life. It’s a reflexive habit. I knew right away that I had unlocked the door mentally.

It was a good event–showing me that in my life there is much plasticity regarding matter, even, in physical reality. I have created a habit wherein I occasionally remember this–I used to have ongoing problems with electronic equipment. Then I remembered I create it so I looked at my negative beliefs, first (I disliked work that had to be done using the equipment and had associated the equipment with being bummed); then I spent some time sending energy to these objects I create physically, seeing them robust and aging well without problems. For years, now, my equipment performs very well, indeed. :smiley:

I like your story about your coworker. Seth says we evoke behaviours from another as a result of the beliefs we hold. Change or modify the belief and one no longer evokes such from another.


Hi Kit, interesting stuff! Will you tell us more about what you discovered, was it enough for you to just realise you were causing this stuff, then it stopped, or did you have to identify specific beliefs first?

Thank you anon38262219 for your reply. I could probably come up with a lot of ways I have formed my environment if I thought more about it. I have always considered my self lucky. A psychic friend of mine tells me I have a lot of “friends” out there that help and guide me from the other side.

I like the idea how you are keeping your equipment working by the energy you extend to it. I could work on that. LOL

I’m so excited to be reading the Seth materials again. I am taking away from it a LOT more than the first time back in the early 1970s. I resonate with most of what he says. I need to watch the movie “What the Bleep do we know” again. It really coincides what what Seth is saying about multidimensional personalities… quantum mechanics if you will.

Fascinating stuff!


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Hi Martin,
Well, I did have an epiphany over the sink. It just came to me as I was (in the bathroom). I exclaimed out loud. “It’s not the sink. It’s me!”. I’m really not sure where that even came from. And I was pleasantly surprised when the sink was fixed in the morning. So I don’t think I had to change or identify any beliefs, except for realizing you can’t change people (which I really knew anyway). You can only change the way you react to them. but it was a very profound experience.

My friends who tried to help me fix the plugged sink remind me when I’m having a hard time of how much power I really do have. But then, I must say I never thought I could control a fixed physical object like that. It still eludes me. Thank you Seth for helping me to understand - at least somewhat - what happened.

I’m so happy to have found this group. I’ve never been able to get any real feedback on some of the things I have experienced so I look forward to sharing and learning here.


Seth mentioned an incident that happened to Jane and Rob in “Unknown Reality” when they were looking to buy their house. The place they eventually chose: They were looking in neighbourhoods for a house and came across one they liked a lot that was for sale. They got out to look. The house was empty. They wanted to view the inside and would have to wait, it appeared. They went to the side of the house and there was a side door. It was open or unlocked and they went in and loved it. Seth said they had not wanted to wait to schedule an appointment with a realtor to see the house and so they unlocked the door,

I knew a guy who hated electronics and had a lot of negative beliefs–he associated them with technology with he had dire misgivings about and his stereo amplifier was always breaking down–fixed at the electronics shop, home a few days or so and it would die. Repeat.

I had read Seth saying in NPR that we create the objects and told him, watch, I will heal your amplifier and did a laying of hands on for a minute for a few days. The thing started working (I was living with him and protecting it from him/giving energy to the construction/psychic blueprint of the object). After I moved out, in a few days, the amplifier was dead, again.

These two incidents, Jane’s and Rob’s, and mine were things I was aware of when I arrived at home with a heavy keyboard and no keys.

Physical reality is far more plastic than we were taught. Lots of Seth readers have had objects disappear and use Seth’s ideas to make them pop back into their probability. Usually, there is a withdrawal of energy from the object that is to become ‘lost’ before the loss happens that occurs because of the beliefs in play.

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Fascinating stuff from both, @kit and @anon38262219!

This got me thinking about similar things happening in my own life. I’m something of a tech geek, and it seems like I go through phases where several pieces of technology around me break or have problems all around the same time. I’ve not made any connections fully but I believe it tends to happen when strong emotions of some kind are involved.

The day of 9/11 I remember my computer just going dead for no apparent reason. Not that uncommon, you might think, but it’s never really happened to me before or since. Then there was a time when a microwave, a kettle, a graphics card in another computer, and a cooker in my parents’ house all broke within around a week of each other.

Around Christmas and New Year, I had trouble with another graphics card, had to upgrade Windows as a result, and lost the use of a sound card, which I then had to replace, and THAT replacement didn’t work. Then I dropped my phone in a toilet (it still works luckily), and took my Kindle out of my pocket to find the screen broken.

I could accept any of these incidents with no questions if they didn’t all happen so close together. Based on how I’ve felt recently I wonder if sometimes if I feel guilty about things and use these breakages as a way of punishing myself.


With electronics, for me, I had conflicts–I hated the work I was doing at the time which involved sitting in front of the computer for much time. I realized I was letting that emotion affect the objects involved. When I thought of them, my first and strongest association was thinking of the negatives I associated with them. Now, I thank the objects for working well and reinforce them. Also, I feared some possible outcomes from the work and that made things worse.

Seth talked about Jane’s and Rob’s car problems one time. Rob had negative attitudes–machines break. Jane loved the car for the freedom it meant to her so her energy helped mitigate the situation. Rob looked at his beliefs and the car problems ceased.


I once had a similar “flow” problem with household pipes. In the space of a year, my water heater broke and flooded my basement, then the drain pipes attached to the central air conditioning became clogged, and finally, the piece de resistance was a sewer backup, again flooding the basement.

During this period of time I had been developing an inner communication channel with an entity who named himself “William.” I’d been a longtime Seth reader and had been studying and interacting with other channelers as well. Jane Roberts was my hero; I wanted to “do it” as seemingly effortlessly as she did (I realize of course that Jane would have laughed at that observation), but for me it was anything but effortless: I was constantly questioning myself and blocking my own spontaneity at every turn, not believing in myself, etc.

Conversations with a close friend who channels (and with whom I was playing “Rob” to her “Jane” in many ways) helped me realize that my household plumbing problems were directly related to my difficulty in allowing the communication channels with my inner Self to be open and flowing.

After I’d ascertained the major difficulties within myself and took the necessary (and expensive) steps to resolve the plumbing problems, I drove out to my favorite outdoor labyrinth and sitting in the center, taking a moment to enjoy the spiritual ambience of the place, with pen and paper I initiated communication with Will:

ELLEN: It’s been awhile since we’ve talked. I just want to communicate.

WILL: The conditions are ideal, with the chanting and the singing of the locusts, the cool breeze that causes rustling in the leaves. You are very aware of sound vibrations right now and how the setting is rejuvenating you and restoring you to a place of ease and restfulness.

The understandings you have gained about your recent house issues and the expenses incurred over the past year will serve you well. You needn’t be afraid that you will be overcome, swallowed up in debt – not any debt of any kind! The channels are being made, updated and renovated, modernized to accommodate the abilities to which you are now beginning to give flow. This can be considered a kind of rite of passage of emotional energies, necessary in order for us to build this current of communication. You just thought of an aquaduct! That is an apt image: a channel of healing, refreshing, rejuvenating waters brought to the surface from the underground. The flow of energy exchange is made on many levels.

Motion is constant. Backups only happen when you dam up that flow. Once you have primed your pump – which you have been doing now for months, initiating our communications – and the water begins to surge up in great force, you have a responsibility to yourself not to cause any damming action – “damning” actions as well! – through fears and old beliefs. You have acquired enough knowledge and skill and insight that you can catch yourself when you begin to fall into those patterns that create locks and baffles that impede our energies. Though you still berate and punish yourself, you are learning to catch yourself in the act and taking measure of your situations. Do not create dams through damning yourself!

Just allow us to move through your being, just like the sounds of these cicadas and the gentle rush of the wind. It is as easily done as listening. Do you tell your ears "Hear this now!”? No, sound moves through you and touches your emotions, triggering memories. The wind caresses your skin. You don’t tell your skin to feel the wind; your skin responds, sending out its scent along the currents, carrying messages through the area, alerting nature of your presence here and nature responds by making itself one with you. All of this is FLOW. It is effortless, as effortless as the words that are coming through your pen now.

You cannot feel more at one than this moment now. This is At-one-ment. Atonement. Atonement is not about punishing yourself endlessly for perceived “sins” or wrongdoing. Atonement is feeling flow and flow is being at one with All That Is. You made it through the labyrinth and here you sit in the center as the sun goes down and the shade deepens and your heart is at rest. At-one-ment.


Ellen, wonderful to see you relax enough to let William in. I love his energy and please know he is himself and not your subconscious as such.
Your on your way!

I tried responding via email and it didn’t go through. :frowning: Anyway. Interesting and very cool Ellen. I want to try automatic writing. Not sure where to start. I could use some some direction if anyone would like to help.

Thanks for your responses, Chris and Kit. Chris, I never think of Will as my subconscious, but I do believe he is a part of my inner Being and as such a voice coming from my Greater Self. I use caps to indicate a part of myself that is more expansive, more knowledgable, more aware and yet is always with me, never apart from me, is his own entity in a sense, yet at the same time a part of me and therefore always accessible. “Will” is just a name for convenience’ sake, beause there are subtle differences at times, and some not-so-subtle differences other times, when other aspects of my Whole Self chime in.

Seth described himself in a similar way in relation to Jane. He also said he would never communicate through anyone other than Jane and I’m confident that this holds the same for myself and Will and also for anyone else who “channels” an inner voice. I believe it is a mistake to set up such divisions between the person who is channeling the information and the so-called channel itself. The two are intricately interwoven. No one can channel Seth except Jane because Seth was/is a distinctive voice developed from within a distinctive personality, and that personality was Jane Roberts. You have your own “Seth,” as do I, as does everyone. Whether a person decides to channel their own inner voice is entirely up to them. Just living your physical life is “channeling,” in and of itself. You channel a portion of your Greater Self into a very focused and narrow bandwith of existence and then you call it “you.” And your “you” is unlike any other person in the world, so why in the world would you channel someone else’s unique voice? Channel the You of you!

(The rest is from Will)

Do you believe you are “only” Chris or “only” Kit? No, you are much, much more and will continue to unfold yourself unto infinity. There are times when you feel yourself to be in a certain “zone,” for lack of a better word, when words or actions or thoughts seem to download themselves into your being and later you may have said you were “inspired” or perhaps in a slightly “altered state of consciousness.” In those instances you were simply allowing another portion of your greater Being to express itself through your more tightly focused personality structure, and later, upon reflection, you try to describe it as having been elevated or temporarily transformed in some way, but know that it is always you; it can be nothing else! You simply opened a channel into greater awareness and you did it effortlessly.

Automatic writing is done this way. You need only sit down and begin. Allow your consciousness to freely flow. You don’t need to go into a trance or meditative state of mind, though you can if you wish. Regular journaling is a good way to begin. Ellen began by teaching herself to read the Tarot cards and writing down her interpretations, but then, after a long time learning the traditional meanings of the cards, one day she just completely discarded those meanings and allowed the pictures to trigger understandings to her until she began to realize that she was having very enlightening conversations with ourselves. The Ouija board worked much the same way in the beginning for Jane Roberts. It was merely a temporary bridge, or, like training wheels, to keep her feeling like she still had one foot in “normal” reality, until she eventually discarded it when she knew it was no longer necessary.

We want to mention also, Kit, concerning your first post on this thread and how beautifully you intuitively resolved your problem. Remember that physical reality is always a reflection of what is going on within you. That is how you create your reality and why sometimes you are baffled by seemingly unpleasant things that happen. You think: “WHY did I create this? I don’t want this!”

Think of physical reality as the metaphor for what’s going on with you, in your inner world of thoughts, feeling tones and emotions. Most people think that what’s going on in their own heads is the fantasy or illusory world, existing only in the imagination, when actually, everything physical begins in the imagination.

Your world as you perceive it spins itself outwardly from what is going on in your own imaginings, feeding back to you the information you need in order to resolve your issues. A very good friend’s channel once told Ellen, when we were working together on resolving past life issues, that if you want to change your hairstyle, you look in the mirror and make adjustments accordingly. You don’t reach out to the mirror to fix your hair; you use the reflection to guide your hand to your own head.

Past life personalities can only be helped by making changes in the present life. (As Seth said, the point of power is in the present, remember?) In the same way, you observe activity in the outside world as a guide. Hence, the clogged pipe was the reflection of a blocked up energy in some area of your life. When you released the energetic block, i.e., your issue with your co-worker, the physical block was removed. It was no longer needed!

A hint: The voice in your head that told you it was all about YOU is the same voice or entity who is ready to communicate with you through the means of your choice, whether automatic writing or some other manner.

Thank you for allowing us this opportunity to share with you today.