Levels of consciousness and different points of focus

Hello friends
I am studying Seth Material now and I want to ask if anyone can explain out of body experience and how to do it for me ? Also what’s the point of choosing to go out of body?

Also can someone help me discuss and understand the levels of consciousness? Are they layers of one big consciousness with different points of focus ?!
Let’s make it a deep practical discussion

Hi Samaha,
I have had many out of body, starting from a sleep state. Which for me is attaining a lucid state and from there realizing that I am indeed out of body and can just go anywhere I choose.
I have also had two out of body from a waking state. I had to work hard for those, and after all said and done, having done it, I seemed to lose interest in it. I guess I didn’t really have a good idea of what I wanted to do, once out.
There is a guy on YouTube, Todd Acamesis who does a lot of instruction, on how to do out of body from waking state. But note, his philosophy is quite entwined with his lectures. His philosophy being not very Sethian.
Have you had any luck with lucid dreaming? It is the easiest way out, and once you practice it regularly, you can usually achieve it nightly if you wish.
I find it fun and novel, conversations with others who are lucid and out of body are interesting. But for me it is just interesting, not necessarily ground breaking enlightening stuff.

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Hi dear
Good morning

I want to mention that I had an out of body experience but I didn’t know it was out of body experience! I though I was dead :smile::smile::smile:

One day I went to sleep afternoon
Feeling really tired and out of balance
I closed my eyes and slept for few minutes and then I feel a presence with me ! It’s more behind me and surrounding me!

I felt soooo awake and super conscious
Then I felt I am being left up like I was being zoomed up to the dark sky ( in the out of body experience it was the very clear night sky even though I slept at 4 pm!)

When I was zoomed up I was soooooo amazed and little scared
And I felt the presence telling me that I having an out of body experience and I asked for it and I will be back to my focus !!! This presence was so warm and secure !
I felt I know it!
I felt familiarity with him/it.

Anyway I woke up opened my eyes and the first wired shit I saw was a black glitch in front of me!!!

Blackness in my reality then it’s normal back!
I almost peed my pants!!!

It was soo profound and out of our regular focus !

At that time I thought I died and came back !!
But now i have more understanding

But I don’t know how to do it consciously!

About dreams
I had few lucid dreams where I was setting in a chair and being taught “ the layers of consciousness within electrons!”

Also I had a dream where I was setting with a presence and he was showing me probable marriages I can choose from ! They were awful! And the weddings where cheap ! :smile::smile::smile::smile:
That’s why am single

Well, much easier to out of body from a sleep state, by waking up within a dream but while you are still out of body. Lucid dreaming. Have you had much luck with that or ever tried it? It is the realization that you are in a dream, fully aware of your waking life, but at the same time, fully aware that you are in sleep mode.