Linking Up With Higher Consciousness

After reading the book Conversations With God, I realized that anyone can link up or jack in, to higher consciousness. So many people are seeking more information on Seth, more books, more unpublished transcripts with this air of desperation that someone else might hold the missing puzzle piece they need. And there are charlatans out there that are willing to fleece anyone that will give them the chance to do that.
Truth is, we each hold that puzzle piece and the next step is to allow ourselves access to the information directly without the middle man so to speak. To have the courage to listen and discern.
We don’t need a priest to talk to God. We don’t need someone who has attended Janes classes to get information about or to talk with Seth.
Next level, after books, is to do just what Jane did, or some version of it, and to consciously direct link to Source.
You will know it when it happens, it is unmistakable for the purity and quality of information and that feeling of connection to the greater expanse of consciousness.
Every one at some point needs to learn how to walk on their own.


You can easily reach a GREATER consciousness, “higher” is a relative word associated with physical reality, If there was such a higher consciousness, then that would mean that there is also lower consciousness, and, in actuality, consciousness IS. – ron

The idea that anyone can link up directly with Source can be intimidating. Jane was just the middle man between Seth and his audience. Seth is just the middleman between Source and its audience. We don’t need a middleman and eventually we get to the place where we are so clearly connected with Source that we can have the conversations we want and need, directly, without the middleman, so to speak.

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That’s why we had teachers and then speakers along the way of enlightenment…ron.

Hi Whirled_Peas,

I just received an email from Sethtalks with your post and non-coincidentally, I posted a quote from The Personal Sessions about somewhat the same subject, earlier today. (in Christopher’s group on FB) :slight_smile:

Here it is.

Seth: "Now. You must understand, in our discussions of late, we have been dealing with your current problems, and treating them in those terms for your convenience.

We have been dealing with the condition of the immediate self in its response to environment and situations. This immediate self is not isolated however from other portions of the entire personality. The very fact that you have ME here is the result of past experience and development

On the one hand all of your questions have their answers. The inner self knows, but the immediate self does not recognize their answers. The degree of your understanding and development is the result of past endeavors in other lives. The degree represents your practical ability to use inner knowledge to solve problems.

On the one hand, again, you know the answers. On the other hand you must learn to recognize them and apply them. Each succeeding reincarnation finds you in a better position to do so. The inner self must therefore be recognized by all levels of the personality.

The inner self must BECOME the immediate self, you see. This unity then puts you in a position to begin a truly fulfilling existence in other realities after physical death. You are solving many problems therefore now, since this is to be your last reincarnation in physical terms.

You must know enough to speak NEARLY as an equal with your inner self in order to do this. The process had finally to become conscious in your terms, with the ego highly involved. The intuitive portions of the personality had to have the full cooperation of the intellectual and conscious self at this point in your development and I am speaking of you both here.

The conscious had to appreciate in quite real terms its dependence upon intuitional wisdom. There had to be agreement and unity. The conscious self was not to be left by the wayside, wondering while the intuitional abilities led to fulfillment. The conscious intellectual faculties had to realize what was operating in order that they themselves be fulfilled.

True questioning and true use of the critical faculties will always lead Ruburt, to intuitional truths, so there is no reason to fear them. Those who do not understand their abilities intellectually must one day be led to question them. The intuitions and the intellect are meant to challenge and develop each other, and intuitional knowledge and intellectual knowledge will ultimately lead to the same answers.

It is only when you do not carry through in either that there appears to be contradiction."

The Personal Sessions, book 1, Session 380, November 15, 1967 - by Jane Roberts © L. Davies Butts

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Great quote! Thanks.

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More about this from the same session #380:

What you are after is the recognition by the immediate self of the larger inner self of which it is part. This is always the direction of development. Until finally the immediate self and the inner self are one.

Problems are methods of learning, set by the inner self. This is a particularly important statement. They should always be faced in this light. Other existences also involve these challenges.

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inavalan - yes, I have the book. Is there something you want to say about it?

Hi Rachel,
Love that quote, love the way it makes me feel when I read it. It strikes right to the heart of the topic. I suppose it is challenging for even Sethians to think of themselves, not as themselves but as an aspect of their higher consciousness and not the other way around. It feels very expansive to think on it.


Hi Whirled_Peas,

Yes, the excerpt does ‘strike to the heart of the topic’ - I wasn’t sure how you would interpret it, since you use terms like Source and Higher Consciousness which I don’t associate with the Seth material. But I thought the quote fit the gist of your comments.

To me this material is also not about asking others. It is so obviously individual and geared towards our personal authority and connecting to it, that I stay away from the ‘teacher’ Seth readers.

Anyway. I am glad you liked it. :slight_smile:

@Rachel I think that the quote you posted has a special value because it shows a path for our growth. Most of the Seth material is descriptive, so everybody who reads it interprets it at their level, and draws their own conclusions about what to do. To me, it is very valuable when Seth points to a path to follow, and I’m happy when it confirms what I already believed.

What I added points also to what our physical problems mean, and how to face them. In this quote, Seth restated concisely what he said earlier, and the importance of that information.

inavalan - yes, the paragraphs are there, much further into the session. If someone gets taste for the quote they can buy the book. That is my attitude towards the material, and it is based in an agreement I have with Rick Stack about the length of the excerpts I post. This is copyrighted material and I respect that.

Thank you for your addition.

In my opinion, if it made sense for Jane and her husband to get some payment for the work and the expense they put into publishing the Seth channeled material, the fact that so many years after their deaths this valuable material is still commercialized for profit doesn’t seem right. I see it as a disservice to the billions of souls that chose to incarnate into physical. I know that they sell (for profit) bibles, and other spiritual literature, but that isn’t right either. :confused:

inavalan - Those are your beliefs and I don’t share them.

At some level it is all built in, we just have to switch it on. Of course, understanding how our minds will change makes the transition a little less scary. You naturally transition to a different state of mind as you learn this material, it proves itself over time and that gets you more turned on to it. That leads to mind expansion of all possibilities - in all realities!!! Whohooo!!! Fasten your seat belts!!! Have fun!!! Love yourself!!! Do no harm!!! Listen to criticism, it opens the gates to understanding and compassion!!! Take it all in and live in the moment!!!

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My agreement for using the material comes directly from my personal friend, Laurel Davies-Butts who is the primary copyright holder. Laurel has licensed me to publish a Seth saying deck of cards, like what Joyce did in the 90s. Haven’t gotten around to doing it yet. – ron

Jane and Rob received royalties from Seth - Jane book sale, amounting to 5% or about $1 for a $20 book sale, plus they got small advances on books submitted and accepted for publication by Prentice–Hall, and other publishers. Book sales too off very well with Seth Speaks. – ron

Hi Rachel,
I tend to not get too tangled up in words or phrasing, what I mean by that is that I feel like we are talking about the same thing.
How many cultures from way back in time referred to what we are referring to as the God of Wind or Grandfather or Grandmother Moon. They were just anthropomorphizing what was around them to explain non physical experiences with what ever anyone wants to call that information that comes from teachers and or the larger part of our consciousness.

"An awareness of the existence of the supraself is in itself of great benefit. The author of Ruburt’s new book calls this God, and I am simply telling you what it is. The supraself is indeed a portion of a higher gestalt, which is part of yet another higher consciousness-gestalt. This is true. But this supraself is you in a highly personal way, and it is superior in many aspects. It controls and organizes larger portions of action."
—TES7 Session 301 November 16, 1966

It feels to me, anyway, like we are talking about the same thing.
Anyway, at the end of the day, I tend to take all the words and drink them up and see where the thoughts lead me, and it is always someplace interesting.

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A greater reply to people who are arguing over ‘who does and who does not’ have a right to publish or make profit on the Seth material …

It is irrelevant to mine or anyones spiritual growth. People do seem to have a curious tendency to hoard and try to profit from anything they can get their hands on. And there are people on this site who do just that. But that is their problem, and it will not affect anyone else or anyone else’s spiritual journey.

Anything of consequence has already been published in the Seth material that Jane wrote and published and I am sure Seth knew what he was doing and choose his words well that were put into those books.

If people are still locked into a belief that only the “hidden” Seth material is the thing that will lead to their own consciousness expansion, I am sure that belief will prove itself out.

So, as always, “…careful with what you choose to believe.”

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Absolutely! Well said! After studying the Seth Material and Jane Robert’s books for over four decades, there is always more depth to be discovered, if that is your true intent! Thank you for this post!

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