Mandela Effect, Multiple Timelines

I find this to be a very fascinating topic, very different historical timelines remembered by large groups of people.
Last night my son and his girlfriend were over for dinner and we had a very lively discussion about ghosts and topic turned to my son who, when he was much younger, told me that his great grandma was going to die. At the time (he was about 8 years old,) I asked him why he thought that and he told me about how the light above her head was going out. Which is when I found out he could see auras. He drew what he saw for me, it was interesting, and then he drew what he sees on most people that are not about to die. More interesting is it reminded me that she did indeed die two weeks later, I have a distinct memory of that because of the aura conversation with my son, but strangely and slowly a different memory emerged, at which point I had two different timeline memories of her death, both real, both vivid, but both different, both years apart. With details that can not be reconciled to any one timeline.
Anyone else ever remember an event in their life that had two different timeline scenarios and or outcomes?
I tried the Seth Search Engine, but how ever I word it, no results.

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Do any of the results for probability and past ring a bell?

I recently realized that, besides my memories from my awake life, I also have memories from my dream life.
When I am dreaming, my dream life memories feel as being the “real” ones. They include locations and events I dreamed of during past dreams. Those dream memories parallel awake life locations and events, give somewhat similar feelings, but are quite different.
On the other hand, some of my wife’s memories about past events are quite different from mine, at such degree that she gets upset that I intentionally distort the “real” past, to serve my own interests.
In the same degree, I’m sure that she distorted her memories, to make herself feel better. The difference is that I believe she did it unconsciously, while she believes I do it on purpose.
I believe that all this may be tied into Seth’s concept of time, and that the past changes continuously. The semblance of chronology and the memory of a “real past” are generated in the telepathic network our individual personalities’ subconscious are tied in.
I hope that my explanations make sense to you.

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Hi Monica,
Yeah, the probable past thing would explain a mandela effect. I was actually searching a different wording, but yeah, probable past. I guess what I thought was interesting was that I always thought of a probable past as being more individualistically isolated, rather than a mass consciousness event.

Hi Inavalan,
I once did an experiment that Seth suggested to someone in one of the groups that Jane and Rob used to meet regularly with. The experiment was to get less sleep each 24 hour cycle. Seth remarked that people get way more sleep than they really need. From what I remember the outcome of getting less sleep was that it was supposed to increase ones phychic abilities as the brain would be less foggy or something like that. I was 24 at the time and between jobs so I thought, why not try it. I slept 2 to 3 hours a day, broken up into two sleeps. It was interesting and after a couple of weeks I had to stop the experiment as I could not tell the difference between “waking reality” and “dreamtime” and yes I would call both a reality. But being as I do such crazy stuff in my dreams, I was afraid that I might try to fly or do something that might be dangerous to my physical safety.
It is interesting that you have achieved that same state of blend between waking and dream realities. Has that always been the case or did it come about through meditation?
I, personally, love it when I wake up a bit and see something that up until that point I had been asleep to, like realizing, in a waking state, that I remember two different contradicting realities.
Changing the past with getting in touch with another timeline is also a very interesting challenge idea.

As I recall, Seth was recommending a six hour night sleep, and a nap.

I use self-hypnosis, so I can finely control the depth of trance. I don’t do any kind of meditation. I consider self-hypnosis as a much better tool for getting in trance and for all kind of psychological experiences.

I don’t believe there are several parallel timelines; just an actualized one, and probable ones. Just recently I discovered that when dreaming I have memories of events and locations from past dreams. While awake I don’t normally pay attention to those, and I have less clear access to them.

I believe that we could change our past, but if we did that, we won’t know that we did it. We might have already died, or we might not have pursued spiritual or psychological interests.

Just a few days ago, by chance, I found a collection of excerpts: “Dreams and Projections From Seth Early Sessions” in pdf format, 169 pages:

Thanks I will check those out as it is always interesting to read more Seth.