Memorizing Seth

This is my memorized Seth recital. I am imprinting the material onto my cellular consciousness by way of memory.
" Now you have heard of ghost hunters. I can quite literally be called a ghost writer, though I do not approve of the term “ghost”. It is true that I am not usually seen in physical terms. I do not like the term “spirit,” either; and yet if your definition of that word implies the idea of a personality without a physical body, then I would have to agree that the description fits me.
I address an unseen audience. However, I know that my readers exist, and therefore I shall ask each of them, now, to grant me the same priviledge."
“To some extent, I am like a particularly vivid, persitant, recurring dream image, visiting the mass psyche, only with a reality that is not confined to dreams - a dream image that attains a psychological fullness that can seem to make ordinary consciousness a weak apparition by contrast, psychologically speaking.”
“To many complicated issues are connected here, so that I must at best simplify. It is as if man said: “Now what about this idea? What can we do with it? What will happen if we toss it out into reality, physically? How far can we go with any of the great social, scientific, religious ideas that are so peculiarly the offshoots of mans mind?”
“Physical reality is, after all, a rock to which the ego must cling; from it, the ego achieves its prestige and reason for existence.”
“No study of human personality can pretend to be thorough that does not take the importance dream reality into consideration.”
” The dream state is the source of all physical events, in that it provides the great creative framework from which you choose your daily actuality."
“As there is in actuality no beginning or end to a dream, so there is no beginning or end to any reality. A dream does not then begin or end; only your awareness of a dream begins and ends. You come into awareness of a dream, and you leave it, but in your terms time, the dreams that you seem to dream tonight have been long in existence. They seem to begin tonight because you are aware of them tonight. You do create your own dreams. Nevertheless, you do not create them during a specific point in time. The beginnings of dreams reach back into ‘past’ lives of which you are not aware and beyond even this; the origins are part of a heritage that was before your planet existed.
For every consciousness existed simultaneously and in essence, even before what you may call the beginnings of your world. And what you will be existed then and still exists now - and not in some still unfullfilled possibility but in actuality.
What you will be, you are now, not in some misty half-real form but in a most real sense. You are simply not aware of these selves on a conscious level and more that you are aware of ‘past’ lives. But each of you creates a dream world of validity, actuality, durability and self determination, in the same way that the entity projects the reality of its various personalities. As there is usually no contact between the entity and the ordinary conscious ego, there is usually no contact on a conscious level between the self who dreams and the dream world which has it own independent existence.
And in the same way that the dream world has no beginning or end, neither does the physical universe with which you are familiar. No energy can be withdrawn, and this includes the energy used in the continuous subconscious construction of the dream world. You continually create it – have always created it . It is the product of your own existence, and yet you can neither call it into existence nor destroy it.”
“The dream world is, then, a natural biproduct of the relationship betweeen the inner self and the physical being – not a reflection, but a byproduct – involving not only a chemical reaction, but also the transformation of energy from one state to another.”
“The true complexity and importance of the dream world as an independent field of existence has not yet been fully impressed upon you. Yet, while your world and the dream world are basically independent, they exert pressures and influences one upon the other.
The dream world, then, is a byproduct of your own existence. It is connected to you through chemical reactions and this open the entryway of interactions.”
“In larger terms, in the predream states you are aware of all of the activities of your own greater psyche as it participates in - and contributes to - the infinite existence of psychic consiousness as you understand it, and becomes aware of the psychological realities that form the framework of its own stability.”
" What I have called the predream state here is actually one in which you are always immersed whether you are waking of sleeping, or whether in your terms you are alive or dead. It involves conditions in which direct knowing primarily operates.
It is your natural state of being. In its larger aspects, then, nature involves states that include both life and death in far more expansive frameworks of reference.
This is characterized perhaps most of all by more perceptive psychological organizations. In the predream state you participate in such organizations, although you bring back home to your physical self - in the form of dreams - only data that can be recognized and used in physical terms. It is highly important to remember that your experience and knowledge grow at those other levels of actuality."
“The dream state can be used then as a psychological or psychic platform to view other realities, and to glimpse the inner mechanics by which nonphysical events become actualized in your world.”
“In terms of history some ancient races achieved such goals, but in your terms so long ago you can not find evidence of thier knowledge. Throughout the centuries various individuals have come close but had no vehicle of expression that would have enabled the members of the species to understand, they possessed methods, but the methods presupposed or necessitated a knowledge that others did not possess.”
“As you live in an obvious physical universe, sharing in its reality, so each of you exists in a far vaster psychological of psychic universe - surrounded by, supported by, and part of psychic or psychological entities infinite in their variety.”
“Desire, love, intent, belief and purpose - these form the experience of your body and all the events it perceives.”

Families of Consciousness
Gramada organizers
Sumafi teachers
Tumold healers
Vold reformers
Milumet mystics
Zuli athletes
Boredim earth stock
Ilda exchangers
Sumari artists

Value Climate of Psychological Reality
Value Fulfillment
Energy Transformation
Quality Depth
Spacious Present

Inner Senses
Inner Vibrational Touch
Psychological Time
Sense of Past and Future
Conceptual Sense
Cognition of the Knowledgable Essence
Entities Innate working knowledge of the Basic Vitality
Expansion and Contraction of the Tissue Capsule
Infinite Mobility
Changability and Transmutation
Session 558 “Before that, the codes were given by a race from another star”
“and centuries before we really begin what seems to have begun” My fav :slight_smile:

Session numbers can be found at Search.SethTalk dot com. I didn’t memorize them.
For those wondering, this took four years to memorize. I add more to it each year.


I just love this. What devotion.


Wonderful creation and I love your choices for memorization! Keep at it even though the material is in your memory bank regardless…it is the retrieval of Seth’s exact words that for me remains unattainable. I know that’s a belief,haha.

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here is this years addition to my Seth recital

Any information of knowledge must have a pattern if you are going to understand it at all
If it were scientifically inclined, the body would know that such spontaneous performance was impossible, for science cannot explain the reality of life itself in its present form, much less its origins
Despite this, however, your senses present you with only a picture of your immediate environment, unless they are cultivated in certain particular manners that are relatively unusual
The subconscious makes its own judgments and passes these on with the data. Then the ego makes its decision. In some cases, the ego refuses to make the decision, and it is done by the subconscious. On occasion, when the an unwise decision is made by the ego, the subconscious will change it . . .
If the ego were allowed to make all the choices, with no veto power from other layers of the self, you would all be in a sad position , indeed.
All of the probable events of your life exist at once, at certains levels that are connected to the dream state . . . There is basically no difference at these other levels of exitstence between waking and dream events
Each mental act opens up a new dimension of actuality. In a manner of speaking, your slightest thought gives birth to worlds
You are learning to be cocreators. You are learning to be gods as you now understand the term
Your reality is one in which the greatest freedoms have been allowed. This means you have given yourselves full range so that all probabilities could be explored and none left out that were physically feasable. This species gave itself no “preordained” taboos. The infinite ranges possible to human capabilities would be explored - and those who chose that route said, quote: "We will trust that our creativity will find its own way, and if there are nightmares we will waken from them. We will even learn from them. We will dare to push aside the dimensions of being into those realms in which only the gods have gone before - and through our utter vulnerability to experience, discover the divinity that gives our humanity its meaning. And through the compassion that we have learned, we will be able to understand the divine errors that gave us the gift of our birth.

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This is another addition to my memorized Seth recital.
“This is what I know of reality. There is far more to be known. Outside of the realities of which I am aware and others are aware there are systems we cannot describe. They are massive energy sources, cosmic energy banks that make possible the whole reality of probabilities. They have evolved beyond all probabilities as we understand them, yet outside of probabilities they still have existence. This cannot be described in words.”