Money and partners beliefs

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This is my first post so not sure how ill go but I’ll do my best. So lately I have been focusing on materialising money as I feel I have everything else in my life at this time. I am on a good road to healing my personal relationship with my partner and so far so good. In regards to money however, there’s a whole other story. We have been struggling as of late and my partner has been out of a job for a few months and it seems to me that instead of things getting better they are actually getting worse even though I am doing what I think of as my best to focus on changing my beliefs and healing and current negative suggestions surrounding money. Another issue is my partner and his beliefs which I believe is creating his unwanted experiences with money and a job etc. I obviously can’t control that so then I suffer too? What he creates in a way I am also creating right? I have not come across anything in the Seth books I have read so far in relation to these issues, has anyone else? And sorry if my post sounds a bit bland, I’m just not in a very great kind of mood at present and in fact am feeling quite blue.

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Welcome Sam,

You need not create the same thing, no. Indeed there may be joint beliefs operating in regard to the lack of finances but you are free to steer away from these, and you will most likely end up altering your partner’s beliefs at some point in the process. In the mean time, if you are in conflict, well, you can simply ignore the topic with them, or you know, acknowledge but refuse to give in to the negative concentration, giving it only a brief respectful acknowledgement and then directing your focus back toward your desire.

If your conscious thoughts, imagination, and emotions aren’t flowing somewhat automatically in the areas of abundance then indeed there are probably some beliefs that still need looked at. Perhaps take a look at the thoughts that do come to mind on a regular basis.

I am leaving right now on a trip for the weekend or I would give you a more detailed answer, perhaps when I get back. Good luck. :slight_smile:


Page 24 of Nature of Personal Reality may help, Seth states that as a limiting belief: There is something wrong with money. People who have it are greedy, less spiritual than those who are poor. They are unhappier or snobs. I have my own limitations about money too, that people with money somehow did not come by it honestly, but then when I think more holistically, I know that we should all believe in abundance, for ourselves and for others. To have more money, you can believe and imagine it will come to you, a simple way to overcome a limitation without going too deep into the belief system that is creating the barrier…from what I understand.


Thanks a bunch Chris! Your words have already helped me see more clear at this present time. I forgot about the joint events as in we may have agreed on what we are experiencing right now to some extent. I do have existing negative beliefs relating to money but am also glad I have rid myself of a lot more than I have, still some effort is needed. Do you have any suggestions on how I could go about this? So far I have been noticing the negative suggestions and swapping them for the ones I want which has worked but maybe I need to go deeper!? Has anyone had any success with overcoming money issues? I know it’s a focus for many.


Yes. :slight_smile: I created an amazing job despite not having the resume for it whatsoever (though I absolutely had the skills for it… far above, really). I created someone giving the opportunity to prove myself despite what it said on paper.

The actual steps are about the same as I wrote here: Child stuck on fearful, anxious thoughts

These are written in The Nature of Personal Reality but they can get a little bit buried.


Oh that’s awesome news Chris!! So happy for you and for me also as I now have more hope (been feeling a bit sorry for myself lately which isn’t like me)! I really do need to learn to that myself more above all else! Thank you heaps for that link, if my partner was at all interested in himself in the way that us Sethians are I would totally show him these steps in the hope that he would practice them! I will give these steps a go, they are similar to what I have been doing but it won’t hurt to rearrange my technique. :smile:


I have another question. Do you think it’s possible to manifest something for someone else, say, a job? My partner has no interest in the Seth material but is really struggling to find a job which is also effecting his family obviously (me, our 6 month old). If you think it’s possible, how possible? And do you think it would be a matter of using my imagination as I do with my own desires? I have been doing it but half heartedly not really knowing if it will work or not. So far he has been promised jobs then they have changed their mind or something along those lines, what’s also your view on this? Possible limiting beliefs on his part? He obviously chose the event, right? And am I right in believing we kind of pick, unconsciously, what events we wish to manifest every night for the next day?


Yes, all of our reality comes from our beliefs.

You can’t really create for someone else, no. But we can certainly have a positive impact on others, and they might change their beliefs in response. This doesn’t have to be in some sort of incredibly direct manner. Serving as an example yourself can be a very good way.

I would say we are quite aware of what the probabilities for the next day will be, yes, and these intuitions can be acted on either consciously or unconsciously. However I wouldn’t say we manifest the next day every night. Some things are a long time coming. I mean sure our “interaction” with the event/thing occurs in the span of a day, but the actual buildup/creation of it is constant from the adoption of the belief, though intensity varies.


I helped both my parents get the jobs they have now. I did the desire manifestation thing nightly for them - for my mom I would imagine her happy and fulfilled, and I had a list of things I went through over and over while I imagined her having a job that she really liked. I did basically the same thing for my dad, although not quite as detailed because I don’t have a good idea of what the heck he actually does in his job sector. I made sure to focus on only the positive things that I wanted for them, not any negatives, and I made sure it was always “playful” and enjoyable.
So yeah, I would use your imagination like you do with your own desires. That’s what I did for my parents and it worked really well. I will say this: it did not work overnight. My mom found her current job actually relatively fast, but she was doing something very similar to the work I was doing at the same time so we were working in tandem. It took a little longer with my dad.

It worked with my parents because they were both actively searching for jobs and they had positive beliefs about the jobs they were looking for and their ability to find jobs (my dad also had some negative beliefs, but he was pretty good about not focusing on those the majority of the time). Our beliefs worked together, and I’m sure it would have worked without my help, it just might not have been as quick or as powerful, I guess? If your partner doesn’t have positive beliefs about finding a job and such, it might not work as well. Like Chris says, you can positively influence him, but you can’t actually create his reality for him.

Even if you don’t do the imagination work, it could help to just be extremely positive whenever you talk to him about his job search (as long as it’s genuine and you really feel that way, of course). Your positivity could definitely influence him, your beliefs about his ability to find a good job would help.


Thank you Chris. I actually went away from this forum and put a lot of things into practice, many of the things you suggested also and I believe I am definitely a few steps further along then I was. I have gained much clarity and understanding :slight_smile: feeling very relieved! Also been reading Conversations with Seth which has seriously helped a lot! It seems whatever issue I have that day pops up somewhere in that book, answering my question, as I read along, also a lot of ‘coincidence’ has been happening lately which is awesome because it’s been a while since I had those, or at least a while since I’ve been clear headed enough to be aware of them!


Lena, thank you!! Your wonderful experience helped me dramatically and after reading it I went away and got myself all wrapped up in my day to day living while practicing your suggestion and I must say I’ve made progress :slight_smile: also I noticed I don’t really have any negative beliefs surrounding whether my partner gets a job or not so I think it’s possible I might more easily be influencing him in a positive way if he is open to it telepathically, I would assume.

Thanks again x