MOURNING our loved ones

How can Seth say that we are not meant to be sad. That life should be joyous. When the world is so sad with our loved ones dying and eating animals. Seems all the joys I’ve experienced were tainted and bittersweet, paid for with a very high price. Then they are gone. Those moments of happiness are gone. Losing my beloved husband, He was only 62, and me 66, after 16 yrs of the happiest moments and now the worst. Worse than losing my Mom, my Dad, my Uncles, my Aunts, my dog.

I know I have to not feel sorry for myself. There are so many things I’ve loved. My Grandma’s cooking, my Mom’s smile. The love she shared with me. It will never be again and I don’t want it ever again because of the pain of losing it and now this.

I know what you mean. Such an event jump-started my quest for answers about the beyond.

Now I have a different perspective.

Sorry for your pain.

Reading Seth only makes it worse.

All the regrets, all the bitter disappointments in my life. Seth always helped. There was a reason and I felt so blessed when I married.

My current understanding is that we are not what we think we are, and our suffering points to that.

I think in terms of playing a role in an educational framework, and getting so immersed in it that we forgot that we aren’t that role, that character. It is a kind of ‘pretend’. You play Juliet and cry for Romeo, but you forgot it is a play, and you could only be in love with the actor, or not.

I know it is difficult to accept that, and I acknowledge that I can’t prove it to you; nor Seth can easily do it.

"In actuality, you are aware of very little of your larger, more extensive environment. Consider your present self as an actor in a play; hardly a new analogy, but a suitable one. The scene is set in the twentieth century. You create the props, the settings, the themes; in fact you write, produce, and act in the entire production – you and every other individual who takes part.

You are so focused in your roles, however; so intrigued by the reality that you have created, so entranced by the problems, challenges, hopes, and sorrows of your particular roles that you have forgotten they are of your own creation. This intensely moving drama, with all its joys and tragedies, can be compared with your present life, your present environment, both individually and en masse.

But there are other plays going on simultaneously, in which you also have a part to play. These have their own scenery, their own props. They take place in different periods of time. One may be called “Life in the twelfth century A.D.”. One may be called “Life in the eighteenth century”, or “in 500 B.C.”, or “in A.D. 3000”. You also create these plays and act in them. These settings also represent your environment, the environment that surrounds your entire personality.

I am speaking of the portion of you who is taking part in this particular period piece, however; and that particular portion of your entire personality is so focused within this drama that you are not aware of the others in which you also play a role. You do not understand your own multidimensional reality; therefore it seems strange or unbelievable when I tell you that you live many existences at one time. It is difficult for you to imagine being in two places at once, much less in two or more times, or centuries." - #521