MOURNING our loved ones

How can Seth say that we are not meant to be sad. That life should be joyous. When the world is so sad with our loved ones dying and eating animals. Seems all the joys I’ve experienced were tainted and bittersweet, paid for with a very high price. Then they are gone. Those moments of happiness are gone. Losing my beloved husband, He was only 62, and me 66, after 16 yrs of the happiest moments and now the worst. Worse than losing my Mom, my Dad, my Uncles, my Aunts, my dog.

I know I have to not feel sorry for myself. There are so many things I’ve loved. My Grandma’s cooking, my Mom’s smile. The love she shared with me. It will never be again and I don’t want it ever again because of the pain of losing it and now this.

I know what you mean. Such an event jump-started my quest for answers about the beyond.

Now I have a different perspective.

Sorry for your pain.