My Own Personal Seth Dreams


Back when I started to read the Seth Material, at some point shortly there after, I began to Dream of being in a class type situation with Seth as the leader of this dream group.

Has anyone else had such dream experiences?



Actually this week something like that happened. Not sure if that was Seth though. Just before the sleep I asked my ineer being to take me somewhere to gain knowledge on my situation. I do not remember much. There was a man I talked to and he was a teacher. As far as I remember in a whilte dress. I do not remember what we talked about unfortunately. But I also felt somehow inadequate.

I also remember that the meeting was held in a beautiful wooden huge house…



Wow, that is pretty cool. Cool that you could just ask so easily and get help so quickly. Do you feel like you got an answer even if you don’t remember it?

I remember Seth saying in one of his books or perhaps it was from a recording, to ask for a True Dream from the Gates of Horn, for deep and meaningful dreams. I have tried that and have received interesting dreams from that space.



How lucky you both are. My dreams are lucid - fabulous, Technicolor…but not with a person identified as Seth in my mind. Although there is often a counselor/wise man or teacher personage in my dreams.

How do feel when you wake after being with Seth? Closer to understanding the big picture?


Hi Mirajane,
Just curious, has it ever occured to you that Seth would talk to you? I can not think of a reason why he wouldn’t. Why not ask if you could attend a class of his or talk to you about something?

Still, interesting that you too, have those dreams where you meet with a teacher.

The seth dream I had was very potent, and the point he made was intense. It was about what we “choose” to believe. His final word in the class was “be careful what you choose to believe.”

Briefly: The class and I were in a very large row boat. Seth was sitting on the prow of the boats edge looking at us. We slowly began to look around and realized we were inside a nuclear water tower, surrounded by radio active water. We all were getting quite scared and freaking out about this as we realized that that water could kill us. Seth began to literally “rock the boat.” And people started to scream and panic. The boat ended up capsizing into the deadly water. Seth just floated in this half lotus position above the water and he looked at all of us, and said, “be careful what you choose to believe.” He made eye contact with me as I had finally calmed down because I realized that right then and there I could choose to die or live depending on whether or not I choose to believe that I would die from exposure to this toxic water. I choose to believe that the water was harmless and woke from the dream.


Fabulous dream, Whirled_Peas!
I am going to take your suggestion and plant the suggestion to have Seth teach me before I go to sleep. I know that if I am persistent, it will happen. I’ll let you know when I hear from Seth.