OBE (out of body experiences)

Are OBEs ever discussed on this forum? Ive recently become aware how simple having an obe can be and have read books by Robert Monroe, William Buhlman, et al and the philosophy’s match up perfectly with Seths. I am curious if people in this forum have sought to have or do have OBEs. I am new. Thanks!

Hi Windwalker
I often put a lot of effort into having an OBE. Seth has mentioned them in his writings, I remember, but do not remember which books per se.
Seems he mentions them as a level of awareness, and a good thing to achieve, as any increase in awareness is. There is a guy online, Todd Acamesis, who, although I find some of his videos are clouded with what seems to be some hokey spiritual beliefs, he at the same time, offers up some interesting insights and makes his living doing full time OBE explanations and leading seminars to help others achieve this.
I personallly, have done experiments with sleeping 3 hours or less in a 24 hour period for a couple of weeks (that was a Seth suggestion from a book) and have done lucid dream work (always fun) and OBE from an awake state (very challenging). I tend to avoid a lot of reading on these topics so as not to cloud my own experiences and come to my own conclusions.
Whirled Peas