Opportunity to be a guru

Something interesting happened today. I live on a state highway at the bottom of a hill. My driveway is really a large graveled area .Early this morning I noticed two vehicles that had pulled off the road and were sitting in my drive. The first vehicle, a truck, had been towing the second, and it’s hood was up. I went out and asked if they needed help. What followed was a three to four hour experience in which I lent tools, my phone, and hung around to be useful. One of the two told me several times that people just don’t do this for others anymore and that I’m special. He told me he’d pay me for my troubles, but I told him just to pass it on. If he insisted on paying me with money, to find some one who was hungry and buy them a meal. Eventually a tow truck pulled the van they were hauling into town, where they sold it to a scrap dealer. I then carried them to a junk yard where they picked up a new old radiator for the truck, then back home. They installed the new old radiator, handed me back my tools and left. Several times during the encounter I thought about their negative outlooks as expressed by their conversation. Several times I thought about saying something about beliefs, but didn’t. I had a strong affinity for one of them, and I have a strong feeling that I’ll see him again. Sometimes opportunities like this just present themselves. Has anything like this happened to any of you?


Thanks for sharing your rewarding and educational experience and I see you learned a thing or two about human nature. You were likely presented with this scenario to see how you’d react. Psychically, you helped set it up and the agreement with the people whom you later came in contact with. All worked out fairly well and you left it at that.

I have had some similar experiences whereby I perceived a potential negative scenario taking shape and refused to take part, withdrawing from the situation. Again tests. What I saw were what I would term, “energy vampires,” those looking for the opportunity to take advantage of a situation and attempting to make themselves look poor or in need when, in fact, they were just out to scam and fool vulnerable people. You could say con artists.

Then, as in your case, I have helped or assisted truly needed people who were down on their luck and I perceived no ill intent so i went ahead and helped. This is where you must learn to employ and trust your inner senses, your inner scanners, for they will not let you down, as the ego can on occasion. You have built-in psychic protection always ready, willing and able…ron


It’s my nature to offer help, but I have a very fine antenna when it comes to picking up negative or positive vibes. I would have said no to their first request if I’d felt any unease. I’ve run into energy vampires. Also people who send out a lot of hostility. Long ago I learned to take in hostile energy and incorporate/convert it, adding to my own energy in a positive way. After all, energy is energy. If your own vibes are high enough, it raises the vibes of the energy you take in.

I live right on the southern section of the Alaska Highway and have helped many a stranded motorist. Many of who have stopped in on their next trip with a small gift. One, from a oriental fellow, was a lucky dragon :smile:


It takes two to Tango…ron

Good man. Applause!!!