Ouija board And experience!?


Has anyone had success with one? I have some not so helpful beliefs about them but only because of what I’ve been told or read throughout my life in regards to them. I’ve been feeling this weird urge to buy one and use it but have not acted upon this nudge just yet. Any experiences anyone wants to share? If you google it I just find a bunch of people saying how they were haunted as a result and none of that bs rings true for me, so maybe some Sethites would have something ‘legitimate’ to share?


Seth basically says most people are not picky when it comes to who they contact, but they should be. Ask for an enlightened / knowledgeable entity and you will be fine. It is not that others would intend to mislead you, rather their own experience is an incomplete picture, and unintentionally misinformative. You can always contact parts of yourself with a Ouija board of course, and many do.


Thanks Chris, that’s exactly the answer I needed! I guess I knew the answer to my own question but haven’t yet got the whole trust thing down pat so I still need a bit of assistance. Thanks :smile:


We should try it sometime Sam!


My Ouija board arrived and I am being picky but no contact has been made yet. Have you personally used one Chris?


Yes but mostly between me and another person and I wasn’t particularly open about it. Mostly because I think she really wanted to talk to “ghosts” because “cooooool!” and I wanted highly intellectual information. We weren’t really in sync. It simply takes time. We got nothing for quite a few sessions, 6 or so? Then we started to get garbled messages. I think if we kept at it they would begin to make sense. After all it’s an adaptation/adjustment for all parties, it’s not like it requires zero effort from their side and instantly works. You can see the trouble even Seth had, skip a letter here or there, get a name slightly wrong and have to correct it, etc.

Another time we tried it as a group and started to get some messages that seemed pretty coherent but I kind of called bullshit on it because I didn’t trust one of the people at all and I think her attitude was that it was just a “fun thing” so I wouldn’t have been surprised if she was entirely fabricating it.

Anyway, all you have to do is be consistent and you will get results. Don’t get frustrated with lack of progress. Try to be consistent so both sides can… prepare. It’s like anything else, a skill you train. Same with intuition and other communication with the inner self / other entities.


Interesting how different bits of information in your brain wont always connect with one another.

For example, I am totally aware of the difficulty Seth had coming through to Jane, or rather the difficult steps it took on his part to come through, and that was with him having fully planned to come through, when Jane was ready for it, and the pre-existing relationship they all shared…and yet…I fully expected to make contact with “something” the first time I used the board by myself. Lol.

All the other times I used the board it was in a group, or at least with one other person, but when I tried it by myself I gave up after 2 sessions with no contact. 2!! Ha!! And I did no prep work. It was just something that would occur to me to try while watching tv. I’d try really hard for like 5 minutes then give up because I was so disappointed.

It occurs to me that I do this a lot with a lot of my efforts in this area. I expect almost immediate results, especially when I’m doing things by myself. Almost like I feel there’s a conflict between the free, spontaneous nature that I feel these things have and the constrictive nature of a schedule. But Jane, Rob and Seth all used a schedule, and now that I think about it Seth even recommended they stick to their schedule to help facilitate better contact and the development of Jane’s abilities. Two bits of information not connected.


You and I are a lot alike. I am working on this with myself as well.


Oh yes that’s like what I am experiencing with my partner, he thinks it’s a joke and doesn’t take it seriously while I legitimately want highly intellectual information. Also I think I could be being too picky as I am
Asking for high vibrational consciousness only but I wouldn’t really want to waste my time of anything less. I will definitely keep trying and my brother is an applier of the Seth material also and I think if I attempt it with him we may get something as we have common interests in that sense. I also keep telling myself that if another consciousness, even if it’s my higher self/subconscious wants to contact me then it will eventually happen. Thanks for your experience Chris, just got to wait now and be consistent in my effort. Also relaxing would help I believe.


I also have these expectations Byron and notice how disappinted I feel when what seems to be zero progress is made. I guess I have to work on beliefs surrounding patience. Thank you for sharing your experience :slight_smile:


I don’t think there is a shortage… you don’t need to settle. There is always your own inner self to contact as well! Ah, you said that. :slight_smile: I agree!

I think it is true that the more “seriously” you take it the better results.

(At least for the type of connection we’re talking about.)


I totally agree! I figure if I do get contact I want it to be with the highest being I can communicate with at this time, definitely do not want to settle! I also noticed that I could easily get a whole group of friends to do it with me and perhaps there may be a more likely chance I make contact but I also know that none of my friends are interested in the type of information I want to receive and also there’s the whole trust thing so I’m quite happy to wait and keep trying with either my brother or myself.


I used the Ouigi board quite often when I could find someone interested. In a group taking turns with different partners we were able to contact an enlightened source. The source came from one member of the group and the results varied according to who partnered with her. I was the best partner but got nothing on my own or with others.
Nothing is not exactly true. We did ok with sticking to yes and no answers plus finding something from Seth about keeping to a light hearted not too serious approach. We used laughter to lighten up.
As far as doing it with non Sethies, my daughters liked using the board to find out about teenage stuff like boyfriends. They definitely picked up some crazies on occasion for example telling one daughter she was going to die in a car accident soon. Some stuff was worse than that.
The pendulum is a good tool for simple yes or no questions. If you wanted more detailed answers you could hold the pendulum over the Ouigi board or create an alphabet with a few most common words thrown in and tell the pendulum what you want from it.
I’m going back many years ago and the groups favorite Seth quote was if you’re not having fun stop what you’re doing. We explored many different new agey ideas and used a book called Mind Games for group meditations and expanding our consciousness. I loved that book which was written by Jean Houston and Robert Masters.
I’m still on the journey and there’s always something to still work on.