Out of Body Experiences/Lucid Dreaming

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Let’s talk about out of body experiences! It’s a topic I’m really interested in currently - lucid dreaming and out of body experiences are something I’m trying to accomplish on a regular basis.

Some jumping off points: What experiences have you had with out of body and lucid dreaming? What tricks do you have to make it easier? What Seth quotes have you found relevant and helpful? What non-Seth material have you found relevant and helpful?


I’ve only had one semi-out of body experience, but I can lucid dream on a fairly regular basis.

The one time I almost had an out of body experience I felt like I got my hand/arm partway out. I was not really dozing but drifting, like I was trapped half asleep. I visualized getting my arm out, and I could feel it in a different place than it was, even though my actual arm was still lying on my bed. That’s as far as I got, though.

To lucid dream I usually just give myself suggestions about it before bed, and try to fall asleep lying on my back. I’ve found that for both lucid dreaming and out of body it’s more likely to happen for me if I’m slightly uncomfortable - usually if I’m hot. It’s hard for me to put myself into that half awake state at will, though, even if I’m under the right physical conditions. Still working on it, I guess!


I have 1 main oobe and it happened because I was really taking seth’s advice when it comes to dreams. giving myself suggestions every night, recording my dreams when I woke up. The old man was totally right, we dream a hell of a lot more than 1 or 2 dreams per night.

My oobe was a partial one. I’ll discuss in a couple of hours after I finish watching the Blacklist and eat. :slight_smile:


There was a time long ago when I was waking immediately after a dream and writing it down. I began to see patterns in my dreaming, such as a first dream a given time after going to sleep, another two hours later, etc. After a while I got heavily into my symbology and got pretty good at it. Eventually I got to a point where when I awoke from a dream I didn’t remember the dream, just its meaning. This particularly with predictive dreams.
As for OBEs, I’ve had them many times, but I’ve been unable to remember what has happened during them. My successes occurred when I was single. My wife is a very light sleeper and would awaken every time I turned on a light to record dreams. This led to enough unpleasantness that I just stopped.


A long time ago I had been meditating and wondered if I could project myself across the room. I chose the front door as a target as I could easily picture it close up. I pictured the curtain from about a foot away, likewise the doorknob, left side of the door frame and door. When I was able to picture it very accurately, I practiced feeling myself there. At first this was difficult, but it became easier, until all of a sudden I started flashing mentally back and forth from my chair and standing in front of the door. At a certain point I was able to hold my mental stance at the door and tried to pour energy into it. At that point I felt as if I were in front of the door and tried to develop more energy in “that” me. Then for a brief moment I “knew” that I just needed to “lean” into that me at the door. It was a matter of feeling the real me in one place or the other. And just as I started to feel myself really there I chickened out and found myself in my chair. I’ve thought about it many times since and I’ve tried it again, but I’ve never gotten as close as I did then. Had I succeeded would I have projected to the door or would something else have happened?


I have been doing OBE since the early 80s. I read Seth Speaks and used his exercises in the book. Can’t tell you where they are in the book, sorry. Seth said to practice by just seeing, feeling yourself get up out of your body and walk in the other room. Feel yourself walking, touch things and feel them. This is how I learned. After you feel each step while walking back to your body get back in. Then go over it and keep practicing. Do not make it hard, do not get upset. Just keep practicing. When you get used to it practice with a friend who is aware have them sit in the other room and go OBE walk into other room and touch their shoulder. Do not tell them where u r going to touch them. After doing this ask them where you touched them. When you start practicing mental lying ask ur self how it feels when u touch things OBE how it feels to be out and notice how ur body feels when u get back in.


Hmm that makes sense! I get sleep paralysis more when I try to sleep on my back. (I always sleep on my side)
I had two amazing out of body experiences recently, when I was at a peak of joy and energy. Try doing something that makes you feel super powerful?

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Back when I was a young teen and intensely interested in OOBEs (can’t recall if this was before I started reading Seth or not), I tried the method of telling myself right before dropping off to sleep that I would wake up while out of body. In fact, my brother and I both agreed to do this on one particular night. Well, the next day we woke up and conferred: we remembered nothing. We were disappointed, and later a friend came over and we discussed our abortive OOBE attempt. After a while, my pesky little sister parked herself outside my bedroom door and demanded to be let in, and of course we told her to shut up and go away. But she persisted, and finally said that if we didn’t let her in she would tell Mom that we were flying around her room last night!

We ushered her in and she told us of a dream she had where my brother and I were flying around her bedroom. In the dream, my dad came in and scolded us: “Quiet! You’ll wake up your mother!” My sister knew absolutely nothing about our interest in the paranormal or even what an OOBE was, so this particular incident seems to strongly suggest that something happened that night, even if we didn’t recall it.


Thanks for sharing this. I’ll keep trying. I know I’m making it too hard on myself, plus some lingering fears of lucid dreams and OBEs during childhood when I used to have nightmares. Yet, there have been moments where I’ve experienced something like being in two different worlds at the same time. Not sure what to call it, or if it was OBE as I didn’t experience the usual symptoms like paralysis, etc. One moment in deep Psy-Time as I was feeling my Feeling Tone, I hear, see, and feel myself in another place. The Other Me is connected to me somehow–maybe we are Alternate Possible Selves, where are paths diverged somewhere in our shared “past”. I think that’s why it’s so easy for me to experience the OBE then. I’m literally in the Other Me’s world, walking around, seeing things, hearing, talking and interacting with people there. The connection usually breaks up when my Sleeping Self questions what I’m doing here and what it means. There are a lot of Other Mes with different lives, even if they different on small ways like living in a house rather than an apartment. I had the same family with some of the same issues, but also different in other ways. I guess my question is, can OBEs be like this?

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I found the Rick Stack audio program very useful in my experiments, but it’s not a topic that greatly holds my interest. I dabble here and there.


I also had a pretty intense interest in OBE’s during my teens (after reading ALL the Lobsang Rampa books… lol). I would sneak out at night onto the rugby field (boarding school) and lie under this amazing tree with the cool African wind blowing around me - was an incredible experience with the lights of the school in the distance and everyone fast asleep. Unfortunately it never happened, but then in my late 20’s I had two (after I had started reading the Seth books, so I had started thinking about it again). Both while lying on my back in bed drifting to sleep. The first time I’d actually had a couple of beers and had a mild pleasant buzz. Both times I found myself up near the ceiling and both times I got so excited that I immediately found myself back in my body and unable to “leave” again… haha. You’ve all got me inspired again, I think I’m going to make a real effort along the lines of what Quietthunder suggested :slight_smile:

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Funny I stumbled upon your topic. I just started a Lucid Dreaming/ Multidimensional/ Seth group. So far it has been really interesting. The more we meet and talk on the subject the easier it seems to be, to get to that lucid place in the dream state.
It has taken me as little as 2 weeks once with a friends suggestion on how, to get there. Since I started this group it seems to have taken about 6 weeks this time to once again, be in that awake state during a dream.
Things I have found very helpful are looking at my belief on the topic. Do I believe it is difficult or easy to achieve? My friend that first taught me to do this said it was easy and so with that belief, it was. Second time here, I was talking with a lot of people who thought you really had to work at it with lots of books and special training and it takes years. Well, that is a belief that is going to get in your way. Meditation is good because it trains your mind to focus. Intention is key, before you go to sleep, focus on waking up in a dream. I use this technique that the first person taught me, tell yourself you will reach down and touch the ground in a dream. That simple connection between waking intention and doing it in a dream will bridge the two, open that door so to speak.
Good luck.

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Wow I really like this. There’s the “looking at your hands” technique or whatever, and that seemed ho-hum, but reaching down and touching the ground is way cooler, and I like all the symbolic connections that makes for me, which I know are important. I think of that gesture as “grounding oneself”, or “feeling one’s connection”, etc. It’s perfect for this application! I love it! Thanks for that suggestion, I’m going to use it. :smile:

Yes, I also like the sound of “touching the ground”… if there’s ground available : )

I believe that “touching the ground” was a central part of the Buddha’s enlightenment story (as I read in a Buddhist Meditation book called “Change Your Mind”).

The “looking at your hands” comes from, as far as I know, the Carlos Castaneda books, as Don Juan’s instruction to Carlitos in “the art of dreaming”. I tried the “hands” technique many times back in the day, mostly unsuccessfully. I was able to conjure up one brief moment of what I think was lucidity during dreaming. It was many years ago, but very exciting, and I remember it clearly.

For me the problem has always been: How can I fall asleep when I’m concentrating on something?

I will continue to try, at least sporadically.

I don’t think you fall asleep while concentrating, you give yourself the suggestion and let it go - leave it to your other minds. :wink:

this is exactly how i was trained. use all the senses. in my experience also i am not “leaving” my body but instead my point of view, the focal point of my consciousness, it simply shifting. this can be done on the physical dimension or in hyperdimensional space.

I had a spontaneous out of body while reading Jane’s book on Dreams and projections. I have had a few lucid dreams recently but with much preparation. 10 exercises altogether, many from the Kris dream book which is free on his website.
Jane described in projections how a false awakening enabled her to leave her body. I had a nap whilst reading it and indeed had a false awakening. The dream started as astral projection but became a lucid dream. I had a reall cool message come up in my first Adult lucid dream that when I looked it up I verified a real person, a healer of all things which led me to many exciting discoveries including moldavite . I at least have to put effort into achieving the lucid state with the odd exception though when spontaneous it happens when I am studying the material.
Vey cool and worth the effort. Why as a child was it effortless?

Ive had several OBEs and have read all the books. The OBE phenomenon matches up perfectly with Seths teachings. They are extrememly easy to attain by”hovering” close to the sleep/wake line. They are absolutely mind blowing and a BLAST! Message me if you want to communicate.