Partial Corroboration -- Anti-Perspirants

HEALTH Tip from Seth: AVOID anti-perspirant deodorants.

At the time of the session in the early '80s, a new type of armpit deodorant
was in vogue–the newest amazing scientific discovery–stuff that truly
made your underarm skin stop sweating which had never been done before
so everyone was using it.

Around that time, I read in “The Individual and The Nature of Mass Events”: “Such deodorants are highly disadvantageous, incidentally.” (Session 840.)

Cayce said aluminum pots should not be used with acidic foods (which
leaches out the aluminum and is then consumed–science, 50 years later
agreed but even the best restaurants still use aluminum for their
largest pots to cook in), and we know, now, that dementia problems are
connected to aluminum consumption, and applied to skin, 1/4 of it gets
into the blood stream, also (it appears, umm, that the body does not
like to take in aluminum!), but I learned this recently that is a
further scientific validation of Seth:

The body creates a energy field difference to make sweating occur–basically, the bottom of the
skin where the sweat gland is situated is charged one way and the
surface of your skin is charged differently such that sweat is drawn to
the surface electrically. The active ingredient in anti-perspirants,
aluminum chlorohydrate, changes the energy field at the surface of the
skin, making it impossible for sweat to get to the surface.

In effect, you are changing the aura/energy field of your skin. I can see
why that, in and of itself, that might be “highly disadvantageous” in a
number of ways.

Many people still use anti-perspirant. It could really be causing health problems for them or exacerbating such issues.

N.B.: This is only partial corroboration since science thinks there is no negative health consequence from interfering with the energy fields of the body–indeed, this area has, unsurprisingly, not been investigated.


Hi anon38262219! It’s not just anti-perspirants that you have to watch for, I stopped using Nivea cream years ago for the same reason! Also, many baked goods in the grocery contain aluminum compounds. Gotta read those labels! :scream_cat:

Good point.

I will have to check the bread I buy. It might be hidden in there. Food science! Grrr.

anon38262219, I went 98% gluten-free two years ago and feel much better. Kicked refined sugar too.