People being in different rooms, concepts, and greetings


I have been looking for a good place to chat with fellow Sethies and was led to this site based on the facebook group.

I recall reading in Seth that people will basically interchange telepathically the conscious formats of the physical surroundings, that is, in order to go to new places we must pick up through others’ minds the formats of the physical environment. Then it will be interpreted according to our own structure of how the environment should be.

So basically, even though I may live in the same apartment of two other people, our subjective psyches will coordinate as to the contents of the room, though we will be experiencing slightly different environments based on our own belief structures.

So my question is, does the person’s psyche itself, when communicating with one through material means (voice) actually alter what it says in my own reality, and vice versa? So we could be theoretically having two conversations, one where I receive what she says in my own private reality, and my psyche alters what I says in her private reality?

I understand the concepts of probably realities, but I am more concerned with whether each of us is actually experiencing the same conversation.

An elaboration would be that Person 1 in Private Reality 1 is having conversation A with Person 2, but in Private Reality 2 Person 2 is receiving conversation B…

This is a puzzle that hopefully more advanced Sethies can resolve.

It seems you’re combining too many probable hypotheticals. Were you Seth chatting somewhere before here? If several of us are standing around my red SUV agree it is red, which it is, then we all share conscious overlap. If one person pops up and declares he or she sees a blue car, then we have a problem…LOL…ron

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With all due respect, you should read more carefully–you are creating problems where none exist vis-a-vis the Seth Material… :0

Seth said that, essentially, there is a psychic blueprint of physical reality–a map, to use an analog. We fill in this blueprint with perception using telepathy to agreed on specific details; we don’t rely on another’s conceptuatlization and understanding in this regard.

Your psyche, excepting insights and material that bubbles up to conscious awareness in that way and which may be manifested as inner speech or feeling, etc., that the self assumes is its own thought (multi-dimensional personhood!), does not speak for you–you do. There are two conversations not four in your example, wherein each side interprets the same words differently in accordance with his/her beliefs and experience.


If such a perception were the case all Speakers would go silent - ron

My understanding is this-My body and my life are my primary construct. Other people’s bodies and their lives are their primary construct. My construct of YOU and YOUR LIFE is my secondary construct, that is, it is not exactly the same thing, and you are right, it is colored by my perceptions, filters, beliefs, etc. What I experience with you may not be anything like what you experience with me.

In my opinion, that is at the heart of why we don’t all get along all the time, we are truly experiencing different things, and one conversation between two people can have two very different meanings for the people involved. Seth explains a lot of this in ES2.

Their is general agreement about symbols, like what Ron said, but what each symbol means is completely up to the individual. The key is to keep the focus on what you want to create, keep clarifying through communication, and know that each being has complete freedom to experience what YOU put out in the way THEY wish!