Poverty & its Consciousness

Your subjective life has been somewhat permeated by thoughts of want, and literally poverty, until you have indeed exaggerated your own situation. The exaggerated situation could come to pass however if you persist in protecting those images outward.

They would not help you get a raise but act to the contrary, and they have done so in the past. I am giving you advice in very practical terms. What you do with it is up to you. But you have severely limited yourself in this respect.

In the past Ruburt helped you generate such negative ideas, but he has been making an attempt to combat them. His own experience has proven to him that I was right in other regards. As long as you believe that others are taking advantage of you, they will do so. The origin is in yourself, and this is what you have not so far understood.

The origin is not in others. For fifteen minutes a day agree to suspend critical judgment, and following the Maltz method imagine yourself vividly in the position you would like to be. The rest of the time consciously make an effort to control your attitude when you find yourself thinking in terms of want or poverty. Then switch your thoughts to ideas of plenty. This need not involve hypocrisy, indeed must not. You must feel that this is legitimate and practical. because the thoughts of plenty will automatically begin to attract plenty. This is sufficient. There should not be an overemphasis (underlined) on material possessions or security however.

Now this program if faithfully followed will bring results. It will initiate intuitive concepts, ideas in your work which will automatically attract others to possess them. It will initiate other actions that will result in financial betterment. Do you have any questions pertaining to this particular material?

The Early Sessions, Book 8–Session 404

The Maltz method Seth referenced is that of Maxwell Maltz.


As one of the earth plane challenges i still wish Seth had written more about money, cash. I have never relly understood what it meant, what it really symbolised, not really. I know some go on about abundance and been satified with less, or wealth and appreciation etc, but me I like cash.Why do we eaven have it? I wonder if there is an equivalent in or systems. And would it be strange if there were not. Hmm?

Nice reminder of the Maltz method. I actually thought about him yesterday and ‘kicked’ myself for not having the book around anymore. Its packed away. - But here he is! Good one, Bella…(not him, of course, but some of his ideas, :-))


I actually purchased the book just because seth recommended it. I haven’t read it though, lol. It sounds exactly like the exercise Seth suggests except Seth’s exercise is 10 minutes I believe.