Probabilities: Hypothetical Question

I meet an acquaintance after some time has passed. Is he the same person I knew previously, or a probable version of my choosing?


I discover an old acquaintance has died. Is that a probable version of my own making, while in their life, I might have died or not?

The correct answer to both your questions are, yes and no. – ron, over on SETH FORCE - The Adventure in Consciousness Continues, on Facebook.

The way I see it, everything except the point of present is probable: probable future and probable past. None of them are fixed.

Also, everything you know through your physical senses is your perception of the reality created by your own subconscious. This isn’t a perception of an objective reality that exists, but your perception of what your subconscious creates based on telepathic connections with everything else (not only humans).

So, coming back to your questions, whoever you meet now is your perception of somebody who exists in your current reality now. Any person you remember to have known is part of a probability your subconscious creates now, and it may not have a correspondence in their reality as you remember it.

By the way when you say “I”, “my”, and such you have to be careful what you mean (and I don’t say this in terms of wokeness), because you are somewhat different in each of the states of consciousness you experience (e.g. outer-self / ego, inner-self, dream-self, subconscious). The awake you, in most cases is your outer-self, but you may be more or less immersed in the physical reality created by your subconscious, and you can actually get into a dissociated trance and experience the physical reality from your inner-self’s perspective (e.g. you can see the physical reality without using your physical eyes).

In your second question / example (not sure how you contrast it with your first one), the fact that your acquaintance has died is part of a probable past your subconscious creates now. The acquaintance you remember may have not existed ever. If there is/was such a personality there is no way to say what he experienced in his reality. This is talking about common circumstances, because if you were evolved enough, you could to some degree project and experience anywhere in time / space / probability, even other previous incarnations of your entity, or incarnations of others.

Here is a somewhat related hypothetical question I’ve wondered about. What if my spouse has a deadly disease. I don’t want to lose her. Can I choose to interact with a probable self of hers that is healthy, and not with the probable self that is sick? If all of her infinite probable selves (and everybody else’s, for that matter) exist, or can exist, shouldn’t that be possible?

Being here, you probably aren’t evolved enough.

So you have a few alternatives, as I see it:

  • You daydream, or dream an interaction with a healthy version of your wife (created by your subconscious).

  • You pretend that another physical woman is a healthy probable self of your sick wife. (I made this joke because you wrote that is a hypothetical situation; if it is a real situation I’m sorry, and I apologize.)

  • You heal your sick wife at the non-physical level, if at that level she wants to get healed too. Here, the most difficult obstacle is your and your wife’s beliefs that it can’t be done. It is worth a try.

You had me going for a minute with “another physical woman” which is food for thought. Also, working with my wife at the non-physical level to jointly set an intent for her healing sounds workable. I was also thinking as follows: Since she has an infinite number of probable selves, sick ones, healthy ones, and selves of every kind you can imagine and more, I could try to connect with one of her healthy probable selves, and with that probable self’s permission, interact with her going forward.

The more I think about this though, the probable self that I am in this life probably couldn’t just discard her sick probable self. How would that work? I think I’d have to bring in a probable self of hers that recovers from the illness. If she and I wanted to have a relationship in which she wasn’t sick, it would probably have to be with different probable me.

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@klinglerm44 do you have any more insight on this? I would like to be able to heal my husband’s injured arm. Would I need his conscious consent for this or would imagining a healed probable him allow him to telepathically agree or disagree to this without actually speaking about it on the physical plane?

As I understand this, you experience the materialization of your beliefs and expectations.

So, you experience having a husband having a health issue. You don’t really work on him getting healthy, but on yourself experiencing your husband’s recovery.

You have to identify, suspend, and replace your beliefs that caused / cause this situation, and that prevent its favorable resolution. You also have to discard your negative expectations, doubts, emotions (fear, …). The more intense they are, the more they materialize.

“Your emotions and your imagination both follow your belief. When the belief vanishes then the same emotional context is no longer entertained, and your imagination turns in other directions. Beliefs automatically mobilize your emotional and imaginative powers.
Few beliefs are intellectual alone. When you are examining the contents of your conscious mind, you must learn, or recognize, the emotional and imaginative connotations that are connected with a given idea. There are various ways of altering the belief by substituting its opposite. One particular method is three-pronged. You generate the emotion opposite the one that arises from the belief you want to change, and you turn your imagination in the opposite direction from the one dictated by the belief. At the same time you consciously assure yourself that the unsatisfactory belief is an idea about reality and not an aspect of reality itself”
— NoPR #619 - Chapter 4: Your Imagination And Your Beliefs, And A Few Words About The Origin Of Your Beliefs

Good luck!

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