Psychological Time

I stumbled across this youtube vid where Seth is being read by a Brian Scott. Something about his voice and being able to close ones eyes and just relax, seemed that the information came flooding in.

Thought I would share this with anyone who also was curious about phycological time and how to use it. Psy time topic starts at the 15:30 mark, but it is Seth’s words that lead up to it that I think is valuable as it sets the stage with an example.

That night I noticed a huge difference in my dreams, in terms of remembering them and being present in them and the sheer number of them.


Thank you so much for sharing this audio. Sometimes it’s more helpful to hear information from a voice other than our own in order to process it. I will be conscious of this info as I go to sleep tonight. Thanks again, Whirled Peas!

Hi Kathleen,
Brian Scott has other great videos on youtube as well, more Seth as well as similar others. If you want or anyone wants to check it out.