Reality Creation in Practice

Dear all, although I know the „Sethian Toolset“ for some years there are still some elements in my life I would like to change. I think I was rather lazy and did not really invest time to investigate into my core believes and what I really want to achieve. Now I have a lot of time (being at home caring for my little baby) and want to use that time to investigate and focus on new creations. I know the „exercises“ that Seth recommends. But somehow I end up confused as I do not know „where to start“ or whether I need to somehow set priorities.
To make it clearer, I want to create me a new job, I also want to get rid of some particular fears I still carry with me. I also have some wishes about my physical appearance. Also there are such small things like finding a lost book or solving a problem with the sanitation.
Any advice? How do you handle such practical things in your life? Where did you start?


I’ll take a stab at this even though I’m still somewhat new to all this.

You don’t need to prioritize things, but I find it helpful. I don’t necessarily prioritize things in order from most pertinent/important to least, sometimes it’s “what is easiest for me at this moment” or “what do I feel I have time to work on”. Do what works for you and what feels good to you. If working on a particular thing feels stressful for whatever reason, you can always come back to it later.
When I lost a book (my copy of NoPR, actually), I didn’t do anything big to find it again. I just imagined myself randomly looking around and seeing where it was, and it worked out. :slight_smile:
I’ve been working on my physical appearance too, with mixed results (but they’re only mixed because I’m not focusing on it as much as I should and I still have some beliefs holding me back). With physical appearance I find it useful to imagine myself having a conversation with someone, them complimenting me on how I look different and me saying how easy it was and emphasizing the results. I basically pretend it’s something that’s already happened and I’m reaping the rewards of it. You can do that in whatever way feels good to you (you could just imagine your body how you want it to look), or find another method that works better. I find it very helpful to focus on the results and not the actual physical way I’m going to achieve what I want.
When I was trying to find a job I would actually enjoy I did desire manifestation for it again. Similar to with my physical appearance, I imagined it had already happened and I was enjoying the benefit of it. I was a lot less specific with that because I wasn’t sure what I wanted, but I focused on the things I knew I did want.
Fears and changing core beliefs are things I have less advice on (I’ve mostly been playing around and focusing on superficial stuff unless I’m confronted with something I absolutely need to remedy ASAP), so hopefully someone with more experience than me will chime in. One thing I’ve found helpful with changing beliefs is repeating whatever new belief I want to supplant for like, five minutes or so. And when I find myself focusing on the old belief outside of that exercise I turn my mind to the new one, deliberately.

I think you should start with whatever feels good to you at the time. Sometimes I feel overwhelmed with how much I want to change, and it makes it easier to just focus on whatever one feels enjoyable and fun and not worry about the rest.

I saw you posted this to the facebook group too (I think that was you anyway), so hopefully people are giving you good advice. :slight_smile:


Thank you Lena so much for your advice and please apologize my delay in answering. I especially like the " imagine it had already happened and enjoy the benefit of it". I started to work on my core beliefs and my fears. And I already see Progress in this area and I am confident to achieve more. I stopped working on the book issue (still missing) and the sanitation (it works now but solved it on the traditional way). The job situation is directly linked with some core beliefs and fears, so I am still working on that, I also have no specific job in mind wich makes it a bit more difficult, and I somehow still like my old job, so I might not be convinced enough…also see progress in the physical appearance, and, whats most important, I am just so happy all the time. :smile:


I’m really glad you’re making progress and things are going well for you!

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