Request for 'Experience' category for forum topics

I’d like to request an ‘Experience’ category for tagging forum topics.

This category would cover personal experiments, perspectives and stories with respect to the Seth Materials and allow for discussions and presentations of members’ experiences of YCYOR techniques.

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@Christopher as Admin & Moderator of Seth Talks. :+1:

@Whirled_Peas has previously indicated an interest in sharing personal anecdotes regarding YCYOR stuff. :slight_smile:

Sounds like a great one. Done.


On a related topic…

I created “excerpts” as an aid to help filter non-discussion topics.

That was kind of stupid on my part. I should have just disallowed them, and emphasized that quotations are a great way to initiate such discussion.

Yeah I need to overhaul some things here for sure.

Thanks! :grin:

… (dots to meet minimum characters requirement).

Chiming in on this one…would so love to see a topic category dedicated to personal experiences related to Seth topics and adventures.

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