Sasquash - are they real?

I can recall somewhere in the Seth material reference to sasquash-type beings still roaming the earth, I cannot find it in the books I have (which are almost all of them) - it might have been on one of the audio tapes. Does anyone know of this reference, and did you see the recent documentary of some of these “troll-like” creatures in Indonesia - not sure what is “real” about this conversation - anyone???

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I don’t know if they are ‘real’ or not but u r correct that Seth references these creatures and to be honest, it has always bothered me. It is, I believe, in the intro to either Magical Approach or The Way Toward Health and came about as a result of Jane and Rob having watched some sasquash TV show prior to a session.

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Thank you, it is The Way Toward Health…I would have thought that any sasquash type being would have been observed - the documentary I am referring to is called “Cannibals” and it reportedly films these small upright creatures in Indonesia, they like to eat people and are carnivores, what Seth mentions are animals that are vegetarians. It is on youtube, an interesting fabrication I suppose…

There are pretty good and straightforward reasons given for why they have not yet been observed.

A mammal with that degree of smell and preferred seclusion could go undiscovered no problem, it’s not even much of a stretch of the imagination to be honest.

We’re not even close to discovering all the types of animals the Earth has to offer. It’s funny because it feels like we are, but if you do some digging… nope!

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Hi Doreen– yes, I would’ve thought that any Sasquatch like creature would have surely been seen/videotaped etc. by now. That said, the material Seth has delivered is so unerringly accurate in other areas it does make me wonder!? Best wishes to you!

Here is most of the session:

There is a famous Sasquatch video. Google it.