Scholars who've written about Seth

Academics and others have written papers on Seth with proper footnotes and references. It would be great to dig them up so they can be posted on the Internet–they make great links to those still mired in the official view of reality, and the atheists who constantly contest the Seth Material page, there, can’t stop the inclusion of such papers…if we can find them. :smile:

Here is one that was posted on this site. The title belies the positive conclusion.

"The Problem of Seth’s Origin: A Case Study of the Trance-Possession Mediumship of Jane Roberts"
Paul Cunningham, Ph.D., Rivier Univeristy


We should be able to record these instances in a file, on our own Seth Talks digital scrolls.
We should have a ‘References’ section…or something.
I am in favor of making this site a focal point for Seth research, second only to Yale.

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While I guess it wouldnt be a scholarly article, can anyone find that Village Voice piece that was done about Jane, Rob and Seth in the 70’s. I remember google scanned the article and i was able to read it that way, but I forget what specific google service that was. Might be cool if we just had a link here.

here it is! "The Village Voice",896852


Good work!

Love the interview bits with Jane and Rob. Rob comes across as rather folksy. Nice. :smile:

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Nice interview! @Byron if you read the first few paragraphs on pg 26 it contains the exact stuff on psychic blueprints I was trying to find. Coincidence, I think not :smile:

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Here’s part 2 of the Village Voice article, from October 16 1978:


It’s a great read! I got kind of nervous when Jane was talking about the creation of Seth in the second column on page 49. I was like, “Wait, what?!” Then I got what she was trying to say, lol.

I love the story about how she tried to reach out and find Seth


This isn’t a scholar writing about Seth as such, but its a TED talk from a very serious philosopher of consciousness, David Chalmers, raising the ideas of consciousness being fundamental and universal (i.e. everything has consciousness). The ideas are very compatible with much of what Seth says:

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I will transcribe the Village Voice article and re-post in .PDF format in our Archives Section of SethTalks.
And I might need some help where things are a bit blurry.
Per Mary Dillman, this is part of a session on July 25, 1978.



It’s great to see others doing work to advance the Seth Material in the world. I work on maintaining the Wikipedia entry on the Seth Material and it will be fantastic to add not only the link to the scanned article but a great text version, as well. :smiley:

Historical additions to the Wiki page are especially valuable–the page is monitored and actively contested by atheists. They cannot fight the inclusion of material like this article, though!!

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»Village Voice Interview of Jane Roberts and Rob Butts

Through my ( @marydillman ) years of research into Jane, Rob and Seth, I was able to track down the writer of a two-part feature story published in The Village Voice in the fall of 1978. I discovered that he still had his cassette tape recording of the interview, which took place over two consecutive evenings and runs for more than three hours. Part One of this five-part interview is offered free of charge.«