"Seeking Jordan" by Matthew Mckay


In spite of the many favorable reviews from people who didn’t understand the value of the book, Matthew Mckay’s “Seeking Jordan” is a great book for Seth’s fans.

If you read it with Seth in mind, you can discover several of the more important of Seth concepts, presented easier to grasp, in a much more concise manner. Surely, you have to pay attention more to Jordan’s quotes, and less to the author’s interpretation.

I read about 67% of the book, and I am so pleasantly surprised, that I decided to share my find.

Differently form other channels, this author doesn’t have an agenda or an interest in publishing the book, doesn’t try to impress with his scientific credentials (he’s a well published psychiatrist), and his whole experience is the result of a great loss, his son being murdered in San Francisco (2008) by a group of thugs who, more than ten years later, were never brought to justice (as of 2021). But the book (published in 2016) isn’t about that at all.

I recommend it.

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Thanks, just ordered the book from Amazon for $20. There’s much much more to communicating with the so-called, dead, than you think, as everyone is different and there are no rules and any information revealed is done so through the filters and prisms of the personality doing the speaking. There is no one truth about death, before or after life, truth is in the mind and beliefs of the personality and everyone determines their own truth(s). In death the survival personality is reunited with their overall entity and embraced by portions of that entity that receive it and begin the educational process, which vary greatly according to who died. One does not instantly become Einstein upon death, for there are those in the death state that contact the living back on the earth plane for help - in some instances. Yes, the living can help the dead as much as the dead can help the living, it all depends. However, in death, different things happen to different people, therefore the death experience is unique to everyone…ron

Thanks SO much for this @inavalan - I, too, have just ordered this book and (and have told several other people about it this morning alone). I’m really looking forward to reading it and it’s also prompting me to finish reading The Afterlife Journal of William James, which I’ve started but not finished. You’ve set off a hugely appreciated ripple effect in book sales… and more! :slight_smile:

@NatalieS & @ron I hope you’ll like the book as much as I did.

There is also a follow up book, just published. I read it too, but I found it just okay. I think that the channeled material presented in it is more distorted by the author’s beliefs than it was in his first book.

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