Serotonin, Dopamine, Endorphins

Does anyone know or have any non chemical related experience infor mation related to these neuro chemicals which is seth material compatable? In particular Dopamine? The more I read the relationship between mind, brain and percpetion the more I l am left scratching my head. What is going on here and how?What sublte cocktail is at work and how. Now for some all this is unknowable and irrelevant . I get that.

But someone somewhere, knows what I am asking…even if I don’t…yet

I have often wonder want seth meant when spoke of mental enzymes- This has become more important as I look at the importance of enzymes in nutrition, now that I am juicing and how depleted most bodies are of enzymes essential to radiant health.

'…Mental enzymes are connected with the pineal gland…'Page 121 TSM

My question request may not be clear because its a newly forming interst, I believe I can trust it.

he inner senses were always paramount in evolutionary development, being the impetus behind the physical formations; and themselves, through the use of mental enzymes, imprinting the data contained in the mental genes onto the physical camouflage material. TES session 26

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if I define “non-chemical related experience” as something a lay person can understand…first, I would be qualified for that as I am not a professional at most things but learn by reading until I finally start (usually) catching on.

first off, you might enjoy reading research and other info of Dr. Peter Breggin (easiest to look up first on FB, with many links). the neurotransmitters in the brain feel as if they have the power to evoke emotion, rather than “us” feeling it first, akin to all addictions (and non-addictions) right off.

dredging up (?) powerlessness/or frozen will? the beliefs and expectations lying ‘behind’ the camoflauge.

Hi there Lynda,

thanks, point of clarification- i spoke of 'non chemical ’ because I hoped the focus of the question could remain non drug related. i do not and have never had any intrest in drugs or their effects- primarily because I cannot put that knowledge to practical use. Even regular alcohol send me to sleep.

So my question relates to the make up of the physical construct as it is and what I might have control over, what I can unlock, evoke- without the intervention of outside substances.

I am looking at this from a ‘how does the Mind as Brain work?’ point of view. I checked Breggin, however I am not certain how seth material compatable he is, although he does have a common sense approach to drugs. But that is the thing- in looking at Serotonin, dopamine and endorphines, where I can, if it exists, it would be great to find someone who can speak about them without reference to drugs at all.

I do not know what beliefs constitute the camoflague system, I am not sure any beliefs are absolutely native to it. It seems to be primarily more of a scientific construction. The official line of consciousness and mass beliefs come later.I lean more towards the scientific and maybe even mathmatical nature of its construction at the moment because its those deeper principles of creating- to the extent that I am able- which will open the doors of perception I seek.

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I apologize and did digress. I first learned about some of the effects of the serotonin, dopamine and other neurotransmitters by following their study in psychology and then their manipulation in psychiatry via anti-depressants. I was in a hospital environment and so tripped over this in that way. I have often wondered if the neurotransmitters were related to “the mental enzymes”. I suppose I share your interest. I have theories that our feelings are transmitted into these chemicals or influence their levels, but no physical back-up.

Does this quotation help? I hope I’m on-topic in regard to what you’re seeking.

One of the latest ideas is that certain mental conditions are caused by chemical imbalances.

Supplying these does result in some improvement, but such inequalities do not cause any disease. Your beliefs about the nature of your own reality do. If medication of that sort improves the immediate situation, the inner problem of beliefs must still be worked out. Otherwise other illnesses will be substituted.

(A page or two later.)

Even with so-called mental disorders, however, orientation with the body is very important, as are the individual’s beliefs about his own form and its relationship with others and with time and space. (Pause.) There will often be chemical imbalances in such a situation, unconsciously produced by the individual, sometimes in order to allow him to work out a series of hallucinatory events.

Session 641, Chapter 10, The Nature of Personal Reality

Its closer, thanks Chris. At times I have had mood swings and I began to wonder if the mood swings were more to do with a neurochemical deficiency than anything being ‘wrong’. If my emotions are a vital aspect of reality creation, I musttake better control management of those emotions. If I do not go to the gym for a while- like 2 months, I am so miserable I am unbearable to myself. And so it goes on… Feeling blue, feeling depressed, feeling off, I can’t allow these moods ascendency in the way I have. When I am at a peak state of vitality physically, I feel as if a single thought has greater creative potential.

Also I am looking at how the mind and the brain work- re seth-and I am curious about how much I can unlock in terms of my capacities without the use of outside drugs.

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