Seth and Abraham Hicks

Who has heard Abraham Hicks speak? To me it’s almost exactly what the Seth material is about and in fact could be a more modern ‘channel’ of some sort? I have been watching a lot of their stuf on YouTube and am finding it really puts a lot of the Seth material into a more understandable context for me. In fact, it has put me on a high for a few days now, or higher vibration as Abraham would say. Anyone else experienced this?


Quoting myself:

As someone who’s read at least two of the Hicks books I feel I could make a very accurate comparison of the material in a few paragraphs.

Abraham says, “think thoughts that feel good and your desires will be manifest, use your emotions as a guidance system to tell if you’re thinking thoughts that are creating your desires or thoughts that are against it”. This is true. It’s also useful. However Seth would say, “your emotions and thoughts do create reality - but they are generated by your beliefs, look at these beliefs without identifying with them and change them to better suit the reality you want to create”. This is more technical but it’s the larger truth, and it’s also very useful.

I’ve used the Abraham approach before to very good results (appreciation really is quite powerful), but I’ve also had the following experience: spent day after day meditating on an issue “thinking thoughts that feel good” to create my reality the Abraham way, but noting that it took effort and discipline, work; my baseline wouldn’t always change. Then tried the Seth approach and looked at my beliefs on the issue, shockingly and suddenly realized I believed something silly I wasn’t aware of, had the belief fall away and then without effort, found my mind imagining and feeling in line with my desire all throughout the day, automatically!

I think the lesson there is working with thoughts and emotions can be enough (and they CAN change belief, after all one of the main Seth exercises is to change belief in just this way), but our daily thought and emotion is generated FROM belief, and taking the time to view those can be far more direct, practical, and require a lot less effort in the long run.

Abraham is not more “modern”. The material can be useful. However it is dumbed down, and well, you probably read what I wrote above. Also some suggest Hicks may be a fraud due to some strange contradictions and showier claims she has made. This could be true, but they could also simply be distortions. I personally don’t like that Abraham doesn’t make it a point to speak about distortions, when Seth said all such channeling involves distortion, including his, and Jane and Seth even had a few of their own (much more near the beginning). Oh well.

As I said I personally benefited from Abraham at a particular point. It helped me integrate some of Seth’s ideas. Now I am back to Seth. Do what works.

Also, because it might not be obvious, I’d like to point out that the Abraham material, like many other channels, doesn’t bring too much new to the table. I could, for instance, write the Abraham material myself, just me, Chris. Same with the material produced by other popular channels. I could even impersonate Abraham very easily in-person. The Seth Material I certainly could not. The only truly original concept I’ve encountered in the Abraham material is the “emotional guidance system” which can be useful but is not exactly accurate, as I mentioned above. I do like it though, it seems quite novel, and can be quite effective.

Yes. :slight_smile: If it feels good, keep doing it!


Okay well that definitely all makes sense. I was not aware of the contradictions though. I was thinking perhaps it would be helpful to practice both Abraham and Seth depending on what you feel is most helpful at the time, as you said you have sort of done in the past. Because I sometimes have a hard time understanding the Seth material to an extent the Abraham stuff really helps me and I understand it completely. But I will still continue with my Seth books as I find the detail so interesting and helpful! You did not mention anything about the whole idea of vibration and vortex that Abraham talks about, what’s your idea on this? Have you listened to a YouTube video on an Abraham talk?


…there are only contradictions when YOU look for them, this is coloration, or distortion, in other words, prejudiced perceptions. This does not mean they aren’t valid, they absolutely are, to the individual.
Beliefs are just repeated thoughts that become ‘facts’. This is what makes them invisible or unrecognised as there is no contradiction or emotion as it just is.

Abraham put me on to Seth after I originally rejected the The Seth material due to what I BELIEVED,- thought what i was looking at. Seth Jane and Rob have given many references that I have then chased down.
All material is relevant when you feel ANYTHING toward it. IT IS THE EMOTIONS THAT INDICATE which way your thinking is in unison with framework two or to advantage to the self.

If you have a less than nice feeling toward any information you encounter, but you still have interest, you may just need to clarify more carefully what you have discovered.
For me Seth is way and above my greatest touchstone as he explains the mechanics of it all.
Abraham lets us experience the feelings with out being bog down in how it works. It is really about how you feel about what you are discovering that MATTERS. And that is literally how it works.
Be VERY pleased with yourself as it is you who has led you here, and to Abraham.
There are many others that will help you but be discerning by trusting your emotion first and foremost, every time.
With learning what you have there are no excuse’s, blame or jealousies.
Just own it all and improve by design and no longer by default. the buck stops here, period!

As Seth would say, ‘you get what you concentrate on’. and Abe’ …’…have fun with it, there is nothing serious going on here’…

Its is really ALL GOOD!!


Wow thanks Chriss, the universe working it’s magic again, your comment was a great and much useful ‘coincidence’ :slight_smile: just today before reading your comment I came to the realisation that I was meant to find Abraham after Seth because using both together is helping me understand and integrate the teachings on a whole new level! And your totally right about the emotion about certain information because I had some hang ups about some of the stuff Abraham said but as I was just reading NoPR I found that there is not contradiction between what seth said and what Abraham said but they just use different words which calmed my little doubts about what Abraham was saying originally. If I had found Abraham first I don’t think I would have got to where I am at right now as quickly. Isn’t it just fabulous how we as ourselves and the universe works!! :smile:


Yes I agree, and this is what I said earlier. The details feel great, it’s feels good taking all that knowledge/awareness in. But Abraham is much more simple and this is also handy on the days when I’m not much up for details. Or when the details are not helping me get an answer but getting into a state of feeling good will, and Abraham helps get me there.


Well yes, but I’m speaking about very directly stating one thing at one time and its opposite at another time, not some sort of ambiguous interpretation of the material as a whole. I’m only thinking of a few specific statements made early-on and contradicted later, and some odd statements during lectures, not any sort of vein of contradictions throughout the material or anything. Also they weren’t particularly important. Anyway as I said it could be distortion on the part of the channel, or it could be fraud. The reason I’m not rejecting that possibility is because this is a Seth forum, and there are many people who reject Hicks just as there are many people who accept her, so to each their own of course. :slight_smile: Jane had some early errors, but they were corrected later, and Seth spoke about distortion specifically. I wish Abraham would do that.

Yeah. Chriss is right that emotions will tell you if a particular train of thought is helpful or not, and following good-feeling thoughts will definitely get you to your destination - you can really do that and nothing else. I don’t mean to make things more complex but it can be occasionally helpful to understand that belief is still primary regarding the generation of emotion.

Just a quick example, say you have a desire and you attempt some positive thoughts regarding it, but those thoughts just don’t feel good to you for some reason. It turns out that you don’t actually believe the desire to be possible for a variety of reasons. You discover and alter that belief and suddenly the same thoughts will feel completely different, even mere moments later, and of course now that the thought feels good you can use it to create what you want!

It’s relevant to point out that although many means of discovering and changing beliefs involve emotion, you can use the mind’s logical faculties to accomplish a belief change as well, such as through a series of questions in internal dialogue. So you can actually change the emotion a thought gives you moments apart via the logical faculties alone - emotion not involved - and I think this illustrates well the primary nature of belief. But you can definitely stick with the good-feeling-thoughts method the whole way through, with belief changes happening in the background. I think Abraham points this out quite well in many of the exercises at the end of Ask and It Is Given, and they definitely show how the same thought can feel completely different moments apart. They also involve just feeling fantastic and transferring that feeling of accomplishment/joy into other areas, something Seth recommends doing as well!

Bottom line I guess all I’m saying is, use the Abraham method, but if you get stuck not knowing why a thought that you’d like to feel good doesn’t, don’t be dismayed, you can keep moving forward by targeting the belief behind it using the same good-feeling-thoughts method (or a Seth method), and in so doing actually change your beliefs (whether you notice or not) and get to where that original thought of what you desire feels good. :slight_smile:

(Writing this actually helped me see a ton of connections.)


I totally get what your saying here and this is how I have been applying both teachings. I feel that one compliments the other quite nicely!

For example, if I am thinking about my dream career and then I get a feeling of fear I would then question myself by asking myself ‘why do I feel fear surrounding this particular ideal reality?’ etc until I get to the belief that is causing me limitations. Is this what you mean? Because I do this often and most of the time I find that the answers really are just sitting there within my conscious mind waiting to be discovered so I can then free myself from these limits. This is a fairly new process for me though and I’ve started it naturally over time as I’ve began to understand the material more and more.


I “bumped into” an Abraham Hicks video on YouTube - I found it of interest, and a mirror of the basic principles of “creating reality” - and it interesting because of “her” because it made those type of thoughts come to life for me - for my science background it is like learning about how a lake “turns over” in the spring from a book, versus actually measuring water layer temperatures and monitoring how the ecosystem changes as the ice melts in the field. Like the difference between pure and applied science - how does the seth material really apply to life - it seems those messages are incorporated in a different skin in the Abraham Hicks talks - I like her vibe, it is comforting, though sometimes I think Seth would have compared her to a an authoritarian-type and not as humourous in the teachings as he would be…nice to know that entities have personalities too! It is all so fascinating!!!


Abe is a “Seth-Lite.” …ron


one year later…(from your original post) more or less (O:
ive been to about 7-8 abe workshops and one cruise (to Alaska) ive been and “aber” since 2006. ive read and studied seth since approx. 1987.
I adore and use both teachings in my life ALL the “time”.
for me abe is, current and timely for that reason, I hear every workshop and things that are going on in this reality are addressed by the questioners, as well as just the general basics, gone over and over (as they must be) for all of us out “here”.
i sense the seth energy as a part of the Abraham collective, and it makes complete sense to me that it would be.
for me the 2 “teachings” work hand~in~hand constantly and consistently.
i love them both. i do prefer to “hear” abe and “read” seth.


I’ve enjoyed some of the Abraham material here and there in small doses. Overall I prefer the depth of the Seth material, but I find teachings of Abraham complement many things in the Seth material.

One thing I found odd about Abraham communities and ideas (online at least) there seemed to be large focus on wealth and material possessions and manifesting, and seemingly not a lot about developing your own intelligence, and evolving as a human being using both intellect and intuition, and coming to larger wholistic view of self and reality, or self-realization like say in the Indian tradition.

I also found the emphasis on “wishing” for stuff (manifesting) somewhat unbalanced. To me, if we want something to happen in life we should hold the feeling of it already completed “I AM” etc along with the intention, and then ALSO takes actions daily however big or small towards that life goal.

It may just be the wrong (or partial) impression I got from the limited amount of text and audio I encountered over several months, but the thing to me that seemed odd was this almost exclusive devotion to manifesting rather than practical action.

I mean if you want a PHD for example, you will have to take a lot of practical action, wishing won’t get you there. But you need to have the desire and intention in the first place to motivate to take that action.

anyhow, I have one book from Abraham on the shelf and found some of their advice on personal intimate relationships to be quite practical and useful.
I’ve also enjoyed the talks with Wayne Dyer and Esther Hicks on Youtube.

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Thank you for this fascinating discussion. For me Seth is the “real deal” as he incorporates teachings about the “science” of creating reality while pointing to a deeper truth that leads to a greater understanding of what creates true joy. So, although he talks about the most basic truth that our beliefs create our reality, it’s not all about getting things, losing weight, achieving status, and all those things that make our material life a bit better (though we can focus, of course, on that and it can be a good thing in specific situations - it has worked for me time and time again), but it’s also about fulfillment of our deepest aspirations that are based on true understanding of the great love and compassion of the universe and our roles in that unfolding drama. This is where the greatest joy will be found (or achieved) today and in our other lives, too. From what I have seen from the Hicks teachings, which can be very useful, the focus seems to be on gaining material goods and status improvements in society. This is fine as far as it goes, but ultimately these achievements are fleeting and unsatisfying. It’s that great direct understanding of the truth of compassion, love, and connectivity in the universe that will bring the real, lasting joy. If we experience a bit of this, it helps us to shape our beliefs and to focus our energies skillfully in creating a reality that benefits not just us but also others. I apologize if I misinterpreted the Hicks or Seth teachings in any way - let me know if you feel that I did. :slight_smile:


Chris is so right in saying (my paraphrase here) that we may have many teachers who will be exactly what we need at that particular moment. We have been advised by Seth to follow our impulses. Many of those impulses may lead us in different directions than the Seth material. However speaking as an inveterate sceptic, I can say that I have trod alternate paths many times throughout my journey if 60+ years. Yet, when that peculiar track of learning neared its end of usefulness, I always found myself inexorably drawn back to the Seth material. It is the one system of organizing thought that I have consistently felt “at home” with. That is not to say that there are no other paths to the enlightened creation that Seth guides us toward, but for me, his is the most cogent and all-encompassing. to each his own!

I salute you on your journey. May its paths be ever fruitful.


Seths “teachings” through Jane is more theoretical, at least for me, altough it led me to Abe. On the other hand, Abraham gave us “practical” way for day to day living…
And, Seth never “talked” about two parts in human being as Abe do: physical (our body) and non-physical (extension of the Source).

I think that’s it, seems like it is hidden in plain sight!
I am amazed when you manage this, the limiting belief disappears so profoundly, that I can not imagine(believe:)) how On earth I ever thought otherwise!
And you know what the FEELING I get would be described as progress, happy, elated and sometimes a little miffed at how I didn’t get that earlier.
In other words, you have grown, evolved, expanded and the higher mind, framework two kind of huggs you and says… ‘about time, knew you would make it, glad your here!’

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…two years on…
I find that if I am at odds with a teaching, another will often align me.
I quite often argue with things I discover mentally. Now I identify it as a prompt to turn over everything I can because that feeling of interest tells me I am coming to a new understanding. Expansion.

Agreed, all though i reckon Seth’s framework two is in reference to source.
And Abe got me comfortable with Seth via books, then modern media, bit like a generational advances in technology.
i think it interesting that Abraham came through via Hicks with in the year of Jane’s passing, and with out Seth hick’s would not of been in that place of receiving. Sort of like passing the baton to the next leg of humanities journey.