Seth and Facts of Reality

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I’m unsure if I am meant to post topics like this but I am going to anyway :smile:

I’ll be honest I have only read 2 of Seths books and have made immense progress in letting go of my limiting beliefs. I am at a point now where I am unsure what exactly are the facts of reality and what aren’t, for example if we truly believe that we don’t need food or water to survive will we create that reality, or is it a fact of reality that because we are focused into the third dimension; the physical dimension and while we are expressing our conciousness into physical bodies then we in fact do need to eat and drink to survive? I would like some advice from a person who has read all the Seth books and knows if Seth has ever given a list of the facts of reality if you wouldn’t mind :smile:

I know I could just as easily read all the books myself and I will in time, but I am just trying to save myself some time by getting information from somebody who already knows the answer to my question.

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This is not Seth material, but I think it is already possible to survive without food. Not so sure about water. Check out:

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This answered my question perfectly, thank you!

You are most welcome. I hadn’t watched that vid for a while. Just now I caught the beginning, and it is indeed very Sethian. The doctors, when asked about the possibility of living as a breatharian, ALL by their answers reveal the deep seated beliefs that create their worlds. The German breatharian, the guy with the long hair, also reveals his beliefs when talking about living without food, and those beliefs create a very different world for him. He must have done a lot of de-programming from cultural beliefs before he ever attempted the breatharian protocol. IMO. (In my opinion.) :smile:

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Take a look at this topic where I ask the same question: Where is the line drawn between manifestations of belief and accepted root assumptions?

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I agree with everything you just said haha I think it definitely would require a lot of cultural de-programming! But as we have seen in the doco, it’s definitely possible. I was tempted to attempt this way of life but then I realized I love food too much hahaha :slight_smile:

Thanks Chris, that thread answered my question even further! It was exactly what I was looking for. I apologize for not checking older threads before I posted this one, I will make sure that I do in the future! :slight_smile:

I have come to the conclusion that I need to stop being lazy and read more Seth books haha, especially those to do with root assumptions


The bottom line “fact” is that Seth stresses that YOU CREATE YOUR OWN REALITY. Facts don’t exist. We make facts. Facts don’t make us.

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While I generally agree with you, it seems like there are some fundamental “facts”. I am referring for example to the “violations” mentioned in chapter 8 of NoPR, Session 634/635

“Doing violence to your body,or another’s, is a violation”
“Killing another human being is a violation. Killing while protecting your own body from death at the hands of another through immediate contact is a violation. Whether or not any justification seems apparent, the violation exists.”

This is stated as if those were facts.

But here in the next quote for example, Seth makes it sound as if our interpretation also plays a role whether it is a violation or not.

“Doing violence to the spirit of another is a violation — but again, because you are conscious beings the interpretations are yours. Swearing is not a violation. If you believe that it is then in your mind it becomes one.”

The way I understand it is that in regards to the violations, those stated as violations are as a matter of fact violations, but we can interpret them as non-violations, if “necessary” for our experience. But on a “root” level, it IS a violation.

How do you understand this?

Your spontaneity gives you what you need. You shouldn’t take my word for anything. I am trying to help but the message is that you create your reality personally. Others beliefs have little relevance on you. You are empowered to get your own answers. Killing isn’t something I often dwell on. It is very very unlikely I will experience anything close to it. Seth isn’t here to give you the Ten Commandments, but to help you connect with your own answers from your own inner self. Other people quick to try to answer your questions often have no idea what they are talking about. The work and the joy is knowing that you know, as you also admit you don’t know yet. Your call to your inner self for answers must have real desire and freedom of fear of the answer. Then all your answers are yours still, for you, from your perspective. Seth helps us understand what we are. It’s all in the material. I started studying this this lifetime at age 20 and I’m age 40 and age doesn’t matter because we all have lifetimes behind us. But after reading 23 of the Jane and Seth books they mean nothing until you take it into your experience. Play with it! Have fun with it! I am free and so should everyone be free.

take it into your experience. Play with it! Have fun with it! I am free and so should everyone be free.


While we do create our own reality (according to Seth), I believe he would stipulate that for practical purposes, food and water are required to operate or act in this physical realm. Is it possible to be alive without food or water? Possibly, like how it’s possible for all of the air in a room to spontaneously move to just one side of the room. Possible, but very unlikely.

Why do we eat food? Our body uses the chemical energy in food and converts it into usable energy for our bodies. We are replenished through our physical connection with the environment.

From a physics perspective, a change in motion (action) requires energy. If we are not obtaining this from our environment, we need to get it some other way. Our bodies are actually a repository for energy. We can convert some of that mass into energy (which will cause us to lose “weight”).

If we’re not deriving energy from our environment or our body, we would need yet another source. I think this is really at the heart of your question: Can we derive energy from non-physical sources?

Surviving without water is trickier. Here it isn’t a question of energy, but of replenishing our substance. Much of our body (about 60%) is composed of water, and we lose water every day through breathing, sweating, urinating, etc. Without water we are unable to process waste, regulate our body temperature, etc. Our blood is over 90% water, so when we become dehydrated it thickens and has trouble circulating. Without water, your skin and joints dry out, toxins build up, and your brain (which is about 75% water) functioning diminishes.

Without drinking water we would either need an additional source of water, or need to prevent our body from depleting water through its usual functioning. While we do have some water stored in our bodies which is available for use, we use it too quickly to sustain ourselves with it for any long duration of time.

Back to your question, can we extract water molecules from Framework 2? Or can we somehow adapt our physical “camouflage” so that water isn’t required? Again, I think it may be possible, but by all means not probable or likely. I think that if we were at that point where we could do either of those we would probably be have little use for physical existence.

But we are here learning how to act within the physical system. We are integrated with our environment.

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I think that what Seth means is that it is a violation of intent. Our intent is to grow, learn and develop, to create and explore and play, and harming someone through violence is counter to that intent. It also violates the intent of the body which is to physically thrive. Violence negates that intent by disabling the body’s functions.

That’s my interpretation anyway.


When swearing involves an intent to cause harm then it becomes a violation.

You are trying to cut out many steps for yourself.
([ Gene]: “But there aren’t any steps, are there?”)
For you, now, there are steps.
([ Gene]: “Aren’t they illusory?”)
They are indeed.
([ Gene]: “If they are artificial barriers which I create in my own path, surely I can remove them.”)
Theoretically it is so indeed. Practically it would behoove you to watch your footing.
([ Gene]: “Yes. That was the comment to Siddhartha.”)

—TES7 Gene Asks About Past Lives

This is well put.

Yes. Interpretation is a must, for we must learn consciously what the animals know unconsciously. Our consciousness evolved from them (not us, but our consciousness).

At certain levels both cat and mouse understand the nature of the life energy they share, and are not — in those terms — jealous for their own individuality. This does not mean they will not struggle to live, but that they have a built-in unconscious sense of unity with nature in which they know they will not be lost or immersed (quietly intent).

Man, pursuing his own way, chose to step outside of that framework — on a conscious level. The birth of compassion then took the place of the animals’ innate knowledge; the biological compassion turned into emotional realization.

The hunter, freed more or less from animal courtesy, would be forced to emotionally identify with his prey. To kill is to be killed. The balance of life sustains all. He must learn on a conscious level then what he knew all along. This is the intrinsic and only real meaning of guilt and its natural framework.

(Long pause.) You are to preserve life consciously, then, as the animals preserve it unconsciously.

—NoPR Chapter 8: Session 634, January 22, 1973

Once more @stardreams has stated this well above. I will add to it.

There is no difference between the energy that shapes your ideas and the energy that grows a flower, or that heals your finger if you burn it. The soul does not exist apart from nature. It is not thrust into nature. Nature is the soul in flesh, in whatever its materializations. The flesh is as spiritual as the soul, and the soul is as natural as the flesh. In your terms the body is the living soul. Now the soul can live, and does, in many forms — some physical and some not, but while you are material, the body is the living soul. The body constantly heals itself, which means that the soul in the flesh heals itself.

—NoPR Chapter 7: Session 630, December 11, 1972

This physical existence is crafted to provide us with just the experiences we are seeking. The body - our choice to be born into - has advantages. Built-in protective measures of its own that keep us healthy even in contradiction to our beliefs.

(11:32.) Illnesses usually represent unfaced problems, in your terms, and these dilemmas embody challenges meant to lead you to greater achievement and fulfillment. Because body and mind operate so well together, one will attempt to cure the other, and will often succeed if left alone. The organism has its own beliefs in health that are unconscious on your part.

—NoPR Chapter 17: Session 661, May 7, 1973

— to begin dictation: Physical existence is valuable for many reasons, one being that the flesh is so responsive to thought and yet so resilient. There are built-in guidelines so that the body consciousness itself, while mirroring your negative images at times, will also automatically struggle against them.

—NoPR Chapter 7: Session 631, December 18, 1972