Seth and the body (Mostly from Oversoul Seven

I know Oversoul Seven is more of a fictional work but; there is something about it that I can’t get over. (Ok a lot of it but …anyway)

At one point in the trilogy, Oversoul Seven had to take on a physical body to help out his other selfs. His uh, supervisor (I’m forgetting their name) did this by basically gathering atoms into one area and making them into a body for Seven.
It’s kinda along the same lines of how various characters in the book manifest things out of thin air.

Seth kinda talks about this stuff in the Seth material, but less super naturally and it seems like it’s more about how emotions effect the body.

Well, the thing is that now there is actually a TON of research done by western doctors and scientists that FINALLY says that the whole mind / bod separation thing is a bunch of bull and that the emotions and mind directly effect the body.

Which, really has been known for thousands of years honestly.

What I find VERY fascinating about some of this research is that it 100% means that out minds are controlling our bodies at a cellular level. Most of the research is currently saying that it’s all about stress and stress causing inflammation in the body and that causing health issues.

But, there’s also other research happening. Ergo, there is a study done with two groups of people. Both were fed the same food. One group was told the food was healthy and another was told that it was junk food. Guess what happened?
----The healthy group was healthy, the junk group wasn’t.

Another study looked at hotel room cleaners. One group was told that they were getting enough exercise to lose weight and be healthy while another group was either not told anything or told they were not getting enough exercise.
----Guess what happened…the first study is a hint.

Then even more fascinating, digging into pretty much ANY religion one comes across the REVERSE as what happened in Oversoul Seven. Stories of people being able to pretty much discorporate their bodies at the end of life. All the religions have different names for it, light body, rainbow body etc etc etc.

Then of course, Hinduism and Buddhism frequently are like, “everything is mind” …but quite frankly they do a horrible job of explaining what that means.

Anyway, I’m kinda rambling.

I’m just wondering if Seth (And Oversoul Seven) and all of these old religions are really onto something.

What if we actually gather our bodies out of atoms? And have the ability to do the reverse?

SCHOOL HOUSE EARTH: Now what is your official “Title?”

…ron speaks…Of course, the brotherhood AND sisterhood of humanity is not a monarchy, you see.

The worldometer population clock tells us that there are now, in fall of 2022, eight billion people on earth. And all eight billion, as well as new arrivals, are bestowed, by their very birthright, a title. In fact, all inhabitants mutually share the same title. Cast in terms of physical being and actuality, that title is…(drum roll, please,)…“MHR,” or, Member of the Human Race. And you are instantly coronated at birth with, “MHR.”

So just what does the title of “MHR” have to offer each and every one of us earthlings, no matter who we are, what we do, what we look like, or where we live?

The right of “MHR” confers the unique, personal opportunity to create your own reality, done so according to your beliefs, intents, expectations, attitudes, and your desires, and that means, in simple language, learning to use your freely available energy, via the “PRIMARY ENERGY FORCE,” or God, if you prefer, to build yourself, along with others, doing the same thing, either a palace of love, understanding, good will, and, most of all, unconditional acceptance of the divine EQUALITY of ALL living things – a world where you are your own SYMBOLIC king or queen, or, something else less fulfilling, and, in essence, you come to realize that such titles are merely symbolic representations of life and the creativity that comes with it.

The exterior world that you create springs from the interior world of your thoughts and beliefs, for you must understand that thought energy creates, produces, forms, physical energy in the form of your current, official reality, your School House Earth, and your School House Earth is a living reflection of your beliefs en masse.

I think the question has to be formulated differently (?)

The following quote, and searches are relevant:

"Since any materialization is in effect a mediation between what we may call an ideal which is, by nature, of itself not materialized, and a practical working perceivable symbol of the ideal, each materialization must be composed of some camouflage elements. Within the physical field these perceivable symbols are composed of matter, which is a conglomeration of atoms and molecules. Each individual, creating, say, his version of any given chair, uses entirely different atoms and molecules in his subconscious construction of it.

He sees or perceives only his own construction. A rereading of sessions dealing with the nature of matter will help you here. The chair created then by any given individual, and perceived by him, is an identity in that it exists at any given time, without any exact duplication. Basically, for any duplication to appear, the exact atoms and molecules would have to be used, and this is obviously impossible.

The chair is an identity, and yet at no given moment is it the same chair, for already the atoms and molecules that compose it have changed, and been replaced by others. This process is explained thoroughly also in the mentioned previous sessions."

—TES3 Session 137 March 3, 1965‘different+atoms’~5+OR+‘atoms+different’~5/‘different+atoms’~5+OR+‘atoms+different’~5/‘different+atoms’~5+OR+‘atoms+different’~5/