Seth App for depression

This is the world of “apps” - I was thinking someone would have the time, energy, and knowledge about the Seth philosophy (AKA - truth about the universe in general) to develop an “app” for people who are struggling with depression. Just knowing you create your own reality might pull some people out of depression, it did me, and the app could be used to apply some of the mental exercises that Seth suggests - (I will post that thought in more detail, I have one in mind that I marked in one of books), anyways I think these exercises can really help people move ahead with their issues. The app environment allows privacy and might be an interesting way to spread THE WORD, per say.


Love the idea, Doreen! Unfortunately, I don’t have the technical skill to develop it. I’m thinking you could contact the estate of Jane Roberts or the current publisher of the material to work with them to develop it, as you would probably need their permission on the copyrights anyway. I would think they would be very open to the idea.

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Ok, of course to follow what ever protocol necessary - I certainly think something interactive would be interesting for young people especially, but anyone really. If there is anyone who has the contact information and wants to get involved, more heads the better! I found the reference I was alluding to - it is in The Way Towards Health, page 183 - the advice on getting out of difficult situations - 1) Live in the present 2) Refuse to worry and 3) Imagine the best possible outcome - my thinking is that this could be a starter app, like the FitBit meditation app, if you happen to have a Fit Bit.


Doreen, have followed you before and have always related to your view of the Seth way of life. I have been away for some time from this site. I think you posted this almost a year ago!

Needless to say, all time is now and now is when I found you. I am intriegued by your post. I have suffered from depression since my early 20s - appropos of nothing, the same time I read Seth Speaks and took off from there. My core beliefs are deeply rooted in Seth and by and large, I live my life according to these principles.

Since you have dealt with depression, you know how disabilitating it can be. There are months in your life that you lose - almost as if you were not there to experience them. That is time away from a daily spiritual practice, and when you return (although I have found that my depth of comprehension has become more profound each time), it is like taking baby steps again.

In 1997 I was diagnosed bipolar. The diagnosis devasted me because I began to see that how I was - wide-open, exuberant, opinioted, in your face, ( in a joyful passionate way, not confrontational), loud, extravagant, overly generous and indefatigable, had actually turned people away from me. They were afraid of me when all I meant to do is include them in my joy. It was a very painful realization.

I should add that during these undiagnosed years I was an actress/ singer/dancer on and off-Broadway. You see, my boundless energy was not unusual among us theatre people, and then when I crashed from a manic to a horrible depression, I simply fell out of sight. No one knew me as anything other than, “Oh, that Miranda; she is high on life!”

Finally, I was correctly diagnosed and duly medicated. I no longer had those glorious highs when I could talk to God and see synchronicities every minute, but also as a consequence I suffered through the inevitable death-like darkness of depression for a shorter time.

In spite of all this, the destruction of my career, my marriage, my self-esteem and what I recognized as my “real” self, I never gave up Seth and his/her message of truth. As a matter of fact, sometimes in my darkest hours it was only Seth that gave me permission to see that what I was experiencing at that moment was only one manifestation of my possible reality. Because of my belief in this truth, I knew that I would not fall into a dark hole. I would emerge into another brighter reality if I just accepted what I was and moved on.

Now that you know more than you ever wanted to know about me, Doreen, let me ask you this:

Did you find support among the Seth Talks community to listen to your ideas and perhaps create a small group to experiment with your Seth exercise?

If not, I would very much like to join this effort with you. There are so many people who suffer from depression and are not receiving treatment that I believe it has become a silent menace to our society.

I’m recently retired from being a College Professor of English. I have plenty of time to dedicate to creating a group such as I described above. You know by now that I can write, but as a former singer/actress, I have a powerful and expressive voice. Just a thought: We may want at some time to produce inexpensive tapes to help others truly integrate these practices into their everyday lives. Guided meditations and encouragement to never give up, for example.

I would like to hear your feedback about my propositions. You may have already gone beyond my nascent ideas. Either way, contact me when you can.

Professor Miranda Childe
P.S.: I was also drawn to the post-tag of your ID, ojala. I was born in the USA of Spanish parents and learned English and Spanish at the same time. I understand that word to mean “I hope so” or “By God’s grace.” And yes, ojala, podamos crear algo, no importa que sea humilde, para cambiarle la vida a otros, aunque sea uno por uno. Cada uno produce un cambio universal.


WOW, no not any direct uptake, I was hoping that there was someone in the group who would realize the importance of the Seth material as a positive way to cope with depression. You have made me think about these things more deeply. I still read the Seth material, and have loaned books out, but I find that most people are afraid of these types of issues. I really think there could be a series of small apps that could be developed for positive meditation on the Seth concepts, particularly the exercies to expand conciousness - the point of power is in the present, the one already mentioned, using visioning to identify and release resentments, and on bringing in new ideas into your conciousness - four off the bat - I will look for the direct quotes, I believe some are in NPR. Then there could be postive and healing dream apps, connecting to your feeling tones - other for sure. These apps could provide immediate relief and also give the participant hope that there is a way to have positive realationships with yourself, and other people (especially family). Many of us I assume know they have some impact. I have learned over the years of reading Seth the unused power of our creaturehood for the good of mankind, for communication, expression of individuality and the importance of exploring our selves and our potential. I think there is work to be done! I think Seth gave us the tools to make humanity a more likable, accepting and lovable species!


I guess it all comes down to the value system that we use as a society. It is so fascinating to see Jane speak as Seth, the video on YouTube. Like the truth speaks, as I believe Sethians all think in those terms, at least curious about the possibilities - and open to change. Seth would not appreciate the dogma of his words attached to the rigid core beliefs of relgion, his thoughts are about igniting peoples creativity and belonging. For someone who is already creatively minded, this is heaven - to bring in new ideas and to be more connected to your daily life - dream art scientists. I guess it is all as simple as loving - such a powerful emotion we become scared of it??? Love can hurt! But it has great power because it has the built in set of "collector beliefs ’ feeling cared for, caring for others, sharing, being generous, thinking of the welfare of others, and of the planet it’s creatures and diversity. All good things come from love - learn to love yourself first? Get to know yourself, express yourself, be comfortable in your own skin, learn some skills to advance yourself, and start contributing to fullfil your own dreams and that is value enhancement, it starts with each of us growing a garden of love! Evolving as a species towards life in this dimension. I will look for and create love in my life whenever I can. I think that is a good goal for me.


Hey Doreen, Mirajane!
Have not been on here for a very long time, decided to today to see if I could find something to assist a friend who is battling depression for the first time as I recognized his situation from my own experience with bi polar and depression.
And here you are, interesting how recently you both posted.
Recognize the energy is gaining momentum from two powerful catalysts …your both on to something.
I have been thinking along the lines of game, either online or a board game of some description.

I can tell you absolutely that I would not be here with out Seth.
Going to be interesting where this leads. regards Chris

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Welcome, Chris’s…
As you say, as we grow in numbers, we grow in intention and power. I have gone back to reading the early books, the ones that got me to see the world differently back in the early 70s. It’s been good for me. It helps me to remember the positive things that came from my initial readings and maybe to manifest them again as a more evolved self. I’ll keep you all posted on my progress.

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