Seth Chat Room Anyone?

Anyone know of a Seth Chat Room?

How fun it would be to have live conversation that rambles around about Seth and our Sethian experiences. It would be like sitting in Jane’s living room, because you know Seth would show up in spirit at least.

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I like your idea of a chat room but haven’t seen one in my Facebook travels and I don’t know what exactly a chat room is. Have you thought of starting one and inviting people here at Seth talks to join you?

A chat room is live conversation via typing. They usually have a designated topic and people pretty much stick to it. There is also a way to boot out people that are being rude and or obnoxious as that can happen. For the most part it is just interesting and people share their ideas and experiences live, as opposed to posting a comment and being answered more like an email. Like group texting.

Thanks for describing a chat room. My experience with group texting is I don’t like it and ask to be taken of the list. Lol. With a topic it might work better.

I could set that up… probably Discord… maybe Slack.

I know I would really enjoy a group live chat on Seth. Maybe this is an instance of “build it and they will come.”