Seth Intensive Course?

Hey y’all,

Has anyone taken Seth’s Intensive course hosted by the publishers of the books? I would love to know your experience with it. It seems like a great opportunity for those new to Seth.

I’ve been reading Seth for quite a few years but took the course last year and really liked it! Rick Stack of Jane’s ESP classes is the instructor and I found his input and perspective quite helpful.

Thanks for your feedback! Yes it sounds like it could be a very valuable course to take.

Hi, I just finished taking the intensive course and I feel that it would be great for anyone regardless of their history with the Seth Material. I feel I was just able to begin using a 10th of the exercises and readings during the 6 weeks. I’m still busy running a company, but close to moving on to the next phase of my life.
The intensive gives you a great outline for establishing, re-establishibg, or helping in your current practice. Rick is a good guide and has been immersed since the original ESP classes that Jane and Robert held.
After the intensive, I am yearning for a Seth Group to be physically connected with to further my practice. The ‘group’ context is really strong in all the Seth material I read and while the on-line experience begins to achieve this, it’s still lacking that sitting in a room with others quality of interaction.
I highly recommend taking this course, I plan to take it again in the future.
Best - wgreentag

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