Seth is my spirit guide

My name is Michelle and I live in Elmira NY. I’m a single mother of 2 who moved back home to care for my ailing mother. Anyway, since moving into this house strange shit has been occurring. I became interested in the travel channel and anything I could find out about the paranormal. Anyways, I believe there is some type of portal in my backyard. I have EVP’S, photos and other forms of proof. Anyway the EVP’s kept saying “Seth” constantly over and over again. Along with many other things from various different spirits. After several suggestions to go see a medium as well as several deaths of friends (at least 3) after leaving my house (no b.s.) can prove it, I went to see a local medium. Being my first time the medium told me my number (33) which he said was rare, my aura is purple which he explains means I’m very spiritual (OKAY…) This was all new to me and a lot to take in. Anyway, he’s about to send me on my way and I’m like wait, why hasn’t he said anything about any attachment, can’t he see this Seth person? So I kinda yelled out “Well who is Seth”? Well this man obviously knew who he was and since has offered to work with me free of charge to communicate with Seth and find out what he wants. I went to on session and never went back. He is more into Seth than the fact that I have EVP’s with a entity saying “Save the children”. I’m scared, no one is listening to me, 3 people have already died and there are a group of ghost posted outside my house directly across from my front door. They are there everyday. They never leave. I’m scared, I need to communicate with Seth but there is so much interference here at times it’s impossible to know I its Seth or someone else.
I know this all sounds crazy but it’s true. I invite anyone who needs proof, just ask and I will figure out how to send that proof anonymously. All I’m looking for is some advice on how to move. The recent EVP of “Save the kids”, has really got me on edge. I swear I never heard of Seth or Jane Roberts until my medium told me and advised me to begin reading his and Jane’s books, which I have. Just finished “The Coming of Seth” and started the ESP book today, which is where I learned about this group.
Thanks for all who read this open-minded with honest good responses in advance.

Micki, You may grab a seat in Seth University, Dream Campus for the before sleep dream request – suggestion and your answers will surface through the layers of your inner being to your waking state in the form of impulses and ideas and you can listen to, trust and work with the voice within, although some answers will remain in your subconscious for educational purposes. You were born with everything you need for your well being and health. – ron.

Thank you Ron for that bit of advice. There is so much going on here and usually I’m OK but when the EVP referenced to my children or some kids and the need to be saved it freaked me out. It’s a 2.5 minute recording with the ghost scanner and I only got through the 1st 20 secs. I asked Seth what I should do and he encourages me to continue to read his books and others to help me better understand my capabilities. I just can’t read his or any material fast enough. I’m soo thirsty for the knowledge. I was born and raised in Elmira NY and never heard of Seth and Jane as they are before my time. I struggle at times with whether my thought are my own or of my subconscious. I know at times it’s Seth cause he makes his presence known to me. I will continue with my studies and work on my remembering my dreams. I started doing so while reading “The Coming of Seth” but wasn’t having much success. I will attempt this again and hopefully I can have better luck
Once again, thanks for responding to my post and I look forward to conversating with you again.

If I thought I had received a message from Seth, I would respond with “Pull the other leg”. I wouldn’t believe it for a second. Why would Seth, an entity with a personality specifically created by the triad of the Seth entity, Jane and Rob communicate with me in 2021? It would make no sense. Bear in mind that what we consider the nonphysical is populated much more densely than planet earth. And a lot of tricksters love to pretend to be someone else, e.g., your dead mom, Uncle Fred, Jesus or Seth. If you are impulsively seeking to make Seth your spirit guide, be prepared for such tricksters entities to start “pulling your leg”. Or be grateful that perhaps someone is protecting you from such entities and consequently you will get no dramatic messages in this way.

Jane’s Seth wore a GUISE and adopted a PERSONA, so you don’t really know who is communicating, however, the message is paramount, and not so much the messenger. Jane’s Seth is part of a whole family of teacher personalities, just like him, and they all teach the same basic message, which can be tuned into in the dream state by requesting a desk in Seth University, Dream Campus – my characterization, and they may use whatever name works for the class. Jane’s Seth is now a Seth 2.5, greatly expanded…remember Seth Two back in the 70s? That was a future seth, and now that has been realized…ron.