Seth on Animals


Does anyone know if animals choose their family and circumstances before incarnation and if they are killed by humans on purpose or by accident, is it because they’ve chosen to die?


I have heard Abraham talk on this subject. Abraham says, just like any consciousness, yes they choose their experience ahead of time. And even Seth talks of a lifetime when he was a dog. It makes sense.
I recently turned Vegan and thought about this a lot…about the harm we as humans do to animals. I think yes, they choose their experience, but being hurtful to anyone or any living thing still feels like something I do not want to do or participate in on any level, to the extent that I can control it.
What prompted your thoughts on this topic?


Thanks so much for the reply. That makes sense and it’s a great comfort to know that. I have cats and sometimes they hunt birds and other small creatures and then in general there are animals that become roadkill and animals that get killed for food or sport and it made me wonder if those creatures have a choice in their ending of physical reality like we do as their abilities in creating reality through their thoughts is not as advanced as ours yet.