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Does anyone know if animals choose their family and circumstances before incarnation and if they are killed by humans on purpose or by accident, is it because they’ve chosen to die?

I have heard Abraham talk on this subject. Abraham says, just like any consciousness, yes they choose their experience ahead of time. And even Seth talks of a lifetime when he was a dog. It makes sense.
I recently turned Vegan and thought about this a lot…about the harm we as humans do to animals. I think yes, they choose their experience, but being hurtful to anyone or any living thing still feels like something I do not want to do or participate in on any level, to the extent that I can control it.
What prompted your thoughts on this topic?


Thanks so much for the reply. That makes sense and it’s a great comfort to know that. I have cats and sometimes they hunt birds and other small creatures and then in general there are animals that become roadkill and animals that get killed for food or sport and it made me wonder if those creatures have a choice in their ending of physical reality like we do as their abilities in creating reality through their thoughts is not as advanced as ours yet.

I believe the consciousness that chooses to be a cat or any other animal has all the abilities that we all have in making these choices. When one animal kills another this is in “agreement “. And I still struggle with eating meat yet the cat eats the mouse, can we not eat the chicken with the same sense of thankfulness and agreement.

I’m sorry I didn’t answer when you asked this question. Just found this site and will try to come here as I’m almost never on FB and usually boycotting it anyway.

Hi Sandy,
Not to worry, I sometimes forget to check into this site and and get behind on answering someone. I think we all know that about this site, the conversation here ebbs and flows.

One occasion when Seth talked about a similar event was the following:

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“There is something here we may as well consider now, having to do with the cooperation existing between all living creatures in the construction of the physical universe. This interaction is extremely important, and the balance continues to be a delicate and sometimes perilous one. (Now Willy sat quietly at the open window, staring out into the night.) We will take your cat and his bug. Your cat created the bug that he saw. The bug that he saw was a different construction from the bug that was seen by either of you, and all three constructions were different from the bug’s physical construction of himself. These bug constructions, by various means which we shall discuss, tallied in your camouflage space to an amazingly approximate degree. However, they were not by any means identical, either in space, time, or physical bulk . Quite literally the cat’s bug was larger and heavier in bulk, existed longer in his—that is the cat’s—time, and also took up more space. Your bug, Joseph, differed in actual physical construction also from Ruburt’s. It was better detailed and more precisely drawn, smaller in size from either Ruburt’s or the cat’s, existed less in your camouflage time, and took up a measurably less amount of your space.”

(from “The Early Sessions: Book 2 of The Seth Material” by Jane Roberts, Robert Butts)

“One of Ruburt’s little prize perceptions was his realization that you see, or are aware of, only your own idea constructions. Basically each individual inhabits a completely different world. We will carry this further. As you are not aware of many so-called realities with which your own cat is familiar, so you are completely unaware of other universes that coexist with your own. Your outer senses are equipped to perceive your own camouflage patterns. They are not equipped to deal with other camouflage patterns. The camouflage patterns within your own physical universe are coherent enough so that all individuals of a given species appear to perceive more or less the same surroundings .”

(from “The Early Sessions: Book 2 of The Seth Material” by Jane Roberts, Robert Butts)

Cats in the wild were , in those terms of time, exploring one kind of nature . In that kind of nature, with a natural population taken care of in the environment, there would be far fewer cats than there are now. Your cats would not exist. Why does it seem antinatural, even slightly perverse, for a household cat to, say, prefer fine cat food from a can, when it seems that he should be eating mice, perhaps, or dining upon grasshoppers? The household cat is exploring a different kind of nature , in which he has a certain relationship to human consciousness, a relationship that changes the reality of his particular kind of consciousness.

Your cats are as alive in all ways inside of the house as out. They understand their relationship with your human reality . They enjoy contributing in your life as much as any wild animal enjoys being a part of its group . Their consciousnesses lean in a new direction, feel about the edges of concepts , sense openings of awareness of a different kind, and form alliances of consciousness quite as natural as any other."

—DEaVF1 Preface by Seth: Private Session, September 13, 1979

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