~ SETH on Diet ~

"Your meals could be somewhat simpler. I would here suggest very few
fried foods. You have too many of these. I would suggest less heavy

Fresh fruits and vegetables are excellent.

Meat but not fatty meats and not an overabundance of meats.

You will enjoy your meals more. And, you will savor the individual tastes with more discrimination.

I will give you the suggestions. And then I will give you the reasons
behind them. I will have some little more to say concerning diet.

You do well as it is, avoiding thick sauces and gravies. There is no
fear here of short-circuiting necessary vitamin needs. I am mainly
suggesting a change in the way food is prepared, and whenever possible a
reliance upon fresh vegetables and fruits.

Frozen are preferable to canned.

It is important obviously not to overeat. In general small fairly frequent meals are preferable to three heavy meals.

Theoretically, it would be better indeed if you were vegetarians.

However, at this time I do not suggest it. There is no doubt, for
various reasons, however, that many benefits are connected with this
particular dietary habit. I repeat: I do not suggest it for you, for
various reasons. Moderation will do us as well.

You would do better with fruits for dessert more often.

Now aside from these dietary suggestions, I also believe other patterns of behavior could be adopted. The isometric exercises, for now, are excellent and should be followed by both of you. The two Eastern
exercises, done occasionally by Ruburt, should be adopted by you both as
a matter of routine daily.

Later other such Eastern exercises should be added.

The walks should indeed be systematically continued. Deep breathing
should always be adopted during such walks. When the walk entails an
errand the walking itself should be the important matter. You should
attempt to feel yourselves a part of the environment through which you
pass and attempt to enter into it rather than feel yourselves as

Ruburt should drink no more than five cups of coffee
daily at the most. If he is not giving up his cigarettes, then as you
suggested moderation should be used. The present fifteen a day will do
for now. But: this should be reduced to ten when it is feasible.

I mentioned in the past those suggestions given by Ruburt to himself,
concerning the continued health of the physical organism. You should
both utilize this practice. In our dream material we will go deeply into
the nature of health suggestions given in connection with the dream
situation. And, such suggestions may be considered a part of this
evening’s list.

All of these – you may call them rules if you
prefer – all of these rules then are for your own benefit and are
personalized, formed by me taking into consideration your own needs,
strong points and weaknesses. Therefore, they apply, the dietary
suggestions and the exercise suggestions, to you only.

We can and will give a general list. But: it is always better if this list be
implemented by personal consultation. You have done much better in the
overall in health maintenance than you did in the past; since you are
both in excellent organic condition you can say that you have both done

However, there is a large difference between a general
state that is free of disease and a state of exuberant health, in which
the inner and outer selves are perfectly attuned.

Such a state is far from impossible. And, we shall see that you achieve it. The rules
that I have given you are an absolute necessity if that state is to be
achieved. And, it is only in that state that the inner self can utilize
its abilities…"

"You are indeed to a large extent what you eat.

You are bound up in the cycle of earth relationships. The eating of
meat without doubt focuses the physical mechanism closely to the
physical system. There is nothing wrong with this. If you are trying to
develop inner abilities, however, and if you wish to allow yourself a
mobility of focus, then moderation in this respect must be used. Eggs
and milk and cheeses can be substituted occasionally without changing
your overall eating habits."

                        ~ Session 185 September 3, 1965.

I actually came to this forum specifically looking for more information on a quote I found online “The eating of meat without doubt focuses the physical mechanism closely to the physical system. There is nothing wrong with this. If you are trying to develop inner abilities, however, and if you wish to allow yourself a mobility of focus, then moderation in this respect must be used.”

…and here I find a subject specifically dealing with that quote on the third topic of the board! Clearly not an accident. :wink:

I am intrigued by the assertion that if I would like to develop my inner abilities I need to trim back on the meat consumption, something I had recently decided to try anyway. Clearly, my inner ego is pushing me in that direction, so I think I’ll give it a try.

Does anyone else know of more material on diet from Seth?

My thanks!


Very nice. And I enjoyed this section a great deal. Hadn’t read it before.


Did he give a general list? I’d like to find it, since although this is interesting personal recommendations for other people are not very useful to me. I haven’t read anywhere near all the Seth material yet, so I haven’t come across it (and if I have come across it I obviously forgot; I have very poor memory which I’m trying to remedy).


Seth made few specific comments on diet. The passage quoted at the start of this thread is the largest chunk of Seth on diet that exists.

In “Dreams and Projection of Consciousness”, there is a small chunk of material wherein Seth gives advice on diet to facilitate dream/psychic activity/work. I don’t have the passages at hand although they are well-known. (Anyone?)

Regarding water, Seth advises drinking pure water.

(I now use Binchotan charcoal to filter my water–the water even tastes like spring water–amazing. I did a lot of research on this and this Japanese hardwood charcoal is the best in filtering and taste. Seems a bit pricey but they last a long time–you get a few uses out of each as you can recharge them by boiling them in water for 10 minutes–so a piece lasts for a year).

Here is the passage referring to the drinking of pure water to facilitate “spontaneous projections” from the dream state–out-of-body projection from the dream state–which is what is typically called “lucidity”. I’ve highlighted the sentence relevant to diet.

"I suggest a more thorough examination of your dreams here, for many of
them contain such spontaneous projections. They are most apt to occur
in the early hours, between 3 ands 5 A.M. The body temperature drops at
such times. Five in the afternoon is also beneficial from this
standpoint. The drinking of pure water also facilitates projection,
although for obvious reasons the bladder must be empty. The north-south
position is extremely important in this context, and indeed a
necessity for any efficient dream records. The reasoning part of the
brain can work most efficiently along with the intuitive portions of the self when the physical organism is in that position.

Page 280,The Early Sessions, Book 6.


"Generally speaking, those who advocate health foods or natural foods subscribe to some of the same overall beliefs held by your physicians.They believe that diseases are the result of exterior conditions.

"Quite simply, their policy can be read: “You are what you eat.”

"Some in this group also subscribe to philosophical ideas that somewhat moderate those concepts, recognizing the importance of the mind. Often though, some strong suggestions of a very negative character are given, so that all foods except certain accepted ones are seen as bad for the body, and the cause of diseases. People become afraid of the food they eat, and the field of eating then becomes the arena.

"Moral values become attached to food, with some seen as good and some as bad. Symptoms appear, and are quite directly considered to be the natural result of ingesting foods on the forbidden list. In this system, at least, the body is not insulted with a bewildering assortment of drugs for therapy. It may, however, be starved of very needed nourishment. Beyond that the whole problem of health and illness becomes simplistically applied, and here food is scrutinized.

You are what you think, not what you eat — and to a large extent what you think about what you eat is far more important.”

—NoPR Chapter 16: Session 660, May 2, 1973


is he telling them to eat something else other then eggs, milk and cheese occasionally?
or to eat eggs,milk and cheese as substitutes for meat, occasionally?

You are not so much what you eat as you are how you feel about what you eat. You basically tell your body how to assimilate your food. A Seth reader, for example, who applies the material in their lifestyle for positive results, and who eats their meals at fast food places, will do far better than, say, a millionaire who lives in a mansion, drives a Rolls Royce, who makes his wealth deceiving and ripping off people and who eats the most expensive foods possible.

Jane and Rob ate meat and Seth did not tell them to stop eating meat, but explained the “grounding” effect meat has on the biological and spiritual system. – ron

“ You are what you think, not what you eat — and to a large extent what you think about what you eat is far more important.”
—NoPR Chapter 16: Session 660, May 2, 1973

What you believe is “Far More Important” implies that it is not all important, just plays a part in how our biology responds to certain foods. Seth stresses fruits and vegetables in their wholeness, and tries to downplay meat. He is also directing this at Jane and is aware of her eating issues and seems to be trying to beguile her down a certain path.

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The whole phenomenon of ‘clean’ eating has become so full of anxiety it now has its very own eating disorder tagged onto it, named orthorexia. The obsession and accompanying fear that one must only eat foods deemed healthy. A most unhealthy state of mind and possibly just as destructive to the whole system as starving ones self, if left unchecked.

This sent me on an hour long search for binchotan filters. Still not decided if more expensive is better, sometimes is, sometimes isn’t. :thinking: Also, most folks saying it can only last 2-6 months, which is still a rather large difference end to end. I asse you researched and found actually a year was the limit? Sorry, completely off topic. Wanted to check.