Seth on family constellations

Has anyone ever pondered how Seth would explain the mechanics of family constellations? In a family constellation, representatives seem to experience the emotions and sensations of other souls. But how do they access this information – is it through the unconscious of the person asking the question or through some other means?

Hi smoche!
I’m not very familiar with “family constellations”; you may want to include a definition or source. Going by the Wikipedia article Family Constellations - Wikipedia , I might suggest a few points:
It appears to be rooted in Zulu beliefs regarding spiritual or psychic and shared history (and possibly similar to Karma) relationships with ancestors and extended families. One could take off from there in so many directions:

Seth would certainly say that we are all one and connected, and we do indeed through our cells and molecules have a direct ‘memory’ relationship with our ancestors and the ancestry of the whole species and planet; but I put ‘memory’ in sub-quotes as the ‘past’ is still alive, can be changed, and ‘memory’ also includes links to the future, including future selves and ‘relatives’, who are alive even now in the Spacious Present. Seth would no doubt caution that while we share relationships, memory and even debt, we are not bound by the past or by past failings.

As for families and ancestors, they are only one kind of relationship. We also have reincarnational and counterpart lives in the past, present, and future, and all of these have multiple probable versions, and these may or may not be reflected in physical family, according mostly to personal preference. Some families and even whole villages may choose to incarnate together; other souls are travelers; however, whether the relationships are physical or psychic, they would indeed be reflected in the cells, and some degree of psychic relationship or shared consciousness is always accessible with them, again in accord with personal preferences as well as abilities, which vary; but always the cells as well as the dreaming self at certain levels would maintain these communications.