Seth on The Art of Co-Creation with Non-Physical


“To pursue certain goals, you pretend that they did not exist. Now, however, your global situation as a race requires the new acquisition of some ancient arts. These can help you become aware again of those inner idealizations that form your private reality and your mass world. These arts are useless if they are not practiced, useless in that they lie ever latent, that they are not brought out into the exterior framework of your world. To use these arts requires first of all the knowledge that beneath the world that you know is another; that alongside the focus of consciousness with which you are familiar there are other focuses quite as legitimate.”

UR1 Section 3: Session 698 May 20, 1974

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Hi, What is this an excerpt from?

hi, I’m not really sure, I’ve been collecting Seth Quotes from all over, but I don’t track which books they came from.
Maybe I should start :slight_smile:

According to the search engine, it’s from UR1 Section 3: Session 698 May 20, 1974

This is an interesting title. I believe it is very important that we understand how we “Co-create” as without understanding HOW our creations relate to the creations of others, it is very difficult, if not impossible to understand how we create our own realities.

Seth is ademant! You create your own reality! (YCYOR). Yet if YCYOR applies to both you and I, what occurs if I don’t want to create what you want? How can YCYOR apply to both of us if in the end we must ignore one or the other opposing views in order to produce a co-created reality?
Answer: it can NOT!
The main quote shared here from unknown reality under the title “Seth on the art of Co-Creation with non-physical” doesn’t help because it is NOT talking about Co-Creation of a single reality. This quote it’s talking about how your physical reality (framework I) is created a mental construct from within YOUR greater reality (framework II) by YOUR entity inner self.
That is NOT co-creation and It is not Co-creation as used my most other new age teachers. In fact, Seth never uses the term in manner most consider co-creation. Seth is very clear how we incorporate constructions of others into our constructions.
Seth’s YCYOR certainly is not the same as co-creation with others selves popularized my the likes of Esther Hicks channeling Abraham.
Does everyone here know how Seth describes the manner in which we create our own reality while incorporating the creativity of others that share mass consciousness with us?

Does anyone not know the distinction between Abraham and Seth in these regards?

I dont feel that “co-creation” has to do with others (physically) at all, there are too many moving parts that are involved. It has to do with merging me with my inner being and co-creating my reality according to my beliefs, intentions etc. Everyone else is creating their own… and the universe is aligning everyone accordingly. I think that whoever (you or I) has the most alignment and focused energy is the one that domimates the creations, but the universe is delivering/manifesting stuff for the greatest good (most benefit) for all… everyone involved, according to our own private realities. But thats the universes work because they know how the big picture is. My job is only to be concerned with my relationship with my inner being and to get into alignment so my vibration is clear and I’m manifesting deliberately. I dont really concern myself with what others are creating, has nothing to do with me.

Let me try another approach that contrasts the reality Seth refers to in YCYOR is NOT a shared physical reality.

To understand Seth we must must be clear about his single most fundamental concept (YCYOR).

I believe and claim by YCYOR Seth Means:

  1. I create everything observable by me within MY physical reality.

I see Seth say that in so many words, in so many places, that I refuse to imagine his statements are distortion.

  1. You create everything observable by you within your physical reality.

Of the exact objects YOU observe within your physical reality, I can NOT, and did NOT create any of them. The specific objects you observe as physical reality, only you create them.

  1. Of the exact objects I observe within my physical reality, YOU can NOT, and did NOT create any of them. The specific objects I observe as physical reality, only I create them.

We find intricate details regarding the matter of physical reality that support my above assertions in the Early sessions, ES2 sessions 60-71.

And here’s a couple Seth quotes:
ES2-63 Pg 164 … It is true that each of you constructs his own physical universe, and responds to it. It is also true however, that through continuous telepathy you are acquainted with the ideas of others… and while you construct and see your own, you also construct any given material object taking into consideration its approximate size, width, thickness and location, as received through telepathy from others.

Nevertheless, the objects are simply not the same objects. You do not see, feel, smell or touch the same object. I will shock you further by stating that, in your terms, the objects do not even exist in the same space, but in the personal self-perspective space, formed and created by any given individual.”

Me: Just in case you missed that our creation of objective reality is not a joint construction, Seth waited till the next session to reinforce it.

ES2-64, Pg. 173-174 “These are completely separate constructions of energy into matter. You do not — and I repeat: you do not — perceive all constructions into matter. … There are, obviously, many points to be explained, but there are absolutely no exceptions to it. Telepathy is one of the main binders in the world of constructions. The similarities, and there may be an almost endless number of constructions of what you might call one physical object, the similarities only seem so great because you see so little. …

Although it will surely sound complicated, let us for a moment once more return to a consideration of this chair.

The chair, as constructed by Rubert, is constructed constantly when he is in the room. It is partially constructed by him when he is in another room of your apartment.
When he is not at all concerned with the chair, he does not bother to construct it.”

Me: In other words, when I’m NOT thinking of the stars and planets and the great wall of china or the NYC twin towers, they are NOT constructed. They do not exist in the matter of my objective reality.