Seth related websites


A Conscious Creation Overview
An introduction and comprehensive overview of Jane and Seth. Very well sourced.

An introduction to Jane Roberts and Seth
Another introduction to the material.

The Problem of Seth’s Origin: A Case Study of the Trance-Possession Mediumship of Jane Roberts
A scholar’s very impressive analysis of Seth’s origin, with pleasant conclusion. By Paul Cunningham of Rivier College.

Networks and Forums

Seth Network International
A portal to Seth activity internationally. See if there’s a meetup in your area!

Speaking of Seth
Classic bulletin-board launched in 2015. “[A] relaxed and friendly place to explore the Seth books, quotes, materials, other authors and resources, and to meet people who share your interests.”

Seth Jane Roberts Yahoo! Group
The first online newsgroup for Seth discussion. Personally managed by Laurel and the late Robert Butts.

Hard Copies and Courses

New World View
Previously host to an 8 year strong message board on conscious creation with material from Seth and others, New World View has tightened their focus to online courses.

Seth Learning Center
This is one of two websites of Robert’s publisher (and previous ESP class attender), Rick Stack. It has a very nice overview including audio clips from Seth. The free Seth CD offer is quite legitimate and enjoyable!

Seth & Jane Roberts Bookstore and Audio Collection
This is the other New Awareness Network website. Here you can order newer published material, The Early Sessions, The Personal Sessions, and the Seth Audio Collection.

Excerpts and Quotations

Seth at Nirvikalpa
A searchable database of Seth quotes and exercises. Note that this is only a sampling of the entire material.

The Seth-Roberts Collection
Excerpts from nearly all the material, with some minor presentation edits.

Cypress Online: The Psychic Digest, Seth Pages
Archive of an old GeoCities site with a large section of quoted material arranged by topic.

Secrets to Happiness and Healthy Living
A personal website with Seth quotes by topic.

Seth WebRing Hub
A collection of Seth related websites, circa 2003.
(These could perhaps be individually explored and any noteworthy ones not already here added to this list.)


The Seth Material: Speaking of Jane Roberts
IMDB page for a potential Seth movie in the works.

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@Christopher, can you add this to the links

I believe you’ve read it before and it is excellent. Though the title might get some peoples defenses up like it did with me, it was not what I expected.


I do remember reading that and had the same experience! It was very good. I will link it. I’m not sure what description to give it for now as it’s been some time since I read it, but I will add it.

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I like, lol. Good job!

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How do you feel about linking Facebook pages? I’m thinking Lawrence Davidson, Lynda Madden Dahl, Barrie, etc.

Good morning Lynda. Do you mean on the “Seth related websites” list? And do you mean to their Facebook profiles? Do these individuals have Seth content on their Facebook profiles themselves somewhere? Not quite sure what you mean. :slight_smile:

Good morning, Chris ~

I was thinking to their Facebook pages. I was thinking that we might like to supply links to anybody who has much to offer when it comes to the Seth material. Lynda has written several books about the Seth material and Lawrence and Barrie were there.

My thought is that there are folks who know that they feel drawn to the idea of “the law of attraction” and who are scurrying all over the place looking for anything that might possibly be related to that.

I’m not suggesting links to other ‘channels’, but only links to folks who are serious students of the Seth material, and some of them are not members of Fans of the Seth Material

I don’t have my heart set on this - it’s only a suggestion/question :sunny:

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Gotcha! I thought maybe that’s what you meant. If Barrie / Lawrence / Lynda request a link to their profile be added I’d be happy to as you’re right about them being knowledgeable. But otherwise I won’t just since Facebook profiles tend to be a personal thing and I don’t want to direct folks to them unless they wish it. :wink: Now those special Facebook pages that are meant to be public and promote books for instance could certainly be added, if Lynda has one for her books and such.

By the way I’m migrating our posts here over to the “Seth related websites” discussion now. :slight_smile:

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That sounds good to me, the more Seth the better, no such thing as too much Seth…ron,

Here are 2 more. Thanks,

I just posted and made mention of this site on 6 Facebook Seth-related groups I know of. I also emailed Lynda Dahl and asked her to make mention of it.

Chris, as admin, it would be best if you post about the group–description, etc. Here is the link to where it goes on Seth Network International:

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By the way, BYRON, thank you very much for that article link. I posted it on the Wikipedia page. We need more scholarly works. They’ve been done but how to find them…?

That article is stealth–sounds neg. but is positive and full of great references. :smiley: I would love to dig up more that can be put on the Wiki page.


Thanks anon38262219 I will endeavor to do so when I’ve returned to my computer and can spare a moment.

You can add my website to the list.

I have many of my favourite excerpts from the Seth books collected on my site.
Sometimes with commentary, and drawings.

Just had a look at the Seth Network International website of Lynda Madden Dahl and I could not find on her list of Seth Discussion Groups. Maybe I have overlooked it or maybe it is still missing. Wikipedia about “Jane Roberts” also mentions the Seth Network International Website. I like the Seth Network as it really gives a good overview over Seth Groups. ( I have not yet decided which one best fits me).

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You’re right, they are missing! I need to get on these things. I should really kickstart some more discussions here just in general since setting it “public”. And welcome. :slight_smile:

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Chris, I’m just wondering what you would think of adding a link to to the Networks and Forums section. I also noticed that isn’t listed on the Seth Network International Blogs & Discussion Groups page: Just thought I’d mention it.

Hmm, I think I’ve got what you’re saying. I do understand about migrating it. I’ll followup in wit you in a couple of days. Thanks, Chris!!

The post you quoted is from October 2014, not October 14th, 2016. hehe. Was two years ago.

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Ha, whacked again. lol